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Author Topic: Lily and DeZ  (Read 1031 times)

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Lily and DeZ
« on: June 13, 2017, 05:43:08 pm »
UID checks have returned that Lily has joined with DeZ's nick and played against Kelvin.

Code: [Select]
<krystianoo> VCDC_EUWest: getuid [VU_T]lily*
<VCDC_EUWest> [VU_T]lily*'s UID: 2fc945b977129*********
<krystianoo> VCDC_EUWest: alias uid 2fc945b977129********** q
<VCDC_EUWest> 2fc945b977129***********'s UID aliases: Dez, [VU_T]lily*

The nicknames given are case-sensitive; e.g "Dez" was the nick used by Lily; not DeZ. (note the small Z)

Dez nickname is shown playing against Kelvin in, for example, the following log:

Code: [Select]
Jun 13 17:15:20 <VCDC_EUWest> [#5] [15] Dez killed [2] MK.Kelvin (M60) (Body)
Jun 13 17:15:27 <VCDC_EUWest> [#5] [Fight Chat] | [12] [VU]Siezer: 3-1 to dez

And aliasing the real DeZ's UID doesn't return him ever playing with "Dez" nick; just "DeZ".

And so Lily played against Kelvin using DeZ's name which, obviously, isn't allowed.

To login to DeZ's account, Lily needed the password which was provided to her by DeZ.

In turn, Lily and DeZ are hereby disqualified from the event and a punishment might be issued to them in future VCDC seasons.

Let this be a warning to others; do NOT try to cheat. You will be caught, eventually.
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