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News and Announcements / VW8 Benchmark Server
« on: July 25, 2018, 10:32:06 am »
With Vice War coming and going every year, there has been a set number of people that continually apply each year, celebrate with gladness when they get accepted to participate then unfortunately get kicked every time on event day and cannot play Vice War due to their inadequate PCs not meeting the typical demands of the event. Our participants for the most part may be fine on servers with less players and far less chaos, but Vice War is a different ball game that needs modern day hardware to enjoy. But for our participants that are non-tech savvy, how do you know you have a problem?

This year, we hope to illustrate that to you by providing a benchmark standard for the foreseeable future that represents well the level of load everyone participating can expect on their system in any given Vice War. We've hosted this server as early as we could so that you have the chance to upgrade your PC in time for VW8 at least, which is scheduled to be in December.

Server Details:

We encourage everyone to join the server, spawn, run through ALL four tests (they are 20 seconds long each) and let it assess your system's capabilities. Your results (average frame rate) for each test will be logged by us and displayed back to you. This will be the requirement during the registration process of VW8 later on in the year and for future Vice Wars as well. We hope our loyal fans understand the reason and rationale behind this, we would love for everyone to be able to participate rather than have their hopes on high to be crushed by reality later.

How Does Everything Work?

There for four tests that play out in sequence that test two main components of your system that determines your performance in-game, your CPU and your GPU. Three of the four tests are CPU testers, while the last one is a GPU tester.

CPU Test

The game stresses the CPU when you have higher player counts and a lot of objects, (in fact, consider players as objects) and the more of them in a localized spot, the higher the CPU load, thus the greater the performance drop. VW for the past 3 years now have been able to maintain about 50 players for at least 22 of the 24 hours - that's 50 objects, then consider it that each player took a vehicle to drive to their destination where all the action is happening, now that's 50+ objects in a warzone. We can optimize vehicle respawn times, optimize spawn loc vehicle layouts, try to spread the fight evenly (based on the nature of the gamemode) sure but we cannot control where a horde of players will be, as such, our participants have to prepare for the worst and the worst is illustrated as follows:

  • Test 1 - 25 Vehicles Test (to represent 25 objects)
  • Test 2 - 50 Vehicle Test (to represent 50 objects)
  • Test 3 - 100 Vehicle Test (to represent 100 objects)

In order to pass the CPU test, you need AT LEAST 25 FPS on Test 3. Persons that fail to hold that mark will not be accepted to participate in Vice War. Persons that get under 30 FPS in Test 1 and/or Test 2 will also be automatically denied.

There is nothing you can do to help gain more FPS for these tests other than to upgrade to a new modern CPU. Changing resolution, changing draw distance, changing game streamed memory in /setconfig, none of those will help pass this test. Only new hardware or overclocking your CPU can increase performance here (if you don't know what overclocking is, it's likely going to end up being all the more reason you're forced to buy new hardware if you know what I mean   :-X, you have been forewarned)

Through our testing we discovered that an Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 was able to pass this test with 36 FPS on Test 3. This CPU is old (from 2008) but has proven to be capable. If your CPU was manufactured later than 2008 (Google your CPU's release date, search by model), then there's a chance it will not be able to handle this test and you may need to upgrade.

GPU Test

In moments, there are certain things that contribute to sudden high GPU load, predominantly all the explosions, all the molotovs that get spammed all over, helicopters kicking up dust suddenly or the helicopter blades flying sparks as it scrapes against something. These moments tend to tank the FPS of some persons very heavily and very quickly, causing very unstable FPS that manifests into even worse lag than ping. We aim to combat against that with this test.

Other things that cause increased GPU load are the rain weather effect, 2DFX elements such as fog, and tear gas. These latter ones mentioned may not make a scene in this Vice War (probably) but we would like to be able to venture out further and exercise more of our creativity in the future.

As such, this portion is definitely subject to change in terms of requirements as we go along each year but the test may remain the same as as of right now, this is incredibly GPU demanding. The test is as follows:

  • Test 4 - Custom Object emitting 2DFX particles (similar to Tear Gas load)

In order to pass the GPU test, you need AT LEAST 25 FPS on Test 4. Persons that fail to hold this mark will not be accepted to participate in Vice War.

There are however things you can do to help pass this test. The first one is to lower your resolution. You may be using a resolution that is too high for your GPU to handle in the Vice War setting. Lowering your resolution can dramatically have an impact on your FPS in this test, especially if you were running at a high resolution from the beginning. But the lower your initial resolution was, the less of a chance you have to get any meaningful impact. For example:

If I get 19 FPS at 1920x1080, I have many resolutions between this one and 640x480 (the lowest resolution you can run with the game) to find a sweetspot to get the 25 FPS mark. Let's say I had 10 FPS at 800x600, it is unlikely that 640x480 will help much to boost you from 10 FPS to 25 FPS, the resolutions in size are too close.

Exhausting these methods and still unable to meet the requirement means that you now have to buy a GPU in order to run VW. No need to buy the most expensive GPU in the world, any GPU of recent years (no later than 2011 to be safe) should be able to handle the job at an appropriate resolution.

Please note that if you lower your resolution to meet the demands of Test 4, you will be auto-kicked if you play Vice War at a resolution above the one that got you 25 FPS in Test 4. You will not be auto-kicked if you play at this same resolution or lower if you so please. This also applies for capable persons, so if you know you can handle a very high resolution, it is best you join the benchmark server at that resolution and have that as your record.

The following persons NEED to upgrade their computers within these months if they want to participate in Vice War:

CPU - upgrade to a modern day desktop
GPU - buy a modern day graphics card for your desktop
PC - Potato Computer; abandon ASAP

Bold names signify players that fell under 20 FPS






GPU (you can lower your resolution)

CPU (borderline on GPU too, advise lower your resolution)
GPU (you can lower your resolution)

GPU (you can lower your resolution)

GPU (you can lower your resolution)
GPU (you can lower your resolution)


« on: July 05, 2018, 07:05:39 pm »
Okay, so this is stemming from my recent discussion with MAD_K!LL3R, it is necessary we do this before we continue.

I don't want this to be a clan war of words, I don't want this to be flying insults, I don't want this to be blame game, who first did what and all that garbage. State your points, state your reasons, criticize constructively and respectfully. I am so livid to this that I'm just going to bring everything to light and talk my mind as respectfully as I can.

If you have a problem with me, GangstaRas, speak

Stop hiding behind curtains. If you have something to say to me, say it.

Now it is a known fact that I'm directing Vice War and that I've done just about everything to keep hackers out and everything for stable, fair gameplay, but some of you among the community don't believe that. I am calling out Mad Demons, MDs, specifically.

Now, I made an allegation based off my own experience with MAD_K!LL3R on aimlock. And despite all the disrespect and insults he gave me, I acknowledged his points within it and admitted that my allegation was most likely wrong for some reasons.

I made mention that I lost my footage from the period of January to March. How that specifically happened was that my Desktop hard drive was getting full, so I archived all my data and pushed it to my laptop's hard drive. The laptop's hard drive is the one that died. Be that as it may, even if I had it to present, the decision still stands as he did make a fair point to say that I should present aimlock detection evidence, I do not have that against him. EXE based aimlocks that can't be detected have been present within the period, yes, but since he has displayed to me counter-evidence similar to what I got from Dark_Wolf (which I accepted), I accepted his. So that nullified my eye-witness evidence, and as I explained in his appeal about [DU]KiKi for VW, based off that precedent, plus the fact that he acknowledged that portion of the evidence, I unbanned MAD_K!LL3R.

But you see, during my conversation with MAD_K!LL3R, I did not like his attitude at all. It was the kind of thing where someone is trying their best to condescend you wherever they can and the portion he could find was to tell me I have 0 M4 skills so I don't know anything about M4 and that I'm in VC:MP for 9 years but still useless on M4. Lol sigh, such cancerous statements can drive anyone crazy. The word preference obviously went on vacation.

To the best of my ability I show everyone respect, and I'm not arrogant enough to fail to admit when I'm wrong, I can be wrong any day of the week but the only thing I ask for is respect. Anger is no excuse, I am absolutely livid writing this but you don't see me crossing boundaries. So why are you?

That condescending attitude trying to insult my intelligence and my skillset as a means to justify to yourself how much I know, you know what that communicated to me? Someone thinks that I think I'm above them. So you try to bring those people down to earth right? But I'm honestly curious. Why do you think I see you below me? Why do you think I won't hear you out? I did say there's no convincing me in my post, if I saw myself above you, that was the perfect time to dismiss you without giving you any attention but I did not, I still humbly heard what you had to say. If I do all of that then why?

The answer seems to lie in Mad Demons themselves. A message was brought to my attention that "I screwed over MD once again in Vice War by changing the IP", something like that. Do you even know why the IP has been changing so much for Vice War?

The first reason was simply because after VW Beta, we noticed that the host seems to freeze after a point for a reason we couldn't figure out. It happens with 20+ people, so to fix that we changed the host. We got a rubbish host ( that made everyone's pings higher at the cost of finding this stability, but apparently MDs saw that as my enmity towards them, that's where that comment came from. Not even knowing why I made the changes and thinking that were the reasons spoke so much volumes.

I made mention of it to MAD_K!LL3R, what's with the negative energy and give me an example and he showed me a post I made on the VW Discord channel that for some reason he thinks is against them but really all I was doing was looking for people to test where we can make the new host. I said this:

@KillerXz0r (DUz.KillerX) you consider yourself among the MD group when it comes to Pakistan lag?
since none of them responding you're my best tester lol

Pakistan player's vary broadly based on their location and ISP. Some of them will have beautiful 120 ping, some are clocking 300s, I noticed KillerX was among the 200s similar to the MDs so I used him as my tester to get better ping for them, since none of them online were responding to the public request. It is thanks to him that:

MAD_K!LL3R: no lol the new host is giving a best pin to us

This was his retort, thinking I defeated myself in making MD's life horrible.  ???

I implemented ping jitter which is absolutely necessary for the fairness of everyone. You will look at F5 people way into 500-800 ping and not getting kicked because of the averaging method but the damaging effect is happening right then right now. The jitter limit is there for stable gameplay and it works on everyone. Even Thijn and Brian with their godly 4 to 11 ms ping can be kicked for jitter. But no, jitter is an attack on MD. It is an attack on the unstable connection that brings unfair gameplay to most of you. The standard has to be set, just as it is with FPS limit. Is FPS limit an attack to everyone that can't afford a good PC? Is ping limit an attack to people who live in certain regions of the world? What is wrong with you all and why do you feel bullied by me? Is it even me or is it VU? Which leads to my next segment.

If you have a problem with VU, speak

There are some that praise VU for its efforts in the VC:MP community and there are some of you that think our heads are so far up our ass that it's hopeless to even try to reason with us.

What MAD_K!LL3R displayed to me today showed it and it's no personal attack on him, many people show this. Krys does it all the time. Doom_Kill3R did it when me and him had a discussion about Tim01, the rest of Tim01's friends doing it, not even knowing just how much he has been considered even to this day. They're salty and Tim01 himself isn't lol, like wha? Hotdogcat doing everything in his power to ban hackers alike and all his efforts on EAD turns into VU elitism.

As a clan we are proud of ourselves and what we have accomplished for the community but that's as far as clan talk goes out of me. Clan members represent the clan I get that but what's with the stereotype? The oppressed then of the community are prepared to receive arrogance and mistreatment from from anyone that represents Vice Underdogs, even if it's persons that been inactive for years. They see all of us as VU asswipes.

What is really wrong with all of you? What problem do you really have? Speak.

News and Announcements / Birthday Gift! [Promotion]
« on: July 05, 2018, 01:05:54 am »
By right, you should have been promoted at least 2 months earlier, but I personally asked for this one and for this plan out  ;D

You took on a huge project that you can't do on your own just yet as aXXo can, but under his mentorship and my directing, you have awed the crowd with your efforts, you have stupefied the people who thought you couldn't revive it nor handle it, you have surprized with your dedication & enthusiasm to get it done and Saturday coming, the stage is set for everyone in VC:MP community to admire and be amazed with your work, and that work is Vice War 7: Biker Brawl. You still have a lot to learn when it comes to proper management, templates and safeguarding, but keep this up and you'll definitely be among the greatest scripters of this community, because it's not easy pulling off my meticulous ideals lol.

On behalf of the Clan Management Board, and all our Full Members, we wish you a

Happy Birthday, a Happy Earthstrong

Celebrate it well by freely wearing the Rookie tag [VU_R] wherever you go. You've more than proven yourself with this one. And even though there's always ups and downs, as a fellow brother of Vice Underdogs, I'm proud of you man, really am  :). Keep up the good work in your own unique way!

Information and FAQs / Credits
« on: July 03, 2018, 07:56:19 pm »

Directed By:

[VU]GangstaRas & [VU]aXXo

Written By:

[VU]GangstaRas & [VU]aXXo

Scripted By:

[VU]aXXo & [VU_T]Luckshya

Produced By:

Vice Underdogs


Forum Event Manager:

Event Board Coordinator:

Event Board Moderators:

Banner & Logo Designer:

3D Modeler & Flag Template:

VPS Host:

IRC Scripter:

Discord Scripter:


Topic Translators:

Script Translators:

Vice War Registrations:

Vice War Staff Registrations:

Membergroup Management: 
















Special Thanks To:


and others
along with

All members of Vice War Staff
All registered participants of Vice War 7: Biker Brawl

General Discussions / About VW7 and You
« on: June 28, 2018, 11:05:04 am »
Vice War 7 has been successfully resurrected and it's finally around the corner! As such, on behalf of the Vice War Staff, the time is ripe to discuss among our participants on some pertinent issues to ensure that this Vice War is fun and fair for all.

UID Mismatch

UID mismatch was mainly implemented as a means to prevent ban evasion as within the community it is a rampant issue where you will ban an account and he/she does their trickery and rejoin the server couple minutes later, free to spawn and disrupt the rest of us having fun. However, because of the strictness of this system, we have hindered quite a few of our legitimate fan base as the months progressed. Some of our staff members have agreed that the ruling is too strict. Today, I am in a good mood so this is what will happen to the currently afflicted:

  • Those that are currently banned twice for UID mismatch, as of today June 28, 2018, we will unban those accounts.
  • Those that have been banned once already, as of today, your record is reset.


The rules stipulated here and here are still in effect. That means, everyone still only has ONE UID unban chance and we will NOT unban anyone on the day of the event. This is the last week and a half left until Vice War commences and we would like for everyone that have waited patiently throughout the seasonal drought to get a chance, but this isn't any free for all, the system must and will remain intact for ban evaders. If you still get yourself struck twice for UID mismatch after this, you will definitely miss Vice War without remorse. Again, let me go over what will lock your account for UID mismatch:

  • You register your account on one installation of Windows but rejoin the server on another installation of Windows. Even if the Windows are the same versions, it can still strike a UID mismatch.

  • You register your account on one PC but rejoin the server on another PC. The PC you register from should be the PC you play from.

  • You upgraded the Windows system you used to register on the server (upgrade to a entirely different version of Windows or service pack upgrades such as Windows XP to SP1 > SP2 > SP3, or Windows 8 to Windows 8.1)

So, upgrade what you need to now, fix what you need to now, get the PC you plan on playing Vice War on now and register. If you get banned on the day of the event, even if you still have one UID unban chance, we will not unban you.


Many folks have expressed their anxiety about what's going to happen regarding Vice War 7 and hackers, some have even expressed loss of hope and are now holding a position refusing to participate in this year's Vice War as despair in the community is now at an all sky high limit. Today, I am announcing that we will be doing an undisclosed cleanup of every gang and every member that has been accepted to participate in Vice War. This is the one of the last barriers we've made to ensure that Vice War is as hacker free as possible.

Some have already been barred and did not make it past registration while others, we have allowed them beyond registration willingly. Be not discouraged, this didn't mean hackers will be able to play. Some have even been good during the registration period and hacked immediately after the period, some have been secretly hacking all this time under alias, keeping their main accounts clean.

The Vice War Staff has not rest, carefully watching the community for near 7 months now, watching them do as they please around us. So, everyone that has hacked since 2018 started, i.e. January 1, 2018 to today, and till the very day of the event, will be banned from participating in Vice War without remorse or chance. Decisions made on some individuals in 2017 have not been relinquished, they are special cases and they know who they are. The rest however were silently given a second chance the starting of the new year to this day.

All bans have been attested, freely assessed and validated by the entirety of the VW Staff. Bans were given to individuals that:

  • Distributed hacks and were active conspirators
  • Aimlocked within the period, whether caught or detected
  • HP hacked within the period, whether caught or detected
  • Used trainers within the period, whether caught or detected
  • Speed hacked within the period, whether caught or detected
  • Used teleport hacks within the period, whether caught or detected

Aliases and UID changers were also tracked and will be banned as well.

This ban is not permanent however, participants that got banned from VW7 can still apply for VW8 coming December. With the rise of developer activity, we hope robust solutions are found and will be implemented by the time VW8 is scheduled to arrive.

Away from hacks, we will also be banning double accounts. We have documented sibling relationship some of the double accounts but the undocumented ones will be banned and banned immediately unlike the hack list. If you are wrongfully banned in these cases, you need to provide the following information:

  • Nick of sibling
  • Official server(s) he/she plays on

We will handle the rest from there. You will remain banned if we have deduced that you're lying.

We hope to see you all July 7th! Remember the event starts 00:00 GMT, please work out the time and date according to your specific timezone but as a general idea of when to check the server:

  • US, Caribbean, South America - Friday 6:00 PM
  • Europe - Friday 11:00 PM
  • Africa - Saturday - 1:00 AM
  • Asia - Saturday - 2:30 AM

Information and FAQs / New Language Feature
« on: June 26, 2018, 12:35:39 am »
For the first time in Vice War's history, we have attempted to translate almost all messages you will receive in-game, even the kill/death messages to two more additions, namely Spanish and Hindi/Urdu.

To switch to your preferred language, simply do /lang where you now have 3 language options, English, Spanish and Hindi/Urdu. Currently everyone defaults to English.

As it is our first time doing this, there may be bugs in the system (some things not translated or maybe translations at the wrong spots). We apologize in advance for those instances as it's our first time ever doing something like this. However, through testing, we hope that we have kept things tight. We also hope to establish this as a standard moving forward for future Vice War participants.

General Discussions / About Jitter System
« on: June 03, 2018, 10:07:53 am »
I see a lot of people (mainly Pakistani players with bad internet) upset about this system but fail to follow instructions so I hope to shed some light on the situation and why it's implemented.

Reason why it's implemented:

In recent months, we've seen a new variation of hacking where through ping adjustments via internet load people are effectively lag switching. These lag switches are done in quick succession, typically at vulnerable points in combat (knocked down, outnumbered and so on).

Now under normal scripting  circumstances, if ping limits were strict, it would be enough to actively kick you when you spike over, however, internet connections are not 100% stable and will present some micro-jitters that are mere milliseconds in duration. These micro-jitters can spike as high as 1000 ms ping but they are so short in duration, they do not affect gameplay. The script however will not ignore it and will kick you for it (such was the case for VW6 private beta). As a result, every server that you see has a ping limit system, uses an average to deduce your ping in order to avoid that strict kick. There are disadvantages to averages however.

You witness it all the time, people with 600 ms ping, 1000 ms ping and for some unknown reason the server takes awhile to kick them, happens on EAD, happens on CTF, happens on LW happens for all of the servers with ping limits. Why does that happen? Because of average. Example:

Ping limit of a server is 350 ms; player ping goes like this for 5 seconds:

Code: [Select]
The average ping of this person is 316 ms, he does not get kicked, but he sure evaded some shots for 3 seconds with the 400, 500 and 600 ping spikes.

Example 2:

Code: [Select]
This person averages 334 ms, will not get kicked but they are clearly unstable and clearly unhittable as a result.

That is the problem with averages.

And unfortunately, the greater the amount of samples the script take to calculate the average ping, the more damaging the effect it has on the average.

High ping held for 1 second is enough for hackers and exploiters to use lag spikes to their advantage. What the laggers do is spike for short duration of seconds so that they are essentially unhittable, then they will spike down to their normal ping the moment they plan to attack. If you don't believe me, if you can spectate on the server, go on EAD or CTF, spectate a problematic player you can't hit and have F5 continually pressed and watch their ping the whole time. When they run around and get knocked down, they spike to 500 to 700 ms, the minute they attack, their back to 150s 180s, whatever their normal ping should be.

I won't allow the exploitation to get any further and the community is frankly tired of this area of instability to gameplay, thus ping jitter is calculated to prevent these exploits and provide everyone fair game. It is what cleans up what ping limit cannot by nature of being forced to use average. It takes the samples of the average ping calculated and deduce the standard deviation of the results. If your deviation is small you won't have much issues but if your deviations are high, you will be flagged for a kick.

We take a calculated result every 5 seconds at a sample rate of 1 per second. I have found that deviations 50 ms+ and greater tend to be enough to cause problems in gameplay and so, the standard deviation value is aimed around keeping jitter range of 50 ms or lower. A standard deviation of 15 achieved this, unfortunately it was for momentary spikes, so a better deviation value is 25 to 30. An example that gives a result of within 25 - 30 is:

Code: [Select]
It was my intention to remain at that level more or less for the beta I have gone as high as 45 and people still getting kicked. This is what a standard deviation of 45 in your ping looks like:

Code: [Select]
Nearly 100 ms permitted spikes, and by this point you're fighting all that lagging power.

What to do?

For those affected, you all need to understand that if you stand still when the warning message comes up, you will NOT be kicked. You can move as soon as the message disappears from the screen but sometimes that glitches out so stay still for at least 3 seconds and you're ok.

It is the same with FPS and ping, as long as you stay still, you can be in the server with 20k ping, 2 FPS and jittering like crazy, you wont be kicked, but the minute you move, you will get one of the 3 warnings. It's the same as it was in VW6, you had to stop moving if you wanted to avoid FPS and ping kick then. This is the fair trade that you have to comply with. Even when low pingers spike within ping limits (from 40 to 200 ms ping) it still has a profound effect on registering the shot you just made on them. If they're moving and spiking like that, they can avoid any and everything, but if they stop moving you have your right to kill. It is unfair that you the lagger can kill your opponent spiking carefree. Please fix your internet and get stable connections. If that cannot be done, please remain still in-game or be autokicked.

Information and FAQs / NOTICE - PUBLIC BETA [JUNE 1, 1 WEEK]
« on: May 24, 2018, 05:13:53 pm »
All registered members for VW7 are invited to join our open public beta starting June 1st, 2018, 00:00 GMT. We will be hosting the event for 1 week to ensure the utmost maximum stability July 7th.

Please reference to the Game Manual on any recent changes that have taken place. All server rules are still in effect for public beta. Registrations will be handled in a prompt fashion to ensure everyone has a chance to play within the time if not at the start of the event

« on: May 11, 2018, 09:23:24 pm »
Registrations will be closing on May 31st, 2018.

At this point, we will NOT be accepting anymore gang registrations, anymore members registering for gangs as well as anymore members switching gangs. We therefore implore you to get registered while you can, gang leaders should respond to requests or offload the work temporarily to an acting leader that can represent your gang. If it so happens that gang leaders do not comply, a decision will be made by VW Registration Staff towards unprocessed applicants to the respective gang they chose to apply for.

Name change requests will continue to be processed until the day before the event. Completing registration by joining the server and registering with your given key will also continue beyond the given deadline.

VC:MP General / Banathon 2k18
« on: May 09, 2018, 04:16:53 pm »
<Edit by Charley: I've split this topic from the topic that announced Legend's kick from the clan. I've reopened it in the hope that some sort of solution to this frankly unnecessary drama can be found. Banathon 2k18 bitches, wooooo!!! If you don't wanna read six pages, then skip to this post.>

Lilamar , you're caught too.


Many more bans to come soon.

Ladies and gentlemen, an example of the beginning of the end. Many more bans to come soon enough.

Gangs and Registration / Current Registration Status
« on: April 11, 2018, 04:34:55 pm »

Current Registration Status

Total Registered: 311
Total Accounts Registered to VW7 Server: 111


Triumvirate: 95 (26)
Wolf Pack: 88 (33)
Night Wolves: 49 (18)
Gas Monkey Garage: 28 (6)
Hindutva: 26 (11)
Hell Guardians: 26 (17)
Free Conglomerate: 2 (0)

Information and FAQs / NOTICE - UID Mismatch
« on: April 07, 2018, 02:13:41 pm »
Some of our participants in the past were hit with UID mismatch errors on their account, which resulted in their ban.

ALL ban databases have been cleared so this will and should not apply nor affect anyone anymore prior to April 5, 2018. Everyone is required to re-register by joining the server and register using your provided key (recheck your forum Inbox, specifically December to January, if you can't find it, contact me).

But note, checks for account UID mismatches are still in effect. That means, you can still fall into the same issue if:

  • You re-install/upgrade your operating system after you initially register
  • You join using a different computer after you initially register

Life happens in between the countdown to the event, we understand. Therefore, the VW Staff will grant only ONE unban request per user for UID mismatching. If you have made one unban request that was approved and you get banned again for UID mismatch, your account will remain banned*. We therefore advise players not to hastily register on the server if they know they are going to reinstall and upgrade their operating system beforehand. We also advise that you register from the computer you would wish to play VW7 on, none other.

No unban requests will be approved on the day of the event as well*.

* - Exceptional cases will be handled.

Reports / UID Mismatch Reports & Appeals
« on: April 07, 2018, 02:07:35 pm »

UID Mismatch Reports & Appeals

UID mismatch reports/appeals will also be handled at this board. Simply create a new topic with your nickname for VW7, state that your account was banned for UID mismatch and the reason behind it (whether you reinstall your operating system, connected with different computer or you are unsure what happened) and we will investigate your report/appeal.

  • As of April 5th, 2018, ALL bans regarding UID mismatches have been cleared due to rebuilding the database. Therefore, if you were previously banned for UID mismatch before this date, you have been cleared and are free to register to the server.There is no need for anyone to post here at the moment for situations prior to April 5.
  • We will only grant ONE unban request. If you trigger UID mismatch a second time, your account will remain banned.
  • We will generally not approve of ANY unban requests of UID mismatch on the day of the event.

Gangs and Registration / Nickname Change Requests
« on: April 05, 2018, 04:07:01 pm »
As of April 5, 2018, please make your nickname change requests here by replyiing under this post in the following format:

Registered Gang: <your gang affiliation>
Registered Old nick: <your old nick>
New Nick: <your new nick>


Registered Gang: The Wolf Pack
Registered Old nick: [VU]GangstaRas
New Nick: *VU*Gangsta

  • Requests for name changes within your gang's registration will no longer be accepted for processing. If your name was not processed, please write your request here.
  • DO NOT discuss anything in this topic. Make your request and we will get to you promptly. ALL discussions here, whether useful under various circumstances or not, will be deleted.
  • DO NOT ask any questions here. If you have a question, please utilize our Questions topic found here. Questions found in this topic will not be answered here and will be moved to the appropriate board.
  • Failure to follow the request format means your request will be ignored. Further non-compliance on the subject, troubling our staff members by being difficult about our format may result in your ban from the event itself.

General Discussions / Which Month to host VW7?
« on: April 02, 2018, 02:50:01 pm »
I need to hear the voice of the community on this one. We have 3 candidate months more or less, June (the ending of June), July and August. Depending on how these votes go, we will aim to host VW7 within the most popular month of availability for everyone.

Also, expect VW to be on a Saturday 12 a.m. GMT +0 of any of these potential months. That is:

Saturday midnight for Europe
Saturday morning for Asians
Friday night for Westerners

As its always been. Either way, set your weekends free for the summer.

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