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Participant Registration
« on: November 21, 2017, 10:16:18 pm »

Participation Guidelines
  • You may apply in any of the registered gangs.
  • You can submit only one application at a time. To register for a different team, you need your previous application to be denied/withdrawn.
  • You can not apply on behalf of someone else. Each applicant needs to apply with his own forum account.
  • Clan members can be in separate gangs.
  • The gang leader may deny your application, so it is better to communicate with the leader and make sure if you are welcome, before applying.
  • The management may deny your application if you are a known hacker, shithead, suspicious multi-accountant or not applying under your true identity.

How to apply
Post your intention to join a gang in the gang's topic(no application format). Everyone MUST make a post, so that the management can send the key and adjust forum permissions.

After you have posted, the gang leader needs to accept your application and add you in the memberlist.

If your application is accepted, you will receive a forum PM with a key, that you need to use in the server to register.
Enter the server, type /register <key> <your new password> to complete your registration.

You will also receive the forum access to your gang's private board.
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