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Author Topic: G2A - want to save/earn some cash?  (Read 456 times)

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G2A - want to save/earn some cash?
« on: July 03, 2015, 09:47:13 pm »
Recently I discovered a really nice webshop for games (maybe you heard of it). It's G2A, a webshop with best prices for games. For instance, you want to buy a game from Steam and you find it very expensive, G2A is the perfect solution. A Steam game which costs $30 can be easily bought for $15 (or even less!). In addition to that, there is "G2A Goldmine", which is the profit generator. For instance, if someone clicks my referral link linked to a game on G2A and that particular person (referred to as "person A" from now on) who finds the game interesting and wants to buy it, I will recieve 100% of the game cost and "person A" will automatically join my team. But if "person A" creates a referral link to the exact game and someone else clicks it (from now on referred to as "person B"), "person A" will recieve 100% of the game cost + I will recieve 60% of the game cost because "person A" is on my team. The same goes if "person B" does the same: he gets 100% of the game cost, but I recieve 40% of the game cost because he's too on my team. Isn't this great?

Refer to this link for more information:

I've already created a reflink to the game SpeedRunners, which is a 4-player fast-paced challenge! Check it out:

Also, if you aren't interested in SpeedRunners, here's a link to one random Steam game key, just $0.98:

Be sure to share this to every social media you have (this is optional, you don't have to)! More audience = more money! That's the key to earn more cash!

I hope I helped someone to earn some cash! ;)
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