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Basic Information
« on: November 18, 2017, 02:55:04 pm »

Vice War History
Vice War is the biggest event in VCMP, which invites every eligible player in the community to participate for a massive Death Match fest. The event is organized yearly during the northern winter by the Vice Underdogs clan. The war rages for 24 hours between two teams, who gain points to prevail as the winner in a theme based game mode.

Vice War 7 - Biker Brawl
January, 2018 will feature the seventh edition of Vice War. The theme this year is a war between biker gangs, fought in the Downtown district of Vice City.

The Match
Vice War is a global Team Death Match event that runs for 24 hours. This means the players can join, leave or reconnect to the server at anytime during its duration. The biker gang which earns the most points after 24 hours, wins the event.

The Teams
Teams are represented as Biker Gangs in this edition. Unlike previous editions, there will be unrestricted number of teams that can be created. Everyone is eligible to register their own team and recruit its members. Team leaders will have the freedom to recruit and deny applicants into their created teams. Visit the Gangs and Registration board to register your team.

The Players
Players need to apply in one of the biker gangs that are registered for the event. Each gang will have it's own recruitment criteria, so you should only apply in gangs that are likely to accept you. Clan members may join separate teams. There is no limit on number of players in a team, so each team can bring in as many players in the war.
Visit the Gangs and Registration board for more information.
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