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Information and FAQs / NOTICE - Registration Commencing
« on: December 24, 2017, 02:25:44 pm »
The registration of players would be starting soon. Once you are registered in a team, you are not allowed to change your team under any circumstances. If you have doubts about your allegiance, withdraw your application for now and apply once it is confirmed.

The staff will register only those players who are mentioned in the main gang topic. Gang leaders are requested to review their lists.

Registered members will have:
- A (Registered) tag next to their name in the gang memberlist.
- A forum membergroup(badge) in their profile, which grants them access to the team's private boards.
- A PM in their VU Inbox with a 5 letter key.
- Gang leaders(only one) should have moderation rights over their team's private board.

If any of those are missing, something is wrong and you should contact me.
In case you are seeing things you should not be able to see, contact me  :-X

Once you have received your key, you can enter the Vicewar server and set yourself a password with:
/register <key> <new password>

The key is used only once, for logging in later you need to remember the password you set with /register command.

The server is under development and changing constantly. Spawning is blocked currently.

Gangs and Registration / The Hindutva BC [APPLICATIONS CLOSED]
« on: December 19, 2017, 10:34:19 pm »
The Hindutva Biker Cult

The Hindutva is a group of right-wing Hindu zealots well known for their long biker pilgrim journeys to the Himalayas.
They aspire to eliminate all infidels in this Vice War!

Recruitment Criteria:
  • Only players belonging to Indian cultures are allowed.
  • You need to bring your own cow.
  • Lefty sons of bitches are not allowed.
  • If you are not a Hindu and want to sign up, you would need to go through a spiritual session and pay patronage to a Hindu deity.

The relegious fervor is burning! Sign up now.
Drop a JAI SHRI RAM reply in this topic to apply.

Available positions and accepted member list:

Shiv Sena
The bulk of our forces. They believe in Lord Shiva and his mighty trishul(trident spear).
Hindi speakers will be put here

[VU]aXXo (leader) (Registered)
[VU]Tony (Registered)
[VU]Dr.Shawn (Registered)
[VU]Laz. (Registered)
[VU]EvilSpiriT (Registered)
[VU]Ryne (Registered)
[MK]SaHiL (Registered)
MK.Blurry (Registered)
[V]Aryan (Registered)
TS.Hari (Registered)
Elizabeth (Registered)
MaiYan (Registered)
PeNtagon  (Registered)
[BOSS]Harsh (Registered)
[VU_T]Luckshya (Registered)

Kali Worshippers
Same as Shiva Sena, but with a darker skin color.
English speakers will be put here

[VU]BliTz (Registered)
=ULK=BeaTz (Registered)
[VU_R]Dz (Registered)
[DUz]Kiki (Registered)
K4R7H1K^ (Registered)
Daichi95 (Registered)
Thompson (Registered)
VU.Amal (Registered)
[VU_T]Rickyy (Registered)

Ram Lala Temple Construction Committee
The supervisors of our economy and funds. The plan is to construct a Hanuman temple in Downtown.
Ram Lala hum aaynge mandir wahin banaynge.

KAran.exe (Registered)

Blip Color: RGB 255 153 51

Information and FAQs / Staff List
« on: December 11, 2017, 09:09:00 pm »


Staff Management

Head Admins

Dedicated Admins


Dedicated Moderators

Gangs and Registration / The Wolf Pack [APPLICATIONS CLOSED]
« on: December 04, 2017, 08:39:34 pm »
The Wolf Pack


    WiLsOn (Leader)( Registered )
    MD619 ( Registered )
    Dmau5 ( Registered )
    GoRcEE ( Registered )
    Xmair ( Registered )
    Hotdogcat ( Registered )
    Joker ( Registered )
    Ferrari32 (Leader)( Registered )
    Charley ( Registered )
    Siezer ( Registered )
    Thijn ( Registered )
    SMD ( Registered )
    Rickyy ( Registered )
    RajPut* ( Registered )
    Pleyo ( Registered )
    TheKing ( Registered )
    Fercho ( Registered )
    JoOoOoO^ ( Registered )
    Tobi0 ( Registered )
    Trex  ( Registered )
    Norman4354 ( Registered )
    Legend  ( Registered )
    MaDKilleR ( Registered )
    Punketo  ( Registered )
    VU_TrainEE ( Registered )
    Almo ( Registered )
    Sk ( Registered )
    MaTrIx. ( Registered )
    Dr.Danny ( Registered )

    =CF=Princeez ( Registered )

    Casper ( Registered )

    =DnW=PANZER24 ( Registered )
    =DnW=MasterOz ( Registered )

    TLB.Waluta ( Registered )
    [TLB]VerC_Etti ( Registered )

    =RK=MarineForce ( Registered )

    iNs.D.E.[[V]].I.L ( Registered )
    iNs.Duke ( Registered )

    [OSKr]KingCaco ( Registered )
    [OSK]KaOtiV ( Registered )
    [OSKr]SpOcK ( Registered )
    [OSK]david. ( Registered )
    [OSK_A]Joandry ( Registered )
    [OSKr]RagNarok ( Registered )
    [OSKr]Anonimos ( Registered )
    [OSKr]Trevas^ ( Registered )
    [OSKr]TeJ..^ ( Registered )

    [MK]Halchter ( Registered )
    MK.CrackM4 ( Registered )
    MK.Koray ( Registered )
    MK.KoCKeX ( Registered )
    [MK]Anarki ( Registered )
    MKs.Tresh ( Registered )
    [MKs]Danish ( Registered )
    MK.Kelvin ( Registered )
    [MKt]Sugar ( Registered )
    [MK]Detonator ( Registered )

    =UFr=chernobyl ( Registered )
    [UF]SuriAttacker ( Registered )

    [NC]SonicBoom ( Registered )

    (LBR_R)Kratos ( Registered )

    Fanta[SPK] ( Registered )
    [SPK_R]Razor ( Registered )

    [LGN]Bonecracker ( Registered )
    [LGN]Shane ( Registered )
    [LGN]Toto ( Registered )
    [LGN]FAN ( Registered )
    [LGN]ThePrettyReckless ( Registered )
    [LGN]P!Po( Registered )

    Febulous. ( Registered )
    CoCaKoLa^ ( Registered )
    No_MeRcY ( Registered )
    XpertThief ( Registered )
    ShahrukhAameerzada ( Registered )
    aSsI ( Registered )
    Piterus ( Registered )
    ADOLF_HITLER ( Registered )
    OmaRosh ( Registered )
    Behlul ( Registered )
    Mortar ( Registered )
    GunShot ( Registered )
    ImErik ( Registered )
    SulkyPlayz ( Registered )
    Bilal ( Registered )
    AZure. ( Registered )
    DueS ( Registered )
    Lonewolf ( Registered )
    Arnold^ ( Registered )
    Killah ( Registered )
    Tim01 ( Registered )
    Saim. ( Registered )
    BullDog ( Registered )

    Total: 88

    Recruitment Criteria
    The Wolf Pack believes in numbers superiority and focuses on gathering the biggest gang in the Biker Brawl. All VU members will be a member of the Wolf Pack. Non-VU members are also welcome to apply and help our efforts. We are willing to accept everyone who is eligible to participate in the event. However, we would not be accepting unknown identities without a background check.

    Blip Color: RGB (252, 157, 252)

    Skin ID: Customized 11, 183 (whichever is the working one)

    EDIT: WK members, medic team loyalists are not welcome here.[/list]

    Information and FAQs / Biker Brawl - Game Mode Manual
    « on: November 21, 2017, 11:07:29 pm »

    Vice War - Biker Brawl is a 24 hour event, where several biker gangs will fight each other for the entire day in the Downtown district. The gang which earns most points after 24 hours, wins the event.

    The Map Overlay:

    The 3 Orange regions are the spawn regions around Downtown. Players can scroll through the spawn regions in skin selection and select the area where they want to spawn. They will spawn at a random location in vicinity of the selected area.

    Note that, no spawn area belongs to a gang, so you might have an enemy spawning near you. However, you can always select a different area, if you believe survival in a particular region could be hard.

    There are following 6 capturable bases have a checkpoint. The 6 bases are:
    • Downtown Ammunation
    • VAJ Finance Skyscraper
    • Fire Department of Vice City
    • Downtown Skyscraper
    • Moist Palms Hotel
    • Skumole Shack

    Information and FAQs / Questions
    « on: November 21, 2017, 10:50:36 pm »
    -If you have any questions regarding the upcoming event, please ask in this topic.
    You may post in foreign languages.

    -Si vous avez une question où plus à propos de l'événement, posez la içi, et aussi, soyez libre à choisir la langue du commentaire lequel vous avez écrire.

     .اذا كان يدور في ذهنك اي سؤال حول المناسبة القادمة اكتبه هنا. و اشعر بالحرية التامة بالتعبير عن سؤالك ولو كان باللغة الاجنبية-

    -Si tú tienes alguna pregunta relacionada con este evento, hazla aquí.

    -Agar apko koi b pareshaani ya koi sawal hai iss event kay baray mai, ap idar post kar saktay hai.
    Ap sawal Urdu mei b pooch sakte hai

    -Yakın zamanda gerçekleşecek eventle ilgili sorularınız varsa lütfen bu başlıkta sorun.
    İstediğiniz dilde soru sorabilirsiniz.

    Only Staff Members are allowed to answer the questions.
    If you answer a question in some other language, translate the entire thing in English as well.

    Suggestions / Suggestions Board
    « on: November 21, 2017, 10:46:39 pm »

    Post a new topic in this board if you have a suggestion to improve the event.

    • Use a valid topic name. It should have some keywords from your suggestion. Dont use titles like "My suggestion", "An idea" etc.
    • Do not derail a suggestion thread. If you have an entirely different suggestion, start a new topic.

    Reports / Player and Admin Reports
    « on: November 21, 2017, 10:43:00 pm »

    Report a player or an admin

    To report someone, make a new topic in this board in any presentable format. Before posting, make sure that you have proper evidence.

    Gangs and Registration / Participant Registration
    « on: November 21, 2017, 10:16:18 pm »

    Participation Guidelines
    • You may apply in any of the registered gangs.
    • You can submit only one application at a time. To register for a different team, you need your previous application to be denied/withdrawn.
    • You can not apply on behalf of someone else. Each applicant needs to apply with his own forum account.
    • Clan members can be in separate gangs.
    • The gang leader may deny your application, so it is better to communicate with the leader and make sure if you are welcome, before applying.
    • The management may deny your application if you are a known hacker, shithead, suspicious multi-accountant or not applying under your true identity.

    How to apply
    Post your intention to join a gang in the gang's topic(no application format). Everyone MUST make a post, so that the management can send the key and adjust forum permissions.

    After you have posted, the gang leader needs to accept your application and add you in the memberlist.

    If your application is accepted, you will receive a forum PM with a key, that you need to use in the server to register.
    Enter the server, type /register <key> <your new password> to complete your registration.

    You will also receive the forum access to your gang's private board.

    Gangs and Registration / Gang Registration
    « on: November 21, 2017, 09:39:36 pm »

    Biker Gangs
    There is no limit on number of gangs in the event, so you can expect a mega war with a lot of sides shooting at each other. However, only one gang will emerge victorious. If you can not find a gang for yourself, you may create your own.

    To create a new gang, you need to fulfill the following requirements:
    • You need to understand English and should keep yourself well informed about the event.
    • You need at least 5 members in your gang for it to be eligible. Make sure you have enough support from your friends and peers to start a new gang.
    • You need to choose a name of the gang, which fits the culture of names of an american biker gang.
    • You need to submit a logo. The logo's requirements are detailed in the next post.
    • You need to choose a gang color, which will be your blip color ingame. Please use a shade that is light(bright), so that the font is readable on a dark background. Post the color in RGB Format.

    Registering a Gang
    If you fulfill the above requirements, create a new topic in this board with the subject as the name of your gang. The topic should contain:
    • Name of the leader.
    • The gang logo.
    • The gang color in RGB format.
    • A brief description about your recruitment criteria. You need to mention if you welcome other players to join, if your gang is invite only or any other guideline that informs players if they can join your gang.
    • The updated memberlist. All members of your gang need to be listed in the main topic.

    Managing a Gang
    After the management processes your gang's registration, as the leader you are responsible for the following tasks:
    • Accept/Reject players who apply to your gang.
    • Invite people to your gang to make sure you have a team that competes well.
    • Update the memberlist of your gang in the main topic.
    You would need to add the accepted gang members to the memberlist by editing the main post. Without an updated memberlist, the management would not be able to send them their key or grant them permissions.

    By default, a skin ID from the game will be assigned to registered biker gangs. But if you would like to use a preferential skin, you are free to choose the skin ID of your choice from here. Simply declare the skin ID you would like in your gang registration post.

    If you would like to use a custom skin, please message GangstaRas by clicking here with subject title " Custom Skin: Your Gang Name ". In your message, submit the download link to your custom skin. Your skin will be evaluated for compatibility issues to ensure that it works. Once fully evaluated, you will be notified that your submission is accepted. If there are any issues, your submission will be denied and you will be notified the reason for such.

    Information and FAQs / Server Information and Event Schedule
    « on: November 18, 2017, 03:12:09 pm »

    Server IP:
    IRC Channel: #Vicewar7 @ LUNet
    Server Password: Not required

    Event Schedule: July 7, 2018

    Information and FAQs / Rules
    « on: November 18, 2017, 02:58:50 pm »

    No hacking and no advantageous modifications

    Any hacks, trainers, or modifications to your game that give you an unfair advantage over other players is not allowed. Vice War 7 will implement an auto-ban system that bans for any and every modifications detectable. Please run a vanilla version (original copy) of GTA: Vice City.

    • No graphical mods
    • No mouse fixes
    • No exceptions

    No death evading

    You may not quit, suicide with /kill, or intentionally crash VC:MP as you are dying or near death. You may, however, quit after the death message appears in the chatbox (Player1 killed Player2).

    No breaching accounts

    Each applying player is granted exactly one account. Any attempt to coerce administrators into resetting a password that is not yours, exploiting the server to join an account that is not yours, registering for the event multiple times or otherwise joining under any nickname under the one you were given will result in a permanent ban. Using VPN to connect to the server or register your application on the forum will result in an automatic ban from the event.

    To enforce the above rule, you may use only a single computer to play in the event. Any change detected in your original machine's UID will lock your account automatically.

    No spamming

    Flooding the public chat, team chat or IRC with repeated messages or random garbage, is frowned upon and may result in you being muted or kicked.

    Lag restrictions

    The FPS threshold is 25. If your average FPS is below 25, the server will automatically kick you.
    The ping limit is 300. If your average ping is above 300, the server will automatically kick you.
    Repeatedly trying to reconnect on kick when you can't maintain a playable ping may result in a ban.

    The following game exploits/features are not allowed:

    • Wallglitching is disabled by the scripts. Shooting snipers through walls is not allowed.
    • Sliding is not allowed.
    • Using rockets in close range combat is not allowed (20 meters).
    • Using first person view with any weapon except snipers and rocket is disabled by the scripts.
    • Abusing first person view to exploit sync is not allowed.
    • Ghost city is not allowed.
    • Entering bugged or glitches Vice City locations is not allowed.
    • Purchasing weapons during combat is not allowed.

    Limited Spawn camping

    Camping the designated spawn areas is allowed under some restrictions. You shall not use explosions or fire to spawn camp. Repeatedly destroying vehicles on enemy base or camping them with snipers is not allowed.

    Stats Padding

    By participating in Vice War, your motive should be to gain victory for your team. Intentionally feeding kills to another team will lead to severe punishment to both the teams. Gang leaders are requested to keep an eye on their applicants to prevent registration of players with malicious intents.

    No abusing administrative powers

    Any attempts from moderators or administrators to use the commands they were entrusted with to give their team or themselves an unfair advantage over opponents or for any purpose other than enforcing these rules will result in demotion and/or a ban from the event.

    Information and FAQs / Basic Information
    « on: November 18, 2017, 02:55:04 pm »

    Vice War History
    Vice War is the biggest event in VCMP, which invites every eligible player in the community to participate for a massive Death Match fest. The event is organized yearly during the northern winter by the Vice Underdogs clan. The war rages for 24 hours between two teams, who gain points to prevail as the winner in a theme based game mode.

    Vice War 7 - Biker Brawl
    January, 2018 will feature the seventh edition of Vice War. The theme this year is a war between biker gangs, fought in the Downtown district of Vice City.

    The Match
    Vice War is a global Team Death Match event that runs for 24 hours. This means the players can join, leave or reconnect to the server at anytime during its duration. The biker gang which earns the most points after 24 hours, wins the event.

    The Teams
    Teams are represented as Biker Gangs in this edition. Unlike previous editions, there will be unrestricted number of teams that can be created. Everyone is eligible to register their own team and recruit its members. Team leaders will have the freedom to recruit and deny applicants into their created teams. Visit the Gangs and Registration board to register your team.

    The Players
    Players need to apply in one of the biker gangs that are registered for the event. Each gang will have it's own recruitment criteria, so you should only apply in gangs that are likely to accept you. Clan members may join separate teams. There is no limit on number of players in a team, so each team can bring in as many players in the war.
    Visit the Gangs and Registration board for more information.

    VC:MP General / Shorter pedestrians/skins are harder to hit?
    « on: October 24, 2017, 03:08:36 pm »
    I believe this is a known issue since the beginning of VCMP, but we never had a productive discussion about it.

    A lot of GTAVC skins, who are short in height(especially females) appear too fast in VCMP. Do they only appear fast, or are their animations/move speed faster? If someone is into skin modding, maybe they can provide an insight about the bones and animation data. The lady carrying shopping bags seems to be the hardest skin to hit, or maybe it is just the visuals which makes the movement hard to judge.

    Also, their hitboxes would be smaller compared to other skins, so hitting them should theoretically be harder.

    It is quite common to see people using these skins in DM servers for the slight advantage. I wonder if it is possible to fix these skins and use custom female skins on DM servers(or outright delete female skins from every DM server).

    Clan War Stuff / MOVED: [VU] vs [VU_I]
    « on: October 17, 2017, 07:18:47 pm »
    This topic has been moved to a private board.

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