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Following players need to take / retake the FPS test in order to make them eligible to participate in Vice War 8.

Diplomacy and Registration / [TEAMS] Change Your Team Here.
« on: December 28, 2018, 07:56:39 am »
Use this request format:
Code: [Select]
Your Nick:
New Team: [color=blue]Blue[/color] / [color=red]Red[/color]

Since your forum account is binded to your portal account, we need nothing more than this. :P

Information and FAQs / [TEAMS] Vice War Reaches 100 Approved Participants
« on: December 28, 2018, 06:51:40 am »
Vice War Reached 100 Participants

Congratulations Teams! This is going to be a fun match!

Information and FAQs / [TEAMS] Vice War Teams.
« on: December 27, 2018, 03:08:06 pm »
Here's a little dynamic image of Vice War Teams of Selected ( Approved ) participants.

That's little unbalanced, any one up for swaps? :D

Information and FAQs / [EVENT] A little teaser for vice war fans.
« on: December 24, 2018, 09:44:39 am »
A little encouraging intro of vice war, enjoy.

Information and FAQs / [BENCHMARK] [FPS] Low FPS? try this!
« on: December 23, 2018, 05:47:21 pm »
I found a video on youtube recently, that tells you exactly how to lower the resolution of the game, some very young players have no idea what to do.

Try this, instead of increasing the resolution from lesser number, go lower. i.e 1366x768 32 to 640x480 16.
this might helpful to pass the test.

Good luck

Suggestions / [PORTAL] Suggestions & Review
« on: December 19, 2018, 09:17:47 am »
Post a reply here about your thoughts on new shiny portal of VU Vice War 8, and if you have some ideas, feel free to spare some time to write them down.

Information and FAQs / [ALERT] [PORTAL] Discarded Players
« on: December 18, 2018, 08:49:24 pm »
The players who have staff: discarded status in portal profile are advised to re-take benchmark tests with lower resolution and a lesser draw distance than what they currently have.

Server IP:

You need at least 30 FPS test 1 and 2, 25 FPS at test 3 and 25 FPS at test 4 to get verified staff check.
Good Luck!

Here's a quick guide on how to lower the resolution in game for better FPS [CLICK ME]

Questions / [FAQ] FPS Tests
« on: December 18, 2018, 02:02:57 pm »

  • Q: What is FPS?

    A: FPS is a abbreviation ( Short for ) Frames per seconds, its the ability of your computer ( PC's Graphics Processing Unit aka GPU )  to make as much as frames ( images ) per second on screen to show the object moving, just like old movies had the film reel which moved on light projector on the screen and the reel revolved to make it look like the objects are actually moving on the screen just by changing multiple images in front of the light, now a days average pc monitors ( including laptops ) have 60 Hz monitor meaning that they can show support 60 frames changing per second, so basically for games a GPU has to render ( make ) 60 images of a game per seconds, some GPUs are slow and cannot make 60 images per second so their FPS ( Frames per second ) or frame rate drops.
    It is essential to have a good GPU to play games, especially online multiplayer games.

  • Q: Is FPS test necessory?

    A: Yes its part of our registration system to ensure the fair game play among players for good performance and stability.

  • Q: Did i fail or pass FPS test? how do i know?

    A: Test Requirements:
        You must achieve at least 30 FPS on Test 1 and Test 2
        You must achieve at least 25 FPS on Test 3 and Test 4

  • Q: Where to take FPS test?

    A: After creating your account on portal, join VW 8 Benchmark server to take FPS test, find it in internet list tab or simply add it to favorites

  • Q: How to improve my FPS results?

    A: There are multiple ways, one of the recommended way is to upgrade your computer, i.e upgrade its graphics card and RAM or CPU if possible. If you have a laptop or a PC that isn't up-gradable or you're under circumstance that you cannot upgrade it, you can try to lower the resolution of game by getting in settings->display settings->  by using arrow keys left or right, change the resolution to lesser number than it was before, also changing the color depth from 32 to 16 bit also helps, i.e if the game ran on 1920x1080-32 bit and i got 20 fps on test 4, i could  change it to 1366x768 - 32 and get better results or even lower resolution to 640x480 - 16 to pass the test.

  • Q: What happens when i pass the test?

    A: Whenever you take the test, the results are uploaded to your account in portal where admins can see the result, when vice war 8 starts, you will be forced to use same resolution to play in the server.

  • Q: Hey my application is discarded but i want to re-take test!

    A: Sure you can ask any admin on irc / discord / forum to reset your status, then you can re-take test.


Questions / [FAQ] Questions about the Portal & Registrations.
« on: December 17, 2018, 04:28:48 pm »

VU-Portal FAQs

  • Q: How registrations work?

    A: Registrations are done directly by the forum account by the means of custom based Portal, the portal uses your forum account and binds it directly to the account you will use for server, the portal takes your Nick for game, Password to login and your team, then you are asked to benchmark your pc, the FPS and resolution are then saved in your account from which admins will verify the details and on those results you will either get verification or direct deny.
    if you application is verified, then it will be forwarded to Head of Staff, who will approve your account to let you play in the server and automatically allot you the shiny group of the team you selected.

    Benchmark Server IP: Connect to it and do the test.

  • Q: Hey! I want to change team, how do i do that?

    A: Its simple yet complicated, to change a team, you must post the request in the requests board, the specific admin if they feel right, will change your team respectively.

  • Q: Hey! I do not pass the test, can i play?

    A: There's still a debate going on in the suggestions board, check that out.

  • Q: Hey! I forgot my password, i need to change it, can i?

    A: Yes you can, there are 2 ways, you can either request your account deletion and then you have to re-apply and go through all the procedure you did in order to get verified, or you could will be allotted a random password from the Head of Staff, login in with that then you'll be able to change your password in-game. For security reasons we do not allow player to change their password from the portal.

  • Q: Hey! I just registered, what do i do now?

    A: Wait for an admin to take decision on your application, you'll see it in your profile of portal, meanwhile take FPS test in our benchmark server to save your FPS in your profile for verification process, simply join the server and login with your password, the one you used while registering in portal.

  • Q: Hey! What is the irc channel of the server?

    A: You can either use our web interface for IRC, embedded in portal -> IRC or you could connect to #vicewar8 @ irc.liberty-unleashed.co.uk using any IRC client.

  • Q: When will be results announced and where will they be displayed?

    A: Your stats will be displayed in your profile while the results will be displayed publicly on portal after the match.

Diplomacy and Registration / Forgot Password?
« on: December 11, 2018, 10:22:33 pm »

If you ever forget your password of in-game account, please appeal here using following format

Code: [Select]
Reset my password.

An admin will delete your portal application and then you'll have to re-apply in-order to play, for security reasons:


This must be done before registrations deadline.

Once done, you can play in-game.

« on: September 13, 2018, 08:40:25 pm »
who ever rates this post is a brain donor for sure.

-rss feed test subject.

VC:MP General / VC:MP Memes
« on: August 30, 2018, 06:29:11 pm »
Okay i'll start.

Off Topic / This is just a test topic - DO NOT POST.
« on: August 04, 2018, 03:09:20 pm »

Code: [Select]
Portal-key: get from here vw.viceunderdogs.com

Accepted Applications / Application - DZ.Thomas
« on: July 21, 2018, 09:43:57 pm »
Nick: DZ.Thomas

Age: 22 yr

Timezone/Country: Pakistan 5+ GMT

Previous Nicks: [UF]HeisenBerg [UF]Thomas [DE]SparK* [DZ]HeisenBerg [DZ]Thomas,  MKt.T4iVi3R MKt.Thomas for all i remember right now.

Additional Comments: So i started vcmp in 2009, things were good back then, played for it like few weeks then went awol. came back in 2011, made some friends and made Freestyle clan with [VU]WiLsOn  / [MK]Rocky / heekz etc.
we were good back then. then something happened and clan broke apart. some of us joined other clans. after few months Freestyle was revived and we came back again. we saw some new faces like [SS]Eddy. it was good but again we broke apart. some of us joined VU. i made servers back in 0.3 and was known as a scripter. things changed and i joined MKt with full effort., then i had management issues and all DnA drama came in. i left. things weren't good back then. i went away again. XE was very popular those days. 50/50 players slots, players have to wait for someone to get out. DZ was revived by [SS] Founders, i joined it and stayed there as long as it survived, when it died i was again clanless, so i met UF guys, i joined, became Co-leader then i had and everyone knows management issues. i left. and wore DZ tag again ( of course i asked daren ) since 2 years i've been playing with out any clan.

VU was my interest since Freestyle broke apart but i wasn't ready. people said that i was rude. i was and i know. but i stopped since 0.4 release. i stopped coding i stopped playing i stopped everything related to vcmp. but thing is vc-mp is generally attractive gaming community, even ghosts come back to play it.

What can i present to vu?
well there's alot of things i consider to be important.
in general this is where i belong now. i hope this changes things and remove misunderstandings you guys have with me.

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