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Denied Applications / Application - Arash
« on: February 20, 2016, 06:03:58 pm »
Which game are you applying for, VC:MP, SA:MP, LU or all?: VC:MP

Nick: Arash

Previous Nicks: None

Timezone/Country: afghanistan

Age: 17

Do you speak English? yes

Time you have played vcmp/samp: Since:2013

Previous clans: i left RK becuase i have a wish to join VU and accept me !

Do you use IRC: yes

Why you want to join VU: becuase i like and love the VU clan and i have wish to join here and cuz i want to play with skilled members .and my best friend and bro [VU]Riders is here.

Favourite weapon: m4,spas,stuby,m60,lasersniper,Ruger.

Which VUs do you know: Riders,Skirmant,Wilson,Angela,Best1ever,flash, Fercho, Hotdogcat, SK, Eazy...

Would you be interested in competing in clan wars?: yeah sure

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