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Birthday Board / hepy berdey ferrari
« on: October 22, 2018, 02:45:55 am »
hi frend happy birthday

Denied Applications / Application - Calhoun
« on: September 06, 2018, 05:20:09 pm »
Nick: Calhoun

Age: 16

Timezone/Country: GMT -3 / Argentina

Previous Nicks: biozcalhoun, Killah

Additional Comments: I was worried about waters and atmosphere some days ago but they are fine enough in my opinion so i think this is the right time to show, once again, my interest on this clan.
My reasons to join are: the intelligent group of guys that i've met troughout all these years - the friends i have made in EAD, LW and other servers, how VU has always been helping to this community to survive (which is essentially what i feel identified with, as that is my only objective here, i want to help). I also want to join because this group of guys gave me a chance after having had a terrible past, which i didn't value. I also think that instead of staying and confront my "umcomfortability" i simply left, and that is wrong - which for, i need a chance to redeem myself and show how i can do it better this time.

My negative part is the single or two bad relationships that i have with members of this clan, that hopefully will be good again with the time. I have also made racist spouts some months ago when i was in rage, but i stepped down from doing so and never did it again. I have also been on doubt about my loyalty, but it's been quite more than 1 month from my last app - and i have been invited to three decent to great clans, which offers i denied because i am commited to join VU.

Definition of myself is simply a guy that is always looking to do something as best as possible, but sometimes i can't. I am extremely focused on doing my work, studies, (admin duties if we talk about VC:MP) extremely perfect, and i feel terrible if i fail at it. I am personally a rigid guy with a strong speech and very direct, which doesn't mean that i am a bad one. I feel myself identified with a guy that i admire from this clan, who is Ferrari.

That doesn't mean either that i cant adapt myself, because i can, i want and i do to join VU because of all the reasons i listed on first instance - i can be a good guy, with a good mood and i have shown myself like that in game because i feel like that, but i cant however hide the other side of my personality.

I have some more things to say but let questions, votes and stuff come up and i will reply asap.

Birthday Board / Happy birthday Pallazo, Klaus and Darfy!
« on: August 27, 2018, 02:09:22 am »
Three guys that i admire too much. Happy birthday to all of you!

VC:MP General / I need an opinion here x2
« on: August 18, 2018, 01:26:29 am »
Hey there; i as the topic title says would like to get an answer/opinion about this issue that i and [VU]Sk are facing - and clarify all this out to therefore reach to the truth and the acceptance of what's the real problem here and who is wrong from we both

I am as a matter of fact a guy taken by this guy for standards of "cockiness" and "unloyalty" and i'm gonna talk about the first characteristic

I barely ever argue against something in particular because i'm always taken as a little kid non-capable of doing so but i think i'm right in this occassion and that's why i'm posting here

This guy has been having an agressive behaviour against me whenever i kill him or i simply join a server, generally littlewhiteys server. I can't detect what's the point of this behaviour, what's the point of insulting me nor what's the point of "making yourself be hated by me"

My simply intention with this topic is merely talking about this, analyze the problem and reach to a conclusion - the right way to solve a problem is as from what i have learnt talking

Take on mind that i don't want to denounce Sk but as it's been an issue extended for a long period of time (we could say) and i haven't got a proper opinion about who is right and who isn't, i think this topic will be the example way to get it

Not to mention that i don't want to involve VU in particular but as this is a forum community, where opinions can be given for almost everything, and this guy is part of the mentioned clan why not having an opinion of its members. - Many will also say that this would ruin my chances of becoming VU but differing from that thoughts i believe that solving out these troubles would increase them, although it isn't my intention; still, i want to keep a good relationship with everyone in this community; and this guy is one from who i can't yet.

I have also to recognize that i have abused Sk as well and i went so far in a few occassions, but i have ended doing that like two months ago and i literally told him to stop this shit and it still continues on

So far to summarize i want this topic to opinions be shared and try to solve this misdemeanour as soon as possible because i'm tired of having fights every time i see him in-game. If majority believes that i'm wrong, then i'll go ahead and admit it; but i think i am not.

On my early days coming back, Sk was the one who helped me, but the shit started to go out of the limits on my latest days in VU; where we had a little conversation trough discord. I admit that i acted arrogant, but the problem is that i am literally fixing this; and this happened like 3 months ago so there's no such a real reason to be angry because of this:


I saw u donated for Tim
Can you please donate also for me and we can make a deal for?


How will me make deal?


Idk lol i can give you some money


In lw?

Or also i can do your job




Spectate retards who hack


Man you are so naive and cute at the same time.




I have been playing for 5 years now
Never asked to be admin


I never did lol


You were asking p4t
That you wanna help to be admin


I didn't ask to be admin - do not confuse things
I asked him to give me advices


Same things in paticular


Because i don't think that actually there is other player more active than me
And i WANT to be admin
But i didn't ask him to vote or whatever else


How many hours do you play? In a day?


Just some recommendations to reach that objective
Probably more than 4, everyday


More then 4?
That's your best?
There are players who play more then 10 hours daily


Look man i dont give a shit about hours, i mean that i'm always active to give a help
Not daily
Thats a lie


One sec
Check that list
Do you see your name there?
People who have their name there, not even they are at good position
Most of them are banned




The only advice I would give you is
Don't ask admins about stuff
When do the voting they mention this thing


Im not in the most active today because here is 16:57


This player was asking for help, he is not ready or mature enough


Man you are weird


I am telling you truth is.


I dont wanna talk nor involve my ass with you anymore


Yeah I knew that
I know you mature you are now.


You don't know anything about me
Nor i do not about you


I was only trying to help


You started lol


I wanted you to be with me here


By saying that i was asking for being adminp


But the way you moving things
I don't think things will go this way


You are changing things or dont understand me properly
Firstly you said that i was asking for admin
Laer that im not active
Later *


Were you not?


I wasnt asking for admin
I do not want to be bad with you
I would really love to moderate lw, its my favourite server
But we dont agree and i do not neither with many of the Staff
PunkNoodle for example
I do not agree with him in almost everything


Then you are going which way?


Being a regular player while fixing my Relationship with him
Or you mean about VU


Killah, I would suggest you one thing
It's just a game
Don't take it so seriously.


I do not lok


You are
Strange guy
Strange thinking


The thing is


Strange ideas
Strange theories


I dont feel engaging with VU
Nor with LW Staff
But i want to be part of them lol
Probably you are right
Im strange


You are such a confused personality
Try to be friendly with others
And one more thing
Try less talking
^ this is the best advice ever
You talk too much, not necessary things




But this is truth
You can ask anyone
Most of the time people get annoyed
Ik communication is good but


I'm confused man, and im not having good days


And why is that?
And you take everything negative when we tell you
Instead of improving


I really dont man
But i dont know how to express


I am telling you everything as a friend
There is no rank herw


We aint friends

No full or trainee here
Just as a friend


I don't know why the hell we are talking about this or about me when i just wanted you to donate for me lmao
If you want to know something about me,my personality's similar to morphine/karan/sora blue
Man sorry if i treated you in a bad way

(after some minutes)

I really did not want to
I will follow your advices

Things happened and i left this clan, later i had some troubles with another member who started insulting me for having taken such decision; i had also abused Sk's country and shit when i was raging, thing that was mentioned on my VU last application.

The week right after having done that i asked Sk for forgiveness and told me that all was ok and there was no problem. Everything fine until July, 19.

19 july under an alias

[15:43:37]  popinjay: jw guys using y axis tools
[15:43:38]  popinjay: no doubt
[15:43:50]  popinjay: their leader share and they use
[15:43:54]  biozcalhoun.: if they were, they'd have been detected
[15:44:01]  >> kingfahadking killed ElOstora (AK47) (Body)
[15:44:04]  popinjay: y axis tools are different
[15:44:08]  biozcalhoun.: i know
[15:44:13]  popinjay: memory hacking can not be detected
[15:44:14]  biozcalhoun.: dll injectable and .asi
[15:44:15]  popinjay: grow up
[15:44:22]  biozcalhoun.: hhhhhhhhh
[15:44:35]  popinjay: I know this game even before you came into your pathetic life
[15:44:46]  biozcalhoun.: i play since 2011, pal
[15:44:59]  biozcalhoun.: and more pathetic life is yours insulting trougha game, lmao
[15:45:03]  popinjay: with your level of skills
[15:45:06]  popinjay: stop lieying
[15:45:10]  biozcalhoun.: hhhhhhhhh
[15:45:12]  [JW]Rajacasablanca*: !loc nuts
[15:45:13]  biozcalhoun.: ask anybody
[15:45:28]  popinjay: yeah yeaht
[15:45:54]  biozcalhoun.: then popinjay
[15:45:55]  biozcalhoun.: tell me
[15:46:03]  popinjay: tell you what
[15:46:07]  biozcalhoun.: how to detect dll injectable without anticheat
[15:46:19]  popinjay: idiot
[15:46:22]  biozcalhoun.: undetectable
[15:46:23]  nuts*: my little pony s ickd
[15:46:24]  biozcalhoun.: or
[15:46:27]  Do not death evade it is against the rules.
[15:46:28]  biozcalhoun.: blocking it by the client
[15:46:30]  popinjay: I am not talking about asi or dll injection
[15:46:43]  biozcalhoun.: it's the same
[15:46:44]  popinjay: memory injection
[15:46:47]  biozcalhoun.: undetectable
[15:46:58]  biozcalhoun.: .asi injects the memory, lol
[15:46:59]  kingfahadking: hhhhhhh
[15:47:02]  popinjay: say there are some thing in your memory
(a long conversation about hacks and later on jah was kicked by popinjay (SK))
[15:50:55]  biozcalhoun.: popinjay = sk?
[15:50:58]  biozcalhoun.: lol
[15:51:41]  biozcalhoun.: thanks for insulting and mentioning my pathetic life, Sk
[15:51:47]  popinjay: no problem
[15:52:17]  >> popinjay killed biozcalhoun. (Shotgun) (Head)
[15:52:22]  biozcalhoun.: after all i'm not the one wrong here
[15:53:16]  >> popinjay killed biozcalhoun. (Shotgun) (Head)
[15:53:20]  nuts*: your mother put her tongue in pig asshole idiot popinjay
[15:53:21]  >> ElOstora killed .[_[_Kory]_]. (Spaz) (Left Arm)
[15:53:21]  popinjay: keep crying
[15:53:27]  Your colour is your team - do not kill people that are the same colour as you.
[15:53:28]  popinjay: you will not insult any other country again
[15:53:29]  nuts*: and kiss you after
[15:53:49]  biozcalhoun.: he insulted argentina yesterday and nobody did a shit, lol
[15:54:40]  popinjay: you should  have told me
[15:54:47]  biozcalhoun.: why would i
[15:54:47]  >> kingfahadking killed ElOstora (AK47) (Head)
[15:54:47]  [OSKr]Trevas^: !heal
[15:54:50]  * Healed:[ [OSKr]Trevas^ ] Cost:[ $300 ]
[15:54:51]  biozcalhoun.: if you insult me as well
[15:54:56]  biozcalhoun.: you're just like him
[15:56:23]  popinjay: how else would i make anyone hate me lol
[15:57:00]  biozcalhoun.: regardless of that, you can go fuck yourself anyway
[15:57:11]  popinjay: if you feel insult of that level you need to grow up
[15:57:14]  popinjay: you are just a child right now
[15:57:32]  biozcalhoun.: and you feel insult if somebody says "paki" to you, wtf
[15:58:17]  popinjay: it is
[15:58:22]  biozcalhoun.: no, it's not
[15:58:22]  popinjay: you are free to google it

(chat was summarized and all death/kills/other guys' messages were deleted)

Then i messaged him:

Really worth it mentioning somebody's "pathetic life" just to make them fight better? And is it really worth doing it every time you see that guy in-game?

I didn't meet Sk in-game till some days ago, these were his messages:

[22:34:37]  >> [VU]Sk killed biozcalhoun (Shotgun) (Body)
[22:35:08]  >> [VU]Sk killed biozcalhoun (Shotgun) (Head)
[22:35:08]  Type !rules to see a list of rules.
[22:35:38]  >> [UFt]Plaga^_^ killed *Cadiz++ (Stubby) (Torso)
[22:35:40]  >> biozcalhoun killed [VU]Sk (Stubby) (Torso)
[22:35:45]  [VU]Sk: povery people
[22:36:03]  >> mahmoud97 killed [VU]Sk (Uzi) (Left Leg)
[22:36:18]  >> biozcalhoun killed [VU]Sk (Stubby) (Torso)
[22:36:44]  >> *Cadiz++ killed biozcalhoun (Shotgun) (Body)
[22:36:47]  [VU]Sk: retard
[22:36:54]  biozcalhoun: what
[22:36:59]  [VU]Sk: yes you
[22:36:59]  >> *Cadiz++ killed [UFt]Plaga^_^ (Shotgun) (Body)
[22:37:00]  [VU]Sk: are a
[22:37:02]  [VU]Sk: retard
[22:37:05]  biozcalhoun: why
[22:37:05]  [UFt]Plaga^_^: lol
[22:37:08]  Remove money from the bank using !withdraw <amount>
[22:37:09]  [VU]Sk: because you are
[22:37:11]  biozcalhoun: what are you basing your judgement in
[22:37:13]  [UFt]Plaga^_^: XD
[22:37:15]  [VU]Sk: I don't need to give reasons\
[22:37:17]  [VU]Sk: you are what youare
[22:37:20]  >> biozcalhoun killed [VU]Sk (Stubby) (Body)
[22:37:21]  >> mahmoud97 killed *Cadiz++ (Uzi) (Left Leg)
[22:37:21]  [VU]Sk: see
[22:37:22]  *Cadiz++: xd
[22:37:23]  [UFt]Plaga^_^: JAJAJAJAJ
[22:37:25]  mahmoud97: lol
[22:37:25]  biozcalhoun: then thank you
[22:37:33]  >> *Cadiz++ killed biozcalhoun (Shotgun) (Head)
[22:37:34]  * mahmoud97's Health:[ 2% ]
[22:37:34]  mahmoud97: !hp
[22:37:41]  [VU]Sk: skill less brain less
[22:37:41]  mahmoud97: !heal
[22:37:44]  * Healed:[ mahmoud97 ] Cost:[ $300 ]
[22:37:47]  [VU]Sk: clan hopping retard
[22:40:05]  >> [VU]Sk killed biozcalhoun (Shotgun) (Head)
[22:40:06]  [UFt]Plaga^_^: jajaja
[22:40:08]  If you spawn kill, you will be drowned automatically.
[22:40:14]  *Cadiz++: !heal
[22:40:17]  * Healed:[ *Cadiz++ ] Cost:[ $300 ]
[22:40:20]  [UFt]Plaga^_^: Me encanta pelear contra cadiz
[22:40:20]  [VU]Sk: poverty pc to the spawn screen please
[22:41:20]  [UFt]Plaga^_^: "Vu is a family" calhoun said (translated)
[22:41:27]  [UFt]Plaga^_^: now his mate insults him (translated)
[22:41:28]  [UFt]Plaga^_^: JAJAJAJ
[22:41:32]  biozcalhoun: is a family (translated)
[22:41:40]  [UFt]Plaga^_^: You're a clown bro (translated)
[22:41:42]  [UFt]Plaga^_^: figure it out (translated)
[22:42:34]  >> [VU]Sk killed biozcalhoun (Python) (Left Leg)
[22:42:34]  * [VU]Sk is on a killing spree of 5! ($500)
[22:43:03]  [VU]Sk: too afraid to spawn
[22:43:09]  biozcalhoun: please hold on
[22:43:18]  [VU]Sk: yes you are crying
[22:43:29]  [VU]Sk: need to find tissues?
[22:43:32]  biozcalhoun: no
[22:43:40]  [VU]Sk: you should though
[22:43:45]  [VU]Sk: you will be crying all day today
[22:45:13]  >> [VU]Sk killed biozcalhoun (Shotgun) (Left Leg)
[22:45:20]  [VU]Sk: punch you in the face
[22:50:08]  >> [VU]Sk killed biozcalhoun (Python) (Left Leg)
[22:50:12]  [VU]Sk: !heal
[22:50:14]  * Healed:[ [VU]Sk ] Cost:[ $300 ]
[22:50:15]  biozcalhoun: si mal plaga estas re loco
[22:50:19]  [VU]Sk: poor bioz
[22:50:27]  biozcalhoun: but im rich
[22:51:09]  [VU]Sk: with 90s pc? you are rich?
(a few minutes later i stopped to fight with sk and he was going to sleep, so he left the server)

And today, which bassically encouraged me to post this all here:

[19:30:22]  [VU_R]MaTrIx.: how u think that u can get in vu that way calhoun
[19:30:22]  >> biozcalhoun. killed [VU]Sk (Shotgun) (Right Leg)
[19:30:23]  >> [SS]BadBuNNY killed biozcalhoun. (Shotgun) (Right Leg)
[19:30:24]  [VU_R]MaTrIx.: why u fighting sk
[19:30:40]  [VU]Sk: he is the most annoying kid ever
[19:30:44]  biozcalhoun.: i don't believe in not killing friends rule
[19:30:46]  [VU]Sk: its not his fault its his age
[19:42:30]  [VU]Sk: need to kill this retard lagging faggot
[19:43:39]  biozcalhoun.: i'm off
[19:43:41]  biozcalhoun.: cya all
[19:43:44]  [VU]Sk: fuck opff
[19:43:47]  [VU]Sk: retard
>> [1] biozcalhoun. left the server. (Quit)
&RastySpoon 19:43:58 [7] [VU]Sk: thanks god that retard kid left
&RastySpoon 19:44:22 [10] [ss]niko: sk why u hates that kid?
&RostySpoon 19:44:24 [10] [ss]niko: hhhh
&RustySpoon 19:44:26 [1] [VU]Sk: he is a retard

- Joining again after a few mins

[19:45:45]  biozcalhoun.: and by the way
[19:45:50]  [VU]Sk: !heal
[19:45:51]  Stats: biozcalhoun. - Kills: 198 :: Deaths: 278 :: K/D Ratio: 0.71
[19:45:51]  jeury: !stats bio
[19:45:51]  Ferxh2: !getcar
[19:45:53]  * Healed:[ [VU]Sk ] Cost:[ $300 ]
[19:45:58]  >> [VU_R]MaTrIx. killed [VU]Sk (Stubby) (Body)
[19:46:01]  biozcalhoun.: so far all you did is complain against a player who constantly killed you
[19:46:03]  [NrA]Axan: lol he saw your message from IRC xd
[19:46:12]  biozcalhoun.: i am not the one wrong here, and i am sure now
[19:46:19]  [VU]Sk: yeah like typical retards
[19:46:36]  [VU]Sk: you are psycho you need to show some doctor
[19:46:44]  [VU]Sk: you have some epic changes in your thoughts
[19:46:45]  [ss]niko: jajaj
[19:46:47]  [VU]Sk: you are sick
[19:46:48]  biozcalhoun.: i am the psycho
[19:46:48]  [VU]Sk: mentally
[19:46:54]  biozcalhoun.: and you insult me trough a game
[19:46:54]  [VU]Sk: thats what I need to tell you
[19:47:02]  [VU_R]MaTrIx.: sk, calm down bro
[19:47:07]  [VU]Sk: I told you first time you are mentally ill but you got it all wrong
[19:47:13]  [VU]Sk: I was trying to help you
[19:47:15]  biozcalhoun.: i think the whole server figured out who is the real retard here
[19:47:24]  biozcalhoun.: i won't insult you
[19:47:27]  biozcalhoun.: you do it yourself
[19:47:43]  [VU]Sk: good thing is there are few players who know your reality and I am glad more will know soon enough
[19:47:45]  jeury: np
[19:47:46]  biozcalhoun.: and i don't know what you are trying to prove here
[19:47:51]  [VU]Sk: I wish I could add him in my ignore list
[19:47:53]  [VU]TzUnam: loool
[19:47:54]  [VU]Sk: but oh well
[19:47:59]  biozcalhoun.: you want me to insult you so you can go ahead and post this all in VU forums?
[19:48:02]  biozcalhoun.: please do
[19:48:03]  [VU]TzUnam: you too calm down guys and stop acting like kids
[19:48:11]  [VU]Sk: why you involve your self with VU ?
[19:48:14]  biozcalhoun.: i am not gonna suck your dick for a position in VU, and i never will
[19:48:16]  [ss]niko: stop acting like stupid lol
[19:48:18]  >> [NrA]Axan killed Tictac.. (Stubby) (Right Leg)
[19:48:22]  [VU]Sk: position in VU?
[19:48:23]  [VU]Sk: lmao

a few minutes later

[19:51:07]  [VU]Sk: where is that laggy kid?

And messaged him but no reply was given:

So far these are my ideas and as stated above i'd like to hear opinions regarding them:

  • Making somebody rage isn't the right way to make them fight better, or atleast i guess so
  • Going against somebody just because that guy is constantly killing you isn't the right way
  • Abusements made by me were completely wrong, but it isn't reason to keep that behaviour against me every time i see him in-game - moreover, this issue was "solved" in some way (he told me all was ok) but this guy has spreaded shit against me a lot of occasions, and i am not particularly the one who started these discussions. - this means, if you tell me to bite, i will
  • Telling somebody to grow up just because he (me) takes the game too seriously or so isn't worth a reason to tell that. Look at Charley, look at GangstaRas - one of them founded a clan in a game, and the another one has handled the most important event of it; why would be inmature to take a clan, or a server administration position too seriously?
  • I am taking the right way by trying to solve this issue but he doesn't want to cooperate

This is all what i have to say essentially.

VC:MP General / A guide for VC:MP Newbies
« on: August 08, 2018, 12:57:12 am »
Posted already on VC:MP forums, but i think it will be better to publish here since this forum is kinda more visited and so it has more "power of speech" we could say.

Introduction to VC:MP
all what you have to know about (or so) - and some advices about it


1)- Introduction

Hello there; seeing how playercount in VC-MP is a quite big problem; and also putting a special lookout on how everyday newbies who decide to try VC-MP as for first time don't get familiarity with the mod because to many factors (english, fighting skills and non-knowledge about the commands) this is a guide for them, to encourage them to stay and play; get the best and the worst of this community and this mod and specially help this all to survive, atleast a couple more of years.
There are people that know a lot of this game more than me, and i am not essentially a example of how a player should be, but based on my long travel during VC-MP (more or less 6 years) i think i am capable of helping people to get more acquianted with this game and try to put in way the people from a start to avoid introducing themselves into wrong decisions, being toxic (a problem mentioned by a lot of people into this) and finally to make them feel love for this mod.
We will further review the basic commands for most of the servers - how to play in game, a mini guide to learn how to fight. The most important forums and servers. What's IRC, what are the clans and which are the most known ones, and which events happen in VC-MP and how much time they take. I also encourage you, if you see a newbie that might need help, to link this guide for him. You would be doing something special.

- Download VC-MP 0.4 (last version)
- If you are facing 004rel006 problem, here's the solution.

That all said, let's start.

2)- Language: basic knowledge about english

If you are newbie, you will get to know that the principal language of VC-MP is English. In my opinion, a language not that hard to learn (see my case, i am from Argentina :P). My best recommendation for you if you're interesed on learning it is to play with a translator. That's it. Regardless of how much time you can spend on paying lessons or checking free-websites in order to speak a fluent english, there's no easiest way to learn it than playing the game and translate every word you don't understand. However, you can also ask people to translate you and get to communicate with other guys, and meanwhile learn and memorize almost all of these words. Principal VC-MP languages are Urdu/Hindi, English and Spanish. Not everyone knows how to speak a basic english in this community, but they somehow overcome this problem by talking with people that can understand them in one of these languages. However, it's a great recommendation to learn English (will be of course useful for your real life too) and to be able to communicate with everyone in the community. At last, i'm going to recommend you an useful guide, made by [VU]Deso, if you aren't good with my play-and-translate suggestion:

3)- Ingame Commands (for now, it's for DM and CTF - A/D servers, not RPG.)

VC-MP 0.4 uses / command syntax like every game, and also some ! command syntax as well. Remember as well that in order to get information about other players (like !loc cmd for example) you have to know his/her id, which can be seen with F5 key.
Why don't i just say "type !commands for a list of commands and ready"? Because most of the newbies don't know the commands functions, and this would actually help a little.
Anyway, to keep this short: These are the basic commands which can be probably seen in almost all of the DM servers-

/register -your password-: Used in every server to register your account and therefore save your money, statistics - this also prevents somebody impersonating you by using your nickname, which is something "common" in retards around.
/login -your password-: After registering and changing IP or something like that, you will have to log-in again in order to be able to play with your registered nickname.
!heal or /heal: You can use this command to heal yourself after being damaged anyhow. Probably in some servers you will have to wait from 3 to 5 seconds, to prevent death evade. / Some servers as well will require you to be in a specific place in order to heal yourself up.
!cash or /cash: When you have killed somebody or somehow have got money, you can check how much you have by using this command. Also, if you deposit money in the bank, you can use /bank or !bank to know how much you have there.
/deposit or !deposit: You can deposit some cash, if you have, by using this command. Generally you gotta be in the bank to do it. By using this cmd, your cash will remain intact and if you somehow die, this cash won't be decreased.
/loc or !loc -Player's name or ID-: This command help you to know where is a specific player located in.
/spree or !spree: Exists in almost every server. After killing 5, 10, 15 or any number in scale of 5 in a row; you will be in a killing spree. If you want to check who is in a killing spree, you can use this command. Killing players who are in killing spree, or being in a killing spree yourself can give you extra-money prizes.
/wep or !wep -weapon name-: Some servers give two or three weapons for each skin, some servers don't even give a single weapon. To get them, you must use this command and as complement the name of the weapon you want. For example: !wep m4 stu (stubby shotgun), las (laser sniper), gre (grenade). You can type the weapons' name shortly, or simply their ids. Sometimes you will need to be at ammunation or have an specific amount of cash in order to get weapons. Here you can see a complete list of weapons.
/spawnwep or !spawnwep-Weapon/s name or IDs: If you registered your account in a server that has this command, you can use it to automatically receive your weapons by every spawn, instead of typing repeteadly times the /wep command. Example of usage: /spawnwep m4 stu mp5. This command also works with the same weapon IDs from the link above, from the GTA: Wiki.
/spawnloc or !spawnloc <on/off/set>: This command's syntax varies depending of the server. It allows you to spawn in a determinated place after you die, instead of using !gotoloc. You can use off to deactivate this function, and on/set (depending on the server as i said) to activate it.
!cd or /cd: Used to start a countdown in the server you're. A good and useful thing to start a fight, or a race, or a mini-event.
/gotoloc or !gotoloc: Not in all the servers, but a few of them. You can go to a specific place by using this command, without the need of walking nor drive. However, remember that if you wanna go to a literally specific location, this command may not work. Example: "!gotoloc the_house_located_100km_after_the_beach" won't work in any way. :P. Most known locations are: army, bf, taxi, beach, bank, street, downtown, down, ammu, hospital. These all exist in every server.
/goto or !goto -Player ID or Name-: It's not in every server. It works to teleport to a specific player, but however there are players which probably use the /nogoto command, to disable people teleporting to them.
!hp or /hp: This command is very basic. It is able to show you an opponent's exact HP amount by typing for example !hp -ID-, or your own hp yourself. (leaving it in blank, just typing !hp).
\ (Team chat): Not precisely a command, yet it is very useful. VC-MP has a function to team chat, to do it you just have to type: \your message. (with the bar).
/msg: A VC-MP function as well. Might be deactivated in some servers, but almost all of them have it. This works to send a private message to another player, and works only with IDs. Example: /msg 5 hi.
!eject or /eject: Basic command that may be useful if your car is on fires. It allows you to exit the car.
!fix or /fix: If your car is damaged, most of the servers have implemented this command so you are allowed to fix it. Sometimes, you will have to wait a few seconds, or even you might not be able to use it when your car is on fire.
!stats or /stats: After registering you will have a determinated amount of deaths, kills and your k/d ratio. Trough this command, you are able to see it.

Some unique commands from MK CTF Server:

!score - Its function is showing the amount of flags that you have captured in the round.
!packs - In CTF server, differing from other gamemodes, you have weapon packs. To see a list of them, you can use this command. After that, you will be able to choose one from them, by typing !pack <ID>.
!changepack - If you wish to change the pack during the actual round after you have chosen one, you can do it by this command.
!baselist -from 1 to 8-: Shows a complete list of the bases available in this server.
!bestflagcapturer - It shows a list with the players with more captures, as the command says, for the active round.
!voteend - If you wish to finish the round, you can use this command to vote.
!timeleft - as the command says itself, it shows the time left :P

Some unique commands from Evolution A/D Server:

/score: To see the current score, as the command itself says.
/ignore: If a player annoys you, you're welcome to use this command.
/unignore: Same as the writen below, but the opposite function. It deactivates the ignore rule.
/base: To see where's located the current base being played.
/set: Like in MK CTF server as with packs, in EAD you have sets. You can choose a set from the /setlist by using this command.
/side: To see if you're currently attacking or defending.
/flip: To flip a car.
/fps: See somebody's current FPS.
/ping: Same as the above command, but with ping.
/hide: It allows you to hide your location in the mini-scale radar.
/forum: Shows the forum link.
/discord: Shows the discord link.
/irc: Shows the IRC Channel.
/teamhp: To see the sumatory of all your team mates' hp and the ones of the opposite side as well.
/help: Gives you a little help regarding to gamemode, what's it about.
/wholeft: Shows the remaining players during the current round.
/changepass: After registering you've got the option of changing your password trough this command.
/country: To see somebody's country.
/put: If you haven't decided a set in the given time (which i think is 15secs) and the first blood hasn't been made, you are able to put yourself in setchoice again and later use /go when you're ready.
/votebase: To vote for a base as the command itself says.
/ratebase: To give like/dislike to a base.

4)- Fighting skills

You will notice during your stay that VC-MP skills, synchronization when talking about skills are quite awkward, or better said there are players who have a high ping (including me hhh) and you gotta put a decent amount of effort and apply the technique called Lead Aim to beat them. Also, in order to fight properly and be able to defend yourself, you will get to know Fast Switching, Crouching, Timing and some other techniques which can result useful. In the past, meaning 0.3zr2, a guy called [VU]Fercho made a video about fighting skills and VCMP glitches, however, many of them are now fixed in this new version and the combat has improved significantly. In order to get acquianted with the basic vc-mp abilities you will essentially have to practice and regardless of how convoluted you think these are, you will learn with the time and will see that it's entertaining and good to fight in this game. You actually have to predict where your opponent will go to, and shoot there instead of directly as its body. I'll show you some videos so you can learn a little by watching them: Take in consideration that Radon, who i appreciate his indirect contribution (as he made the video but he didn't know that it was going to be used here hhh) is a low pinger, due to so, the amount of lead aim that he has to put is considerably lower than me, for example.

Continuing, i'll show you a video quite different, made by Pain (who has a ping around 200-250 generally) so you can compare the differences between a low pinger and a high pinger.

(If somebody knows how to explain this better, would be very helpful).
However, the best recommendation that i can give you is watch the videos repeteadly and try to do these techniques, get teached by people that know about it and mainly you have to practice this.

5)- Catching rulebreakers and reporting them (for now DM servers rules)

This is something usual that uses to happen frequently in VC-MP. You need to know the concept of which rules are allowed and which aren't, in most of servers - consequently, i'm gonna list almost all of the possible ways of rulebreaking, excepting to the known "aimlock" and "f1" which are now caught by anti-cheat scripts:

Stats padding: This would be helpful to interprete it better. Stats padding is when you agree with somebody, i.e. your friends in-game or anyone to leave yourself to be killed by the other guy or viceversa. It can be done to get money and later on deposit it, or to increase kills in statistics, or for many other reasons.
Death evading: May be done by minimizing the game window on porpuse, or by using /kill command, reconnecting or using /q, or by a lot more of ways. When you're involved into a battlefield or you're about to die (an opponent makes you fall down), or even you yourself are going to drown; you can use any of these methods to avoid a death increase in your stats; or to simply make your opponent not to kill you and making him/her rage. This, this and this are a few examples.
Using trainers, modified maps or hacking: This is obviously not allowed and there are a few examples of hacks into this game. For example, HP hack (Wherein the last 15 seconds you can figure that HP should decrease when an opponent is hit falls down like that, which didn't happen). On the other hand, there are speed/turbo hacks and fly hacks, into the most common and usually seen hacks.
Ban evade: Common way of rulebreaking. If you're punished for example 1 week, and you change your ip and join the server before the punishment is ended, you can receive a higher punishment due to having ban evaded.
Spamming: When you constantly flood the screen with the same message again and again, it's considered spamming. Although the punishment isn't high for doing this, it is still not allowed.
Racism, or discrimination:Racist and offensive behavior against a player based on their ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or region and so forth, aren't allowed in most of servers.
Spawn-killing: Basically as the name itself says killing players upon their spawn point, without even leaving them to be able to defend themselves.
Impersonation: Using any other player's nickname. It's not allowed either.
Attacking servers: doesn't need further explanation, lol.

As you can notice, there are a lot of ways to rulebreak and so it's recommended to have a recorder (recommending Dxtory with x264vfw codec) opened beforehand to report them on the determinated server forum and wait for the designed punishment.

6)- Principal VC-MP sub-communities, forums and servers websites.

Into VC-MP there are many communities where people usually spend their time and not only in the VC-MP official forum. Thereby, i'm gonna list the most known sub-communities here. Some of them allow open discussion about everything, and some others have a little more "estrict" rules we could say.

7)- What's IRC: How to connect to a server, how to use mIRC.

To summarize, really thankfully to [VU]Thijn for this guide who even helped me on my early days :P

Some useful and known channels:

  • #extreme-addicts.echo
  • #VU
  • #skywars
  • #renaissance
  • #MK.CTF
In order to speak trough an echo server, you must type a dot (.) before your message.

8 )- Clans.

Troughout all these years in VC-MP several people have founded something called clans. A clan is a group of people that together are part of a family, wear a common tag, defend themselves into the game, etc. During your stay in VC-MP you can apply to be part of a determinated clan which is in some way an option to make the game more entertaining. I've linked some of the forums of the clans above, but however i'll tell the most known and old ones:

  • Vice Underdogs: Founded by Charleyutton and N0W4R a 4th, January 2008. Originally called ArS (Anti Roofers, Anti Spazzers) intended to be a clan with a different method of recruitment of the other clans in the epoch, not only based on the invitation. Today, VU is the second clan with more members of the whole VC-MP (54) and essentially one of the most biggest helpers and contributors to the community itself, saving it from death in many occassions. Counts with administrative circles instead of a fixed leader, is the principal organizer of events and many of its members are great referents in the whole community.
  • Miami Killers: Has the biggest number of members and one of the olders clans in VC-MP, with more than 10 years of existance. Actually counts with 62 members. Leaded by FaF, Ashay and NewK this clan has managed to be one of the most respectable ones and to continue in the top troughout all these years.
  • Eight Avenue Furies: Rather than writing a short history, i encourage you to read this topic. An entire artwork ::).
  • The Renaissance Crew: Established in VC-MP since a 22th, September 2012. Originally founded by Morphine, and with Foxtrot - Metalord - GRAND - Kramer as its first members, they have managed to be one of the most important crews around, and being consecutively the best clan of the year in LW (2016, 2017) they have undoubtely managed to enforce a great reputation.
  • Secret Slayers: Secret Slayers is a Vice-City Multiplayer clan which was founded on March 05th 2015 with the collaboration of Nilz, AEO, Eddy, Rilex, Z22, Astaroth and Skarcy. This clan has the intention of recruiting experienced and skilled players whose sole purpose is fighting along with the current members in order to widely enhance the techniques of teamwork within the clan and therefore be able to finish off any battle being the winner. The other purpose of SS clan is, along with other clans, contribute to carry on turning VC:MP into an interesting and entertaining game for all players
9)- Events in VC-MP.

There have been a lot of events in VC-MP and continue being. Year by year, a lot of people organize very entertaining competition events in either teams or individuals, to gather a lot of fun among VC-MP players. VU Clan is the principal organizer of events, wherein you can put on spotlight:

- Vice City Ladder
- Vice City Clan Tournament
- Vice City Dueling Championship (Season 1 to 5)
- Vice War I, II, III, IV, V: The Havana Hazard, VI, VII: Biker Brawl

Into many others. There are also events organized by EA Server (EYE Tournament) and EC Server (European City Boxing Championship). This kind of events happen usually in VC-MP during the holidays, there's no a specific time between event and event, and some of these events are no longer made (VC Ladder, VCCT for example).

Anyway, this is the end of the line for the guide. As i said, if you find a newbie around i encourage you to link this guide for him; which can be useful. I'll also translate it as soon as possible for spanish speakers, and i would also like to add some parts of the VC-MP history, which i don't really remember at all to be honest (nor do i have been here since its start) and so your contributions to that would be great. Hopefully this will be helpful for some guys around :). If someone wishes to add something please do.
Thanks to Radon (fights video), Pain (fights video), Charleyutton, Thijn (IRC guide), and so many others.

Birthday Board / Happened birthday juan
« on: August 05, 2018, 02:34:48 am »

Denied Applications / Application - biozcalhoun
« on: July 29, 2018, 06:45:14 am »
Nick: biozcalhoun

Age: 16

Timezone/Country: GMT -3 / Argentina

Previous Nicks: Calhoun, Killah, Stallin

Additional Comments: After thinking a decent amount of time and consulting members of this clan, trying to fix my relationship and get good views from almost all of it; i'm here because i believe this is the correct choice. Things weren't that good after leaving and i consider that leaving was a bad decision. Even knowing that my chances to join now are minimal, and taking into account that my loyalty is behind the loop, i'd still like to hear what do you guys think about me and i'm here to reply any kind of question that you wanna make. I consider leaving the clan was a wrong decision and i'm certainly the only and unique responsible for taking it. I'd like to have a new opportunity to show this family that i'm worth wearing this tag and being part of it. If needed to explain my kick from OSK i'll go ahead and post all what happened.

As i said, probably my chances are minimal and it's too early but i'd like to hear what you have to say about this application and eventually getting denied i'd like to have a point to see in what i should work on so i can reapply within a few months.

Birthday Board / Happy birthday auzk
« on: July 18, 2018, 04:29:02 am »
Happy birthday auzk lindo :-* :)

General Discussions / Thank you
« on: July 08, 2018, 03:00:14 am »
Hello y'all, just wanted to write a few words, mainly to say thanks, in behalf of OSK and i'll guess, all the members of the community.
Today Vice-War 7 has ended successfully with a winner: The Triumvirate. - nicely done guys; you captured the bases all the time and managed to kill a lot; you are without any doubt the team which deserved to win. Krystianoo the captain i love you

Even considering the DDoS attack or whatever it was when the event started, nostalgia has filled me. We have had great moments with the best people; in this event, all the veterans / old players, the people you like the more and the people you hate the more; all together in the same server fighting and having fun among themselves, is something what i love. I'd also like to congratulate all the teams, all of them have fighted nicely, have showed that they are good at this and that they have a competitive spirit; even though that there's only one winner, you all have overcome all the expectatives and have fighted until the last moment.

Talking personally, this my second Vice-War edition, and i couldn't be more happy of how it was: full of funny moments, great duels and fights, players capturing and players defending, and all that was possible because two groups of people: You, the players, and The staff. I have nothing else to say more than this: thank you both. I've but no words to describe how good i feel right now, and how much thankfully i'm to all of you for keeping here, resisting and playing although this community isn't so bigger as it used to be; as Kelvin said:

Even though there are people i dont like, i'd like to thank everyone who is still playing this game to help this small community stay alive. You are doing something special.

Our little community has overcome a lot of problems, yet there are a lot of problems to come, but atleast I, and i assure that almost everyone, have passed the 24 hours of the event nicely, and taking into account that there were a lot of problems, discussions; there was also friendship and unity between all the ones who played the event. Once again, thank you, specially GangstaRas - aXXo - Luckshya - hotdogcat - Siezer and the rest of the staff, for your awesome contributions and help to have this event up. Despite of that this is just a game, a part of my heart is, and will always be with it. Hope to see you all, and why not more players, in the next Vice-War edition.

VC:MP General / Some old XE pictures
« on: July 03, 2018, 11:02:41 pm »
I was quite nostalgic when talking about old eras with ZUBI and i wanted to post some old images from the whole community, guys like Koray - Old_Fart, Olvido and many others at XE server.

Past can't change, but we can learn of it. Sometimes, the old times will be always in our mind - and we will think that nothing is better than such eras (we can be right, or not). XE was and will continue being, in opinion of almost all the VC-MP players, the best thing that has ever happened to this game.

Player Discussion / morphine's 35.83cm dick
« on: June 14, 2018, 02:05:29 pm »
You are superior to 90% of the VC-MP playercount, extremely smart, a son of a bitch, and Kanye West fanatic. Your IQ is probably around 120 to 130 and not comparable with other guys ones. Your badasses answers to stupid questions, your simplicity to just say "denied" to a 4-pages 1305 words ban appeal of Bninin are the characteristics/reasons of why i'm always wanting to suck your 35.83cm dick.

Farewell Board / Leaving
« on: May 14, 2018, 04:27:08 am »
After a chit-chat with an OSK member, he cordially encouraged me to post it as a public topic, so it was my message to Siezer and Cutton:

Dear Siezer:

My esteemed member and manager of the recruitment team, of the wonderful and awesome, respectful and greatest VU clan, i have arrived to the conclusion after thinking some days ago that i do not want to be part of VU anymore and i consider that a 2-months trainee isn't the big problem so i guess and i hope you nor any of your members to be angry at me.

The reason is stated as the following: Upon popular demand, and after much introspection, I have decided—with some hesitation—to throw in my application to OSK, as i have been invited to my first VCMP clan to return to those old, good, and magnificent epochs to have stunning and perfect days by playing on the latin american server.

I always wanted to be a Vice Underdog Member that's for sure, but either VU or MK, or SS, or TRC, i couldn't ever deny a request of my family, the clan that teached me at everything. It was mentioned to Tobi0 but i told him to keep himself on silence meanwhile i think about my decision and, i said to him that i had finally decided to stay in the clan, although i won't.

If you are ashamed, angry, or displeased i'm pretty sure that the time will be able to fix all our problems. You don't disgust me, Siezer, I do not have problems with any VU neither.

I have been thinking several days and taking a relax from the game, what can i aspire in VU for? Being a rookie, then full member, then moderate some boards and accept/reject some boys, but i'll never feel what i feel ingame when i play with OSKs. After all, this is just a game for fun and relax and my greatest achievement ever made is to have found OSKs on that 15 December, 2012 and have established a friend-family point with them.

I cordially ask you to remove my rank and if is possible communicate my decision to all the VU members who possibly will see me as a brain donor since:

Those weren't the real reasons of myself wanting to leave. I'm cordially confesing you that i chosen VU because its history and respected members, but i didn't think on the "family" part, honestly in a part of the topic i said "what the hell am i doing, it's fucking VU, the greatest clan in VCMP! How can i think on changing it for OSK!?" probably it is, and i'm leaving the best clan in VC:MP to join my real family. Thank you for the support.

Another thing, i've decided to pm you because you're actually one of my most esteemed guys into the clan and i feel like the other guys will insult and rage at me when they see my leave topic (especially after having said them that i was going to stay in some days ago).

Therefore, i'm out of the clan.

Birthday Board / Happy twins birthday!
« on: May 11, 2018, 12:23:43 am »
Happy birthday to MK.Koray and MK.Kelvin  :)

Reports / [VU_T]Calhoun - unban
« on: April 28, 2018, 08:01:14 pm »

Not sure what happened

Edit: yes i remember now rofl, i tried to join from my mom's PC as my ping was lower there - she is living at my home too (so we have same net) but we have different OS, so effectively it was the reason. Didn't know that i would get banned for. I apologize, it was my mistake.

Accepted Applications / Application - Lit.Killah
« on: March 29, 2018, 09:16:19 pm »
Nick: Lit.Killah

Age: 16

Timezone/Country: GMT -3 / Argentina

Previous Nicks: BiozCalhoun, Stallin, YamahaXTZ, Killah into the most known ones.

Additional Comments: Hello. Well i like to write and be full of details when i make an application so i'm going to start with my VC:MP history. I have started playing this multiplayer-game since 2011 with tomijaja's nickname. I was known during 2012-2013 for being an annoying kid and so many histories of hacking and sharing shit. During 2014-2015 i was inactive maybe 80 percent of those years, as i had so many work and school occupations. In these years of my life i have been working on my reputation and i.e. reporting cheaters, helping newbies and doing things that can change my personal history and people's opinion about me. I guess i have to mention the old clans that i remember i was in, these are: OSK, TzK, NK, CDA and NAR.
I was kicked from OSK by Hipnos around 2013 due to my bad attitude towards members and being annoying. - Some months later i joined NK by using other alias (i think it was Bully or some), was a while then got kicked again. In this period of my VC:MP career a very close friend called Fercho told me that i should stop doing shit and using other nicknames, etc; that was important for me so i took that in a serious way. After that i was clanless around one year when started playing on Extreme Addicts server.- I don't remember if i joined TzK or was invited, anyway, i left playing vc-mp at the end of the year then i left.
Back in 2015-2016 i founded CDA which was a latin-american community of players in littlewhiteys server. I left to play in 2016 again so that clan closed. Back to the present, in 2018, since january i have been as a very active player, with desires to keep playing.

There are some points that i will have to specify about:

1)- As many of you know i have applied in the last two months to MK and UF, moreover i joined NAR. I don't want to look like a clan hopper or a no-trustable guy so i will explain why. I applied to MK because, i have a good relations with maybe, 70 per cent of the roster, but there were some specific guys which for some reason hate me, didn't wanted to talk nor play with me. So i decided to close the app myself, i thought i couldn't be in a clan where some important members hate me and that would be too umcomfortable. I applied to UF then, due to two guys (one of my city) called Plaga and Suriattacker. They seemed cool to me so i decided to try for. I got denied because i hadn't meet the most of members very well.

I decided to be clanless then apply to VU in the future, till Klaus invited me to Ninth Avenue Razors. I was confuse on what should i do, as i wasn't active in Argonath. Finally i decided to try that chance with NAR but failed - my communication with the members was very lower as i only used to chat with them on discord, because i don't like roleplaying, just joined a few times and my mates weren't active in LW. So i decided to leave.

2)- The point about VU, why i decided to apply for it, which members do i know.

Honestly VU was always on my mind since 2013 but it seemed impossible for me to have a chance back in those epochs. The members of this clan have had a respect which hasn't been given to me from other clans nor players. Poodles, Rajput for example have been so humble with me since i came back to VC:MP and Littlewhiteys. I know that VU is a very big clan, with an important history, but i think i have a chance to be in. I made myself that chance, by being helpful and humble since some years ago already (1,2). I have seen on a very old application that VU believes on second chances and i have been thinking on that. Most of trainees and even some full members have a cool relationship with me, thats another reason, would be cool to be in this clan because i would feel good and in community.

The members that i know and who i have seen in game are:

Hotdogcat, Fercho, Nelson, TzUnam, SMD, Sk, Diaz, Hiki, Rajput, PunkNoodle, Trex, Sammael

And i also know Charley, Stormeus, aXXo, Thijn, Luckshya, MD619, Wilson but i haven't had a very big communication with them. Many of them shouldn't even remember me, but anyway.

3)- I forgot an important detail: Why i decided to apply now and not waiting atleast, 1 month for example.

I think i have been acting like i truly am, since i came back to play. Being humble as i said, not becoming crazy or anything when somebody kills me. Learning from guys and making friends as i consider, i.e. Morphine, which helped me a lot giving me advices and those kind of things. What i'm trying to say is that, i see myself as ready to be in this clan. (Combined too, maybe a defect i have, in some cases i'm impatient but i can handle that i guess).

That's my application, please ask me any doubt you can have.

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