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Author Topic: NOTICE - Registration Commencing  (Read 239 times)

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NOTICE - Registration Commencing
« on: December 24, 2017, 02:25:44 pm »
The registration of players would be starting soon. Once you are registered in a team, you are not allowed to change your team under any circumstances. If you have doubts about your allegiance, withdraw your application for now and apply once it is confirmed.

The staff will register only those players who are mentioned in the main gang topic. Gang leaders are requested to review their lists.

Registered members will have:
- A (Registered) tag next to their name in the gang memberlist.
- A forum membergroup(badge) in their profile, which grants them access to the team's private boards.
- A PM in their VU Inbox with a 5 letter key.
- Gang leaders(only one) should have moderation rights over their team's private board.

If any of those are missing, something is wrong and you should contact me.
In case you are seeing things you should not be able to see, contact me  :-X

Once you have received your key, you can enter the Vicewar server and set yourself a password with:
/register <key> <new password>

The key is used only once, for logging in later you need to remember the password you set with /register command.

The server is under development and changing constantly. Spawning is blocked currently.
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