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VC:MP General / Re: How to voicechat with our squad in clanwars
« on: February 16, 2018, 12:54:33 pm »
LAN party

Player Discussion / Re: VC-MP Legends
« on: February 10, 2018, 02:52:43 am »

Top 5 highest Play Time
1) [MK]F. - 18 hours, 5 minutes and 44 seconds.
2) [MK]NewK - 16 hours, 34 minutes and 19 seconds.
3) ULK.HeAD - 15 hours, 44 minutes and 36 seconds.
4) [VU]GangstaRas - 14 hours, 35 minutes and 17 seconds.
5) [TZ_T].MaxTitan - 14 hours, 27 minutes and 43 seconds.


Top 5 Players by Captures
[NK]elcabeza - 54
[VU]GangstaRas - 40
[EAF]Nylez - 35
[DUz]Legend - 26

Top 5 Highest Playing Time
[PA]Taweel. - 10 hours, 28 minutes, 0 seconds
[VU]GangstaRas - 9 hours, 12 minutes, 5 seconds
ULK.aki* - 8 hours, 58 minutes, 2 seconds
[NYB]HONEY_SINGH - 7 hours, 48 minutes, 59 seconds
[DUz]SoL[D]13R - 7 hours, 25 minutes, 55 seconds


Top Captures:
Red Team
Dr.Shawn 47
[VU_T]Flash 39
[DnA]krystianoo 36
[VU]Gohan 26
[VU]GangstaRas 25
[MK]Halchter 25
[VU]Riders    22
[MK]NewK   17
=UFt=KaRaMaT^ 15
[VU]Ferrari32 15
Woodland 13
[VU]Bart 12
[VU]Veteran 12
[VU]Hotdogcat 11

No saved list but I'm always top 5 in play time


No saved list but got highest Sniper kills and I'm always top 5 in play time

And let's not forget without fail, every year I attended, Top 5 No. of Deaths, topping the list in VW5 and 6

almost every stats category there is at least 1 VU :P

Teamwork made the dream work my brothers

Debating Board / Re: BitCoins - Currency of the future?
« on: February 07, 2018, 12:23:43 pm »
Welp, I hope the people that disagreed with Amal don't feel sour now. It was indeed the best time.

Also I advise that you guys use something like HitBTC or any exchange that shows THEIR live transactions going on rather than a combination of every exchange's transactions. We can't predict tomorrow but it gives a good outlook of where it's going.

For example, just by watching that I knew the market was resisting to be outside the $7000 mark, so the true value to people is somewhere there right now. Yesterday the best we got was $5800 but look how quickly that rebound today, at $8200

VC:MP General / Re: Disable headshots
« on: February 04, 2018, 03:43:13 pm »
Charley, I like conversing with you cuz I see you are a wise person, so please, understand my point and don't take it as a threat. Let's suppose that you and your team found the best solution for this, will you be happy because you got rid of this problem ? no. why ? because new hacks will be created, and aimlock will be a small drop of water in a big sea of the hacks that will be released. So what you are doing now will be demolished in the future. I'll repeat again, don't take this as a threat, it's a fact.
On the other hand, we can help this community and the game be better. We can provide a better future for VCMP, we can help in making fantastic updates, making other anti-cheat scripts, etc...

This is you and your services.

VC:MP General / Re: Disable headshots
« on: January 31, 2018, 11:47:56 pm »
Morph, you can give him a shot, I ain't trying to get in your way of hearing him out but for me, my respect was lost the moment he turned the betterment of VCMP community into his own market trading. Its like the pieces of shit that can see people dying but in the name of money won't budge till their dollars are assured. What inhumane rubbish...

VC:MP General / Re: Disable headshots
« on: January 31, 2018, 10:43:21 pm »
As you like... I displayed a deal and you seem uninterested. Good luck in finding a suitable solution for this problem, but a huge number of newbies will hate this game and leave it until then.
Be reminded that I'm not 6 years old, I can think for myself and have my own worries. Just because it's Charley's concern about the newbies doesn't mean I'll give one crap there to follow. They can leave for all I care, that's not what I'm getting at with you.

What I meant is that this would've been such a golden opportunity for you if your heart was pure or if you really wanted to play wolf in sheep's clothing. If you really were smart with your approach, you could've helped the community without any deal and the community would've gladly helped you back. You're dealing with that kind of people in high places, some of us. Recommendations go a far way.

But unfortunately for you, the God backing these kind people ensured that today, as fate would have it, you screwed yourself. I don't respect what you're trying to do here. Don't bother worry about VW nor VU servers, I don't want you in any of them anymore.

Can you imagine we of Wolf Pack debated giving you a chance and this is the shit you trying to pull now? If it was up to me I'd ban you from the forums here too. I can do it, but then I'd maybe be abusing. This disgusted me to the highest degree.

VC:MP General / Re: Disable headshots
« on: January 31, 2018, 09:05:03 pm »
Tag name is just a flag and can be fixed in less than 1 minute, so it is useless to change it. The best solution for now is the anti-aimbot script. At the end it is your choice, but i assure you that this strong script will damage the aimbot.
Listen, your fate is sealed. Idk what you think this is but you doomed yourself.

VC:MP General / Re: Disable headshots
« on: January 31, 2018, 08:38:03 pm »

What kind of dealing crap am I seeing here?

I think you guys are sealing your own fates and not in a good way.

VC:MP General / Re: Disable headshots
« on: January 31, 2018, 02:04:05 pm »
I'm no huge scripter so I don't know much of the limitations and overhead this would produce but even a useless idea is better than none so tell me if there's anyway to make this possible.

Aimlock has a inhumane movement, which is why we perceive it as a snap-on effect. Nobody who's aiming can snap to an enemy in 1 frame and hold that position in all the other frames after.

Humane movements are taper effects, gradual, with a reaction time that varies for every individual but exists nonetheless (215 ms if I put my faith here). No matter how good you are, we all spin fast then slow down and then stop to aim, we don't 180 and stop in 1 frame, hell we don't even 20 and stop in 1 frame. So why don't we capitalize on that to autoban aimlockers? I believe player.angle() would give us the dataset, its just if its possible without clapping the server.

To alleviate some stress on the scripts, if it is possible, run it when a player is about to shoot (if we can detect that) rather than having the check on all the time. Wasted resource to check for aimlock in someone not shooting.

And for the record, as an experienced sniper I don't really want headshots gone, they make quick scoping possible and shooting moving targets less of a spray. But if we do disable, bring back Hunters and Sea Sparrows. I love me some mayhem  >:D

VC:MP General / Re: Caos In CTF
« on: January 10, 2018, 03:23:04 pm »
Top class escape artists, you and Nilz lol

Off Topic / Re: Fund Raiser for Old's Friend's Tragedy
« on: January 08, 2018, 04:08:45 pm »
Donate 10$  ;) Helping others  is great

5 mins ago

Saw it, greatly appreciated Maiyan. That means a lot :)

Off Topic / Fund Raiser for Old's Friend's Tragedy
« on: January 08, 2018, 02:53:24 pm »
The first time I ever did this here, it was for a friend of mine that wanted to win a competition donating to his charity. Idk if I updated that but he did win and I thank you all who supported me back then and even am grateful of the hearts that exist in our lil community  :D. Truly amazing how far things can go when good hearts unite to help one another.

This one is a more serious matter however than votes, and I kindly ask for everyone's help once more.

Back Story:

Now on December 22nd, tragedy struck a childhood friend of mine. Her name is Jessica Gountlette, facebook profile here:

Idk the exact specifics on how everything occurred but unfortunately by some means, her childhood home was to burnt to the ground while she was away. The damage of the ordeal is on her profile but in the event she blocked it from strangers, this is the reality:

Her grandmother that took care of her all her life (AFAIK father non-existent, mother was working in England) was unfortunately killed in this freak accident. She was trapped inside the burning house and you can imagine the rest...Wasn't a very Merry Christmas in 2017 at all..

I signed on to Facebook today to see that she started a fund raiser here:

However much you can, however little you can, any help is appreciated. If you're unable to donate anything, I'm asking please that you share this around. Plenty of thanks to everyone that helped me before and are willing to help me again.

And as I said the last time for the troublemakers among the community, at least take this life lesson from all of this -don't underestimate how you treat people, because the very people you put down today, might be the very person you need help from tomorrow. Whether for the better of me or not, take my initiative and the community's response as the example scenario. Live truly clean with one another.

God bless you all

Gangs and Registration / Re: The Wolf Pack
« on: January 07, 2018, 12:50:33 am »
Withdrawing myself from the group. Vice War not happening for this Sunday, doubt I'll be available hereon out but above all else, I'm done waiting. Leadership role is given to ferrari (your commander in-game should VW even happen) and WiLsOn (your registrar for group affairs).

I wish you all the best.

VC:MP General / Re: I need an opinion here
« on: January 06, 2018, 01:45:56 pm »
Ras, are you out of your mind?

How many times do I have to repeat that I do not demand respect?

I've been saying this over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. I am respected because I have proven myself as someone worth respect, in fact, you just wrote that yourself.

My good God, snap out of it already...

Morph, not to be taken the wrong way, but how is a is a self-absorbed person in anyway shape or form worthy of respect?

I wrote what I said because I've known you before this view of yourself

VC:MP General / Re: I need an opinion here
« on: January 06, 2018, 01:20:15 pm »
I am self absorbed, I agree. I have achieved too much to be modest, and that, in the first place, is the opinion of the people surrounding me, it is not my own. Even in the context of VC:MP - my clan members call me 'general' 24/7. What general is a modest general?

Morph, the flaw of being self absorbed is that you're now failing to understand that respect is earned not demanded. Going around saying I am this I am that I deserve this I deserve that, it's not going to make you build good relationships with anyone. Respect is given to those who prove they are worthy of respect; being haughty does not equate to a respected leader. The quality you should be after is assertiveness. The difference? Being assertive has the quality of confidence behind what you believe in but the humility to respect the opinion and input of your own 'followers' if you want to look at them that way, and just people you interact with in general. Never forget that, that is a life lesson, not just a VC:MP one.

Now Morphine and I have engaged in meaningful conversations regarding VU and VC:MP from time to time over the years, so I can attest to the fact that he has been helpful, even if to the public knowledge that isn't readily seen. The fact that we've given him these ranks to our servers is proof enough that he is a respected figure among the community and among us. But we can all agree that we can't live in the past, the reality is what we're seeing in the present, and the present is that this egotism which I didn't know you for is blinding your eyes and probing your actions into perfidious waters.

As TheKing said, we respect your voice, we respect your opinion but it doesn't mean we have to agree to your ideals. We have a diverse culture dealing with in VU, some of us are hotheads, some of us are slow to anger, everyone of us have our own triggers that make us unique. Some give respect to all even if they don't deserve it, some take away their respect the minute you disrespect them. Diverse culture, different mindsets.

The consensus to our ethos handling such a situation is that if aggressive behaviour is unwarranted, no one provoked you, we handle that.


Morphine: Hi, my name is Morphine, nice to meet you
GangstaRas: Shut-up you Russian dickhead, burn in hell

And I just met the is a different story then.

Example 2:
Racist VU hosts server
Pakistan player joins
Pakistan player banned. Reason: (get the hell out of here paki-trash)

The consensus to our ethos also dictates that you can't have any ill-feelings to a group of people for the sins of one.

So if I were to use this back and forth between you and ferrari as Example 3, ferrari can look down on you, the provoker, but he can't transfer that view to your friends, your clan members nor your nationals. The respect is to be given on an individual's merits. Even if your friends, clan members and nationals share your view, unless they gave a explanatory reason why they do, ferrari isn't to look down on them, because the reality of today is that we do have blind sheep that don't know what they're doing and just follow the bigger heads like mindless soldiers. A bitter heart towards such a person is unfair, gets us nowhere as a community and is uncalled for, because they need guidance and we might have to be the one to take on that responsibility one day.

With that said, this is what we mean when we say this is between you and him. What you have effectively done just try to damage the reputation of a member of our clan regardless original intent.

The time you complained about ferrari making the signature he holds to this day as a retort to your previous signature of VU's OG banner, that was a more legitimate issue than this. As you saw, without the explanations from both parties, it looked like an attack from TRC on VU and it looked like an attack from VU on TRC. That needed intervention.

As I've said in my previous post, you provoked ferrari to bite, and he bit. You shouldn't have done that. I'm not justifying him calling you a crackwhore but it is not for us to take action if:

  • Our member was provoked and he didn't provoke first
  • Our member is keeping the provocation solely on the individual that provoked him

This is between you two to solve my friend

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