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VC:MP General / Re: Vw7 staff explain please
« on: July 09, 2018, 08:09:26 am »
Thanks for the explanation and clarification we need you in vw8. You are the best in these stuff to be honest.

He's still supervising but the mantle has to be passed down at some point. Have you seen aXXo's age? Life is knocking on the door of all us old folks

VC:MP General / Re: Vw7 staff explain please
« on: July 08, 2018, 07:23:59 pm »
Seemed like it was a bug. For the feedback in the chat of Triumvirate and Wolf Pack making kills, their scores didn't move much either. A lag in the score system probably, they each had their own timers that updated the GUI, perhaps those crashed. Be that as it may, the addition of points is event based (on kills, on captures, on deaths etc.) so even if the GUI is lagging behind, I don't expect the scores to be incorrect in the database, which would show the appropriate score after Hotdogcat's restart.

I can assure you we have no way of "pausing" anyone's score. We can't even edit it via script if say we lost the score, never made any command to do so.

And our(Triumrivate) scores were decreased from 14k to 13k without any ban or anything WHY WHY WHY WHY?????

All deductions from Triumvirate were because of player bans. When a player gets banned, the points they contributed goes with it until they are unbanned and pretty much none of them were. There was one instance I can remember off my head where [KF]Grayson got banned for UID mismatch due to =KF=T. trying to access his account. The account was left banned as a result. Then there were admins banning Triumvirate members continuously breaking the rules. Long story short, all of that is accounted for.

General Discussions / Re: Thank you
« on: July 08, 2018, 04:14:39 pm »
Thank you all for your kind words and thank you all for making that event.

The event didn't start so well with the lagging and the 3 hour delay to try and help resolve the issues but I was glad that we did get it back up and are happy to see the event's success!

We also had a hater strike on our staff and participants of the server, threatening the livelihood and good vibes. I did say I was going to make a public announcement of this and here it is. I do not respect the move this person did at all.

Many of our sufferers were randomly hit by UID mismatch. I woke up to a barrage of messages and complaints. These were some of the affected victims or names of some he tried to affect and I sincerely apologize if I didn't get to reverse the damage for every player affected.

[2018-07-07 07:09:39] <~VW7_Staff> All alias occurrences for given UID are: vito, [LGN]Shane, =TRC=FulToN_619, [MD]DarK_WolF, [MD]Mechanic, [MD]KamaKaZe, [MD]Zkq, [MD]Broly, [MD]Baba_Sain, [MDt]NeuTroN, [MD]DeAtHNoTe, [MD]SuBZErO, [MDr]Kody, =TRC=morphine, =TRC=MarK, =TRC=El.Zeeshan., =TRC=SaM, HawK40x, TZIMANI, UzI, R4H33L, [OPP]aBbAsI, [SM]KiM4., [NAR]Klaus, [LGN]Bonecracker, [VU]Hotdogcat, [VU]Charley, [Do]Eddy, EK.IceFlake, [ON]75hz, =ULK=Noire, [VU]GangstaRas

The attack was orchestrated by:


If you see your name here and you missed the event because of this, it is because of him. He exploited UID mismatch system by joining the server with the names of our participants. This is the kind of thing we really don't want continue in VC:MP. This is disgusting bitter behaviour and I'm honestly disappointed in you because I've spoken to him on scripting/modeling advice, all is well, all is respectful, I didn't expect this from you vito.


But you didn't defeat the event. Despite all the attacks, the fanbase held strong in the 40-50 player count for a good portion of the 24 hours, peaking at about 65-67 players I saw at one point. I truly thank you all for being as faithful as you were and I'm truly happy you all enjoyed it.

VW8 is in development like I said, unfortunately due to studies Luckshya has to step down. We are therefore open to trusted veteran scripters in the community if you would like to be apart of the project, preferably people that have worked with aXXo before (as he's heading the scripting development). Hit me up and let me know if your'e interested!

General Discussions / Re: VW7 - unfair ban
« on: July 07, 2018, 12:01:08 pm »
The ban is fair, I also personally banned MKs.QarZ for this very same reason.

The feature where you are able to have a bird's eye view of the spawn point before you spawn technically requires that you are alive and that your player is in the vicinity of the map somewhere. That's how you're able to see everyone in that area.

When you're in this state, we place everyone's body inside buildings where no one can reach them and no one snooping around for bugs should have noticed them. To my horror I'm there AFK for a moment on that same Prawn Island option, seeing QarZ running a train effectively stats padding. I don't really think it's coincidence that it's Night Wolf members perpetuating this idea either, some conversation took place for the members to be trying it, to effectively rake in easy sprees and stats pad. You guys know what you were doing and why you were doing it, this abuse is a serious offence.

The bans will remain. Anyone else that so happens to practice this exploit will suffer the same fate.

VC:MP General / Re: Debate- MDs is this Warp/lag/or hack
« on: July 06, 2018, 01:33:57 pm »
When I brought stormeus's jitter check system back on the scene as an awareness, it started with the hacker [AFt]We3da^. Video here:

It was subtle, but his ping did change in these moments, from like 80s to 130s exactly at the moment he runs and behaves weirdly. That's what led to jitter check today in Vice War and my advising on its implementation for CTF and EAD. EAD tried but still need to re-assess the kicking aspect and NewK's interest is in developing 0.5 only so 0.4 won't be updated with it.

But I have another video to give you guys a practical perspective as to why it's important. I recorded this May 17th, just watch the movement's of his ping:

Does everyone understand why it's necessary to check jitter? He's there playing just fine while poor Cola_Sky coming back from 2, 3 years inactivity trying to kill him. Ping limit on EAD is 300 to 400, depending on how we set it the day. It's nowhere near 800 but it didn't kick in because it's an averaging system every server uses to check ping.

« on: July 06, 2018, 05:49:57 am »
Keep it tight.

Again this ain't an attack on MD or anyone, not that kind of post to insult them and defend me. The foolishness cant hurt me, but I pay attention to it because even though its wishful idealistic thinking, I'd like the community to be properly united. Its a sad state of mind to be like that and Im extending my arm to get rid of it.

Im just calling out the negative energy for what it is because I would think as a community, we are better than this but some people have some things on their chest they want to let out as every action is secretly against them they feel. So Im giving the chance to everyone to speak your mind, let me know whats up. If we got problems, lets hear it and why

« on: July 05, 2018, 09:44:40 pm »
i don't think convincing someone on his skills is a kind of insult what i told you is (you are bad at m4, you have less experience of m4, so stop banning players just for he is suspicious to you) because you never played with Paki Internet specially while using m4, so you won't get how lead aiming works in m4.

You missing what I'm trying to say. You shouldn't be quick to assume someone's intelligence and experience. You used it as your means to say I don't know what I'm saying and I can't judge. That's why you said it. I don't usually fight with M4, doesn't mean I never have, doesn't mean I'm bad at it, doesn't mean I've never trained with it, so I wonder how you know that I'm bad? I just have a preference for M60 because I like to deliver damage, that's it, always have, always will. I'm bad just because it's not my favourite wep? It is a dangerous assumption and was irrelevant to our discussion. You just stated it to find a way to insult my intelligence.

Secondly, you proving my point with this post you made, you coming with a condescending attitude like I know little. Lag is lag, there is nothing special about Pakistan lag nor lead aim needed to fight lag, it's just lag with horrible jitter. I train in 3 types of servers, American servers, European servers and Indian servers where my ping changes drastically for each one, (80, 150, 300 respectively). It was from this investigative training that I taught VU's years ago the ins and outs of lead aiming, timing and ping and how it affects them for what they have and what their opponent's ping is. This is all before your own debut in VC:MP so I don't know why you assuming I can't relate to lag and lead aim.

and about ping in vw i don't think any of us used offensive words about host changing( not me, i don't know if others did)
even the new host is giving more better ping

I believe NeuTroN is Rex? This is the message that came my way from him:

NeuTroN [03|Jul 02:20 pm]:   gangsta logo ne pir pakistani players k sath doka kar diya vw ip change ki ab ping high hongy last time b doka kia ta es bar b

Translated, he's saying I betrayed Pakistani players by changing the IP of VW so that they get even higher ping now. That was when I made the change July 3rd. Pardon me but what kind of crap is this? Really? This is the thanks I get to make sure the server can have more than 20 players online without issue?

So again I say, if you have a problem with me, speak.

« on: July 05, 2018, 08:22:03 pm »
I have a problem with current UID system, because it's shit, just tbh. :thumbsup:

Anyway, you're doing a goodjob. I'd like to thank you for your hardwork upon the event.

The UID system is unfortunately a by-product of UID changers evading their bans. We have no choice but to lock down UID and allow very limited appeals.

So the next time you see a ban evader, tell him/her thank you for creating cancer on Vice War and others to come.

« on: July 05, 2018, 07:05:39 pm »
Okay, so this is stemming from my recent discussion with MAD_K!LL3R, it is necessary we do this before we continue.

I don't want this to be a clan war of words, I don't want this to be flying insults, I don't want this to be blame game, who first did what and all that garbage. State your points, state your reasons, criticize constructively and respectfully. I am so livid to this that I'm just going to bring everything to light and talk my mind as respectfully as I can.

If you have a problem with me, GangstaRas, speak

Stop hiding behind curtains. If you have something to say to me, say it.

Now it is a known fact that I'm directing Vice War and that I've done just about everything to keep hackers out and everything for stable, fair gameplay, but some of you among the community don't believe that. I am calling out Mad Demons, MDs, specifically.

Now, I made an allegation based off my own experience with MAD_K!LL3R on aimlock. And despite all the disrespect and insults he gave me, I acknowledged his points within it and admitted that my allegation was most likely wrong for some reasons.

I made mention that I lost my footage from the period of January to March. How that specifically happened was that my Desktop hard drive was getting full, so I archived all my data and pushed it to my laptop's hard drive. The laptop's hard drive is the one that died. Be that as it may, even if I had it to present, the decision still stands as he did make a fair point to say that I should present aimlock detection evidence, I do not have that against him. EXE based aimlocks that can't be detected have been present within the period, yes, but since he has displayed to me counter-evidence similar to what I got from Dark_Wolf (which I accepted), I accepted his. So that nullified my eye-witness evidence, and as I explained in his appeal about [DU]KiKi for VW, based off that precedent, plus the fact that he acknowledged that portion of the evidence, I unbanned MAD_K!LL3R.

But you see, during my conversation with MAD_K!LL3R, I did not like his attitude at all. It was the kind of thing where someone is trying their best to condescend you wherever they can and the portion he could find was to tell me I have 0 M4 skills so I don't know anything about M4 and that I'm in VC:MP for 9 years but still useless on M4. Lol sigh, such cancerous statements can drive anyone crazy. The word preference obviously went on vacation.

To the best of my ability I show everyone respect, and I'm not arrogant enough to fail to admit when I'm wrong, I can be wrong any day of the week but the only thing I ask for is respect. Anger is no excuse, I am absolutely livid writing this but you don't see me crossing boundaries. So why are you?

That condescending attitude trying to insult my intelligence and my skillset as a means to justify to yourself how much I know, you know what that communicated to me? Someone thinks that I think I'm above them. So you try to bring those people down to earth right? But I'm honestly curious. Why do you think I see you below me? Why do you think I won't hear you out? I did say there's no convincing me in my post, if I saw myself above you, that was the perfect time to dismiss you without giving you any attention but I did not, I still humbly heard what you had to say. If I do all of that then why?

The answer seems to lie in Mad Demons themselves. A message was brought to my attention that "I screwed over MD once again in Vice War by changing the IP", something like that. Do you even know why the IP has been changing so much for Vice War?

The first reason was simply because after VW Beta, we noticed that the host seems to freeze after a point for a reason we couldn't figure out. It happens with 20+ people, so to fix that we changed the host. We got a rubbish host ( that made everyone's pings higher at the cost of finding this stability, but apparently MDs saw that as my enmity towards them, that's where that comment came from. Not even knowing why I made the changes and thinking that were the reasons spoke so much volumes.

I made mention of it to MAD_K!LL3R, what's with the negative energy and give me an example and he showed me a post I made on the VW Discord channel that for some reason he thinks is against them but really all I was doing was looking for people to test where we can make the new host. I said this:

@KillerXz0r (DUz.KillerX) you consider yourself among the MD group when it comes to Pakistan lag?
since none of them responding you're my best tester lol

Pakistan player's vary broadly based on their location and ISP. Some of them will have beautiful 120 ping, some are clocking 300s, I noticed KillerX was among the 200s similar to the MDs so I used him as my tester to get better ping for them, since none of them online were responding to the public request. It is thanks to him that:

MAD_K!LL3R: no lol the new host is giving a best pin to us

This was his retort, thinking I defeated myself in making MD's life horrible.  ???

I implemented ping jitter which is absolutely necessary for the fairness of everyone. You will look at F5 people way into 500-800 ping and not getting kicked because of the averaging method but the damaging effect is happening right then right now. The jitter limit is there for stable gameplay and it works on everyone. Even Thijn and Brian with their godly 4 to 11 ms ping can be kicked for jitter. But no, jitter is an attack on MD. It is an attack on the unstable connection that brings unfair gameplay to most of you. The standard has to be set, just as it is with FPS limit. Is FPS limit an attack to everyone that can't afford a good PC? Is ping limit an attack to people who live in certain regions of the world? What is wrong with you all and why do you feel bullied by me? Is it even me or is it VU? Which leads to my next segment.

If you have a problem with VU, speak

There are some that praise VU for its efforts in the VC:MP community and there are some of you that think our heads are so far up our ass that it's hopeless to even try to reason with us.

What MAD_K!LL3R displayed to me today showed it and it's no personal attack on him, many people show this. Krys does it all the time. Doom_Kill3R did it when me and him had a discussion about Tim01, the rest of Tim01's friends doing it, not even knowing just how much he has been considered even to this day. They're salty and Tim01 himself isn't lol, like wha? Hotdogcat doing everything in his power to ban hackers alike and all his efforts on EAD turns into VU elitism.

As a clan we are proud of ourselves and what we have accomplished for the community but that's as far as clan talk goes out of me. Clan members represent the clan I get that but what's with the stereotype? The oppressed then of the community are prepared to receive arrogance and mistreatment from from anyone that represents Vice Underdogs, even if it's persons that been inactive for years. They see all of us as VU asswipes.

What is really wrong with all of you? What problem do you really have? Speak.

Reports / Re: [MD]Mechanic Unban app
« on: July 05, 2018, 05:07:01 pm »
Ok, so after a long discussion with MAD_K!LL3R over Discord, I will unban on the premise of the counter-arguments he presented and the fact the precedent I enforced on [DU]KiKi but the conversation with MAD_K!LL3R rubbed me the wrong way, not necessarily because of him but a poison in the community. I will make a separate discussion about that cuz the air needs to be cleared.


Reports / Re: [MD]Mechanic Unban app
« on: July 05, 2018, 02:32:59 pm »
Yes I'm aware of CTF's desync issue but the allegations on you are not F1 nor Desync related, they are aimlock related. I can only give a mental picture of what happened but if anyone (CTF admin) want's to go through CTF logs around the February/March region, be my guest and note these server changes to line it up:

The map that we were playing was Bar vs Museum and the time was changed from the regular 5:30 in-game to a midday time. Can't remember if it was 12:00 exact but it was daylight. What happened was while we were doing our thing I notice you were killing everyone including me with headshots in quick succession on 270+ ping, gloating with each kill on top of it. I'm fine with being a pro and all, but no guesswork on 270 ping, fighting fellow 200 pingers and me a 150 pinger? Rubbish. Not even [MK]Halchter with all his skill can murder any and everyone as easily as you did that match and he has the ping for it, 40s. I didn't trust it one bit and Hotdogcat coming to me with his list confirmed it for me.

The other is this:

This was recorded by HerQules January 28, apparently on EC. This can give an idea of what I saw on CTF, plus this isn't explained. If I remember correctly, you got watch listed for this.

Reports / Re: [MD]Mechanic Unban app
« on: July 05, 2018, 01:04:34 pm »
Never used is false by my records.

Idk if CTF had any implementation of the detection system back in February/March but I had my own independent experience with you there. Hotdogcat kept his detection system hidden from everyone the first couple of months, I also kept my recordings unknown to everyone, so thats two independent bodies working for the same goal their own way. It was around the Legend incident when I found out what he's been doing and we converged at that point.

He came to me in April with a general list of caught persons unknowning that I had private video evidence against some of them but for me, when I saw both you and Odin3 (KraKen) in that list, I lit up like a light bulb cuz I absolutely knew it.

The unfortunate thing was my HDD died so all the footage I had of you and others in that timeframe is now gone, especially Odin cuz I had before and after vids of him. Wouldve been the perfect tutorial video to show how aimlock improves reaction time.

So the explanation you coming with right now, I appreciate it but nothing will convince me to unban you, Ive experienced you first hand and kept silent about it. Only hotdogcat knew explicitly that I caught you, everyone else (EAD admins, VW admins) I explained to them that there are surprizers in my list. 

What you're saying applies to [DU]KiKi's story and he is more deserving because while he was detected, literally nobody, not even myself has ever seen him hack. When MK reached out to me about him, that was expressed, hence why his denial wasn't a contemptuous no but that they avoid controversial issues by avoiding people that have it on their name.

News and Announcements / Re: Birthday Gift! [Promotion]
« on: July 05, 2018, 01:22:53 am »
Congratulations Fellaw
@Gangster did you called her "MAN"? lol


He's....a.....dude  ??? :o ???

News and Announcements / Birthday Gift! [Promotion]
« on: July 05, 2018, 01:05:54 am »
By right, you should have been promoted at least 2 months earlier, but I personally asked for this one and for this plan out  ;D

You took on a huge project that you can't do on your own just yet as aXXo can, but under his mentorship and my directing, you have awed the crowd with your efforts, you have stupefied the people who thought you couldn't revive it nor handle it, you have surprized with your dedication & enthusiasm to get it done and Saturday coming, the stage is set for everyone in VC:MP community to admire and be amazed with your work, and that work is Vice War 7: Biker Brawl. You still have a lot to learn when it comes to proper management, templates and safeguarding, but keep this up and you'll definitely be among the greatest scripters of this community, because it's not easy pulling off my meticulous ideals lol.

On behalf of the Clan Management Board, and all our Full Members, we wish you a

Happy Birthday, a Happy Earthstrong

Celebrate it well by freely wearing the Rookie tag [VU_R] wherever you go. You've more than proven yourself with this one. And even though there's always ups and downs, as a fellow brother of Vice Underdogs, I'm proud of you man, really am  :). Keep up the good work in your own unique way!

Reports / Re: [MD]Mechanic Unban app
« on: July 04, 2018, 09:52:16 pm »
Reason: [ VCMPHack.asi detected in 2018 ]

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