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Player Discussion / Re: 16 Personality Types test
« on: January 13, 2019, 10:06:17 pm »

General Discussion / Re: Postponing Vice War 8 Suggestions
« on: January 07, 2019, 01:45:56 pm »
Well I fail to see the need for all those ass kicking super ultra spectacular features at all. Then a custom map which takes shitloads of time and effort to make it and kinda kills the game a bit. And all of that just to play a one-sided festival once again as nobody seems to focus on balancing teams. Damn i don't know...

I'll put it this way, cuz what you said, and in extension your ass of a mindset absolutely ticked the fucking shit out of me.

Ever since VW5, every March I develop a VW. Remember why VW7 was "revived"? Because we had scripter issues, as is now. You cant have an event without a script, right? Even when VW7 wasnt assured a scripter I still laid these plans for VW8.

Map development (which I handle) takes awhile yes but was never the issue behind delays cuz Ive been working through that time, its the scripts that have been lagging 80% of the time. How? Even if this wasnt a custom map and we used VC map, even if VW8 server was just to be scripted and say "welcome" when you join, with nothing else to the server, how the fuck would you even have that without a script?

Then you come with your shit about no one focusing on balancing teams, all the unnecessaries of the event x y z, old gamemode, all the complaining in the world that I try my fucking best like a jackass to listen to and appeal to....and you cant even say thank you for your efforts, thank you for listening, thank you for trying, thank you for the time you put in.....

Not one of you have the right to talk that shit here, not one, I work way too fucking hard for you, the people, for ungrateful talk like that. Youre so blind that you cant even see how simple this gamemode really is. Its like youre just programmed to bark your ill expectancy of the event if issues arise. Thats all your being good for and I dont need that from the community Im trying my best to serve. Theres a better way to voice your concerns than the fuckry you just pulled out of blind hate because clearly you not reading a thing.

General Discussion / Re: Postponing Vice War 8 Suggestions
« on: January 06, 2019, 05:37:40 pm »
Unfortunately, we now have scripter issues which threatens the event itself....its debut not looking promising. If there are worthy volunteers to take on the responsibility, then I would appreciate that, if not, well the most blunt way I can put this is that VW8 wont be happening

News and Announcements / Re: VU is 10 Years Old
« on: January 01, 2019, 06:53:59 pm »
Fun fact.

<------ I wrote this 9 years ago, when I was promoted to Full Member. Even my signature as you see right now (which is heavily outdated) is a byproduct of what was all those years back.

Its funny cuz I remember it all like it was yesterday....the true symptom of we're getting really old.

Never saw myself making an online family, and having deep meaningful friendships with people across the world. The hell am I doing rooting with Ferr for Croatia in FIFA 2018? The hell am I doing congratulating Tony on his wedding and making a photoalbum art for his wedding pics? (I'll get it done I promise). The hell am I doing asking real life assistance here on donations to my friend who's house burnt down last year? Or for some votes so that a friend of mine's charity could win (which he did thanks to you all) the needed money to continue their services? It never even crossed my mind back in the day that life would go this way...

I was just here for fun but VC:MP has developed me in ways I never imagined, quite the outlet for some of my most creative pieces. From the VW3 banner I won,  to the VU banner you see today, from those adverts of VCDC, to VCDC banner itself, then to the banners of VW6, 7 and now 8, then to the directing and modeling of bikes, flags, maps and objects, never did I see myself developing like this, all out of love to VU and my appreciation to the fun Ive had and the respect I have for this platform, the community that I grew up with. As long as Im available, and as long as I can keep the passion alive in my fellow old folks, I'll never let VC:MP die as my thank you to VU. A good family really brings out the best in you.

I tell you its surreal what a simple interaction can lead to. Totally indebt to TheKing for opening the door. Charley summed it up best his role, if it wasn't for him, VU would've dodged me completely and the world of VC:MP would at this point be a different place most likely. Not a lot of VUs left from the 2009 era but for everyone of us that found a way to stick around for so long, its enough to keep me coming back too, truly.

General Discussion / Re: Postponing Vice War 8 Suggestions
« on: January 01, 2019, 08:37:14 am »
the 5th of January is unfortunately no longer possible, but if I get the cooperation I need from my team, end of January/first of February should definitely be good. Let's see what happens.

But in the mean-time, please enjoy this sneak peak of the map  ;D

It's in its alpha stages

General Discussion / Re: Postponing Vice War 8 Suggestions
« on: December 27, 2018, 03:14:16 am »
Well, 1 week has proven to be a lil too short for me, so tbh the end of January looking more attractive but thus far the weight of Easter and end of January seems even.

Gonna start a new poll

For record:

65 votes, 41 yes, 24 no for Jan 5 proposal.

General Discussion / Re: Postponing Vice War 8 Suggestions
« on: December 26, 2018, 01:54:27 pm »
Ok, seeing as how the difference is closer to 50/50 than anticipated, for those on the denying side, communicate, what would be more favourable for you? Bare in mind that the original date of the 29th is out of the question, so that can't be a suggestion.

Vote this post Agree if you want an even later date in January

Vote this post Friendly if you want it in February to Easter holiday (April 19th regions)

Vote this post Optimistic if you want it in Summer 2019

General Discussion / Re: Postponing Vice War 8 Suggestions
« on: December 25, 2018, 12:06:23 am »
Panzer think on what you're saying outside your own perspective (and the perspective of the consumers that relate to you). What would be the mindset of developers 1 to 2 weeks ago from today if today was the event? Simply that the time is enough to prepare the event for its decided debut.

Your outlook on the discernment of the time needed by developers is tainted by what is necessary for you to be able to participate. So while I do understand the courtesy point you're making, given the situation, a message like this cannot be anything but short notice. And for those that have been waiting, it is more courteous of me to provide a time that is sooner than later as best as possible.

General Discussion / Postponing Vice War 8 Suggestions
« on: December 24, 2018, 02:16:48 pm »
It is with deep regret that I must bring the unfortunate news that I am forced to postpone Vice War 8, however, it is not a huge postpone at all. The idea is this.

For every Vice War, there has to be a beta at least a week before...the map development has missed that deadline. If it was regular VC map, then a beta would still go on in shortened time, but as its not, it is imperative we give the week for participants to get accustomed to the map.

So, the idea is that the 29th of December will now be the beta of VW, and the 5th of January will be the event. We apologize for the inconvenience once more. By vote, I want to know if this is ok with the participants.

If I see a resounding no, we'll figure something out, but if a resounding yes, we will go with this plan. Feel free to make suggestions however on dates that would be suitable for you and possibly the majority of the crowd.

Suggestions / Re: [PORTAL] Suggestions & Review
« on: December 19, 2018, 12:28:21 pm »
So many things wrong with the portal...but right now its that old run down vehicle that found a way to start  :D. For starters:

1. Use jQuery.load so that when Im approving players the whole flipping page doesnt refresh to the top with every click >:(

2. Make a Discard button so that i dont have to click twice to get to it, and an Unverify button so I dont have to click 3 times to get to it. This plus the point above? I didnt know the portal was Fitness Training Certified.

3. Fix the tables so that they're not flying off the screen

4. Fix these overly sized text that no one can edit properly

5. Dont fix one thing and break another so that we have to annoy Thijn to push your changes every 20 minutes or so. Thijn is on the verge of banning himself from VU forums.

PS: we are now hiring Front-end developers who understand the basics of aesthetic beauty organized with practical and sensible ergonometry.

General Discussion / Re: Discord and status
« on: December 19, 2018, 12:00:06 pm »
What about status? I passed the test and got status "Verified" with "staff". With server, it says pending

About that, could you pass the test at 640x480? Your resolution of 580x451 caught us off-guard tbh. Due to GUI elements, the algorithm we use takes 640x480 as the minimum resolution, discarding any custom resolution possibilities below this

Already done, approved

Reports / Re: a report
« on: December 18, 2018, 06:58:56 pm »

You know after awhile you kind of get numb to these things...getting way too old for this shit. Let me end this by telling you how my morning went.

I awoke today to check the progress of registrations...Im the one that approves who is accepted or denied, the rest of the staff does the verification. I noticed Karan passed his tests but was discarded by Thomas, so I asked why. Thomas is not really used to the nature of Karan. Our staff members explained this to him, he understood and changed his decision. I accepted Karan thereafter. I thought all was well in the world after that...

I come to see shit plus two faced behaviour among my own crew. The leak is minor to me, its the disrespectful tone Calhoun came to me with against Thomas that bugged me. And what is worse is that it is not the first nor second time I've spoken to you about this. You see all this crap? Totally unnecessary. You did it defending me with the whole Tim01 issue, you did it with the whole VW7 issues, you doing it again with Karan. You were doing good service, as is Thomas, but while Thomas screwed up in my eyes once, you're not learning your mistake Calhoun.

Long story short, karan can play, this was sorted before it blew up into anything, Calhoun is relieved of his duties, you all have an enjoyable VW8.

Information and FAQs / Map Previewing
« on: December 18, 2018, 04:34:13 pm »
As we move closer to a beta (date not yet decided), the plan is to have two servers hosted. One server will be for the Public Beta, where we test the game-mode. This server will not be hosted for extended periods.

The other server will be a Map Preview server, whose function is solely for everyone to join at a time convenient to them to explore the brand new map.

This Map Preview server will run from the day of its debut to the official launch day of VW8: Renegade's Strife. You can take that time to learn the ins and outs of the map and its layout, develop your own strategies etc.

This server will be devoid of ALL game-mode specific features. It's just a server that allows you to traverse the map and explore; combat will not be possible.

Expected Features:
  • God mode
  • No weapons
  • Goto, gotoloc, and saveloc functions
  • Spawn vehicle support

General Discussion / Re: Unverified ?
« on: December 18, 2018, 04:25:23 pm »
So i guess im denied since i got 29 FPS for the 3 tests and 27 for test 4 ?

No it's fine, you just have FL on

General Discussion / Re: Unverified ?
« on: December 18, 2018, 02:50:19 pm »
Everyone's old records are gone and not carried forward is the reason. You have to do it again

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