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Author Topic: [Release] Anik's GUI Editor  (Read 528 times)

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[Release] Anik's GUI Editor
« on: May 08, 2017, 09:24:41 am »
GUI Editor - Vice City Multiplayer

Hello guys, I am presenting you my GUI Editor. Which gives you the opportunity to edit GUIElements in game. Which will save a lot of time.
This gui editor will also output the code so you can easily copy and paste them into your script!

Interaction with Editor

Its easy make sure you read this carefully, the editor is really user-friendly and takes you no time to learn.

You can move your element by holding CTRL key and moving your mouse. And hold RMB and move mouse to resize your element.

Everything updates instantly to other players. So many players can edit a project at a time

Project Management:-
  • newproject [ Name ] - Creates a new project with the name provided
  • saveproject - Saves the currently opened project.
  • loadproject [ Name ] - Loads a map
  • exportproject - Export the project, outputs code on /scripts/Client Script/.
  • closeproject - Close any opened project
  • project - Tells you which map is currently being worked on.
  • elements - Tells you all elements created on current project.

Elements Management:-
  • addlabel [ name ] [ text ] - Creates a label
  • addwindow[ name ] [ text ] - Creates a Window
  • addbutton[ name ] [ text ] - Creates a button

Player Keys:-
  • C - Switch between R|G|B while colour mode is on.
  • PAGE UP | PAGE DOWN - Increase | Decrease Font Size - Change R | G | B
  • CTRL - Enable positioning mode! Hold CTRL and move mouse to change positon of your element
  • RMB- Enable Resize mode! Hold RMB and move mouse to change size of your element
  • Backspace / Click any where in the game - Stop controlling an element.
  • Element can be selected by clicking it once.

Once finished creating a project and its time for you to use it. You can use the export command as mentioned above. After you see the message that the map has been outputted successfully, you can go into /scripts/Client Script/ and here you will find a .nut file with the same name as your project with all the codes inside.

  • Doom_Kill3R - Map Editor

Download Latest Version:-





Code: [Select]
-    Changelog - v1.1
-    ► Fixed AddChild bug.
-    ► Fixed the game crash while adding child.

The Video explains everything. How to use it :-

How to install the editor :-

~ Happy Editing!
~ Regards, Anik!
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