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Author Topic: How to apply  (Read 6875 times)

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How to apply
« on: May 21, 2011, 01:39:38 pm »
Since our denied board is kinda full of players we barely know, or people who make an application and run away.
We decided it's time for something new.

Our new mod makes it possible for some of us (The so called Recruitment Team) to review your application before it can be posted in the Pending Applications board.
If it's accepted, a new post will be created automatically and you will receive a PM.
If it gets rejected we will state a reason and you will receive that trough an PM. And the post will not be created.

Please note, When your application gets accepted for posting it does not mean you are accepted in the Clan.
We will start voting in public (Like we used to do) and you may have to answer additional questions we (as whole clan) may have.

The Application panel, can be found Here.

Please report any errors or mistakes you have found to myself by PMing me.

- Vice Underdogs Management
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