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General Discussions / About Jitter System
« on: June 03, 2018, 10:07:53 am »
I see a lot of people (mainly Pakistani players with bad internet) upset about this system but fail to follow instructions so I hope to shed some light on the situation and why it's implemented.

Reason why it's implemented:

In recent months, we've seen a new variation of hacking where through ping adjustments via internet load people are effectively lag switching. These lag switches are done in quick succession, typically at vulnerable points in combat (knocked down, outnumbered and so on).

Now under normal scripting  circumstances, if ping limits were strict, it would be enough to actively kick you when you spike over, however, internet connections are not 100% stable and will present some micro-jitters that are mere milliseconds in duration. These micro-jitters can spike as high as 1000 ms ping but they are so short in duration, they do not affect gameplay. The script however will not ignore it and will kick you for it (such was the case for VW6 private beta). As a result, every server that you see has a ping limit system, uses an average to deduce your ping in order to avoid that strict kick. There are disadvantages to averages however.

You witness it all the time, people with 600 ms ping, 1000 ms ping and for some unknown reason the server takes awhile to kick them, happens on EAD, happens on CTF, happens on LW happens for all of the servers with ping limits. Why does that happen? Because of average. Example:

Ping limit of a server is 350 ms; player ping goes like this for 5 seconds:

Code: [Select]
The average ping of this person is 316 ms, he does not get kicked, but he sure evaded some shots for 3 seconds with the 400, 500 and 600 ping spikes.

Example 2:

Code: [Select]
This person averages 334 ms, will not get kicked but they are clearly unstable and clearly unhittable as a result.

That is the problem with averages.

And unfortunately, the greater the amount of samples the script take to calculate the average ping, the more damaging the effect it has on the average.

High ping held for 1 second is enough for hackers and exploiters to use lag spikes to their advantage. What the laggers do is spike for short duration of seconds so that they are essentially unhittable, then they will spike down to their normal ping the moment they plan to attack. If you don't believe me, if you can spectate on the server, go on EAD or CTF, spectate a problematic player you can't hit and have F5 continually pressed and watch their ping the whole time. When they run around and get knocked down, they spike to 500 to 700 ms, the minute they attack, their back to 150s 180s, whatever their normal ping should be.

I won't allow the exploitation to get any further and the community is frankly tired of this area of instability to gameplay, thus ping jitter is calculated to prevent these exploits and provide everyone fair game. It is what cleans up what ping limit cannot by nature of being forced to use average. It takes the samples of the average ping calculated and deduce the standard deviation of the results. If your deviation is small you won't have much issues but if your deviations are high, you will be flagged for a kick.

We take a calculated result every 5 seconds at a sample rate of 1 per second. I have found that deviations 50 ms+ and greater tend to be enough to cause problems in gameplay and so, the standard deviation value is aimed around keeping jitter range of 50 ms or lower. A standard deviation of 15 achieved this, unfortunately it was for momentary spikes, so a better deviation value is 25 to 30. An example that gives a result of within 25 - 30 is:

Code: [Select]
It was my intention to remain at that level more or less for the beta I have gone as high as 45 and people still getting kicked. This is what a standard deviation of 45 in your ping looks like:

Code: [Select]
Nearly 100 ms permitted spikes, and by this point you're fighting all that lagging power.

What to do?

For those affected, you all need to understand that if you stand still when the warning message comes up, you will NOT be kicked. You can move as soon as the message disappears from the screen but sometimes that glitches out so stay still for at least 3 seconds and you're ok.

It is the same with FPS and ping, as long as you stay still, you can be in the server with 20k ping, 2 FPS and jittering like crazy, you wont be kicked, but the minute you move, you will get one of the 3 warnings. It's the same as it was in VW6, you had to stop moving if you wanted to avoid FPS and ping kick then. This is the fair trade that you have to comply with. Even when low pingers spike within ping limits (from 40 to 200 ms ping) it still has a profound effect on registering the shot you just made on them. If they're moving and spiking like that, they can avoid any and everything, but if they stop moving you have your right to kill. It is unfair that you the lagger can kill your opponent spiking carefree. Please fix your internet and get stable connections. If that cannot be done, please remain still in-game or be autokicked.

Information and FAQs / NOTICE - PUBLIC BETA [JUNE 1, 1 WEEK]
« on: May 24, 2018, 05:13:53 pm »
All registered members for VW7 are invited to join our open public beta starting June 1st, 2018, 00:00 GMT. We will be hosting the event for 1 week to ensure the utmost maximum stability July 7th.

Please reference to the Game Manual on any recent changes that have taken place. All server rules are still in effect for public beta. Registrations will be handled in a prompt fashion to ensure everyone has a chance to play within the time if not at the start of the event

« on: May 11, 2018, 09:23:24 pm »
Registrations will be closing on May 31st, 2018.

At this point, we will NOT be accepting anymore gang registrations, anymore members registering for gangs as well as anymore members switching gangs. We therefore implore you to get registered while you can, gang leaders should respond to requests or offload the work temporarily to an acting leader that can represent your gang. If it so happens that gang leaders do not comply, a decision will be made by VW Registration Staff towards unprocessed applicants to the respective gang they chose to apply for.

Name change requests will continue to be processed until the day before the event. Completing registration by joining the server and registering with your given key will also continue beyond the given deadline.

VC:MP General / Banathon 2k18
« on: May 09, 2018, 04:16:53 pm »
<Edit by Charley: I've split this topic from the topic that announced Legend's kick from the clan. I've reopened it in the hope that some sort of solution to this frankly unnecessary drama can be found. Banathon 2k18 bitches, wooooo!!! If you don't wanna read six pages, then skip to this post.>

Lilamar , you're caught too.


Many more bans to come soon.

Ladies and gentlemen, an example of the beginning of the end. Many more bans to come soon enough.

Gangs and Registration / Current Registration Status
« on: April 11, 2018, 04:34:55 pm »

Current Registration Status

Total Registered: 311
Total Accounts Registered to VW7 Server: 111


Triumvirate: 95 (26)
Wolf Pack: 88 (33)
Night Wolves: 49 (18)
Gas Monkey Garage: 28 (6)
Hindutva: 26 (11)
Hell Guardians: 26 (17)
Free Conglomerate: 2 (0)

Information and FAQs / NOTICE - UID Mismatch
« on: April 07, 2018, 02:13:41 pm »
Some of our participants in the past were hit with UID mismatch errors on their account, which resulted in their ban.

ALL ban databases have been cleared so this will and should not apply nor affect anyone anymore prior to April 5, 2018. Everyone is required to re-register by joining the server and register using your provided key (recheck your forum Inbox, specifically December to January, if you can't find it, contact me).

But note, checks for account UID mismatches are still in effect. That means, you can still fall into the same issue if:

  • You re-install/upgrade your operating system after you initially register
  • You join using a different computer after you initially register

Life happens in between the countdown to the event, we understand. Therefore, the VW Staff will grant only ONE unban request per user for UID mismatching. If you have made one unban request that was approved and you get banned again for UID mismatch, your account will remain banned*. We therefore advise players not to hastily register on the server if they know they are going to reinstall and upgrade their operating system beforehand. We also advise that you register from the computer you would wish to play VW7 on, none other.

No unban requests will be approved on the day of the event as well*.

* - Exceptional cases will be handled.

Reports / UID Mismatch Reports & Appeals
« on: April 07, 2018, 02:07:35 pm »

UID Mismatch Reports & Appeals

UID mismatch reports/appeals will also be handled at this board. Simply create a new topic with your nickname for VW7, state that your account was banned for UID mismatch and the reason behind it (whether you reinstall your operating system, connected with different computer or you are unsure what happened) and we will investigate your report/appeal.

  • As of April 5th, 2018, ALL bans regarding UID mismatches have been cleared due to rebuilding the database. Therefore, if you were previously banned for UID mismatch before this date, you have been cleared and are free to register to the server.There is no need for anyone to post here at the moment for situations prior to April 5.
  • We will only grant ONE unban request. If you trigger UID mismatch a second time, your account will remain banned.
  • We will generally not approve of ANY unban requests of UID mismatch on the day of the event.

Gangs and Registration / Nickname Change Requests
« on: April 05, 2018, 04:07:01 pm »
As of April 5, 2018, please make your nickname change requests here by replyiing under this post in the following format:

Registered Gang: <your gang affiliation>
Registered Old nick: <your old nick>
New Nick: <your new nick>


Registered Gang: The Wolf Pack
Registered Old nick: [VU]GangstaRas
New Nick: *VU*Gangsta

  • Requests for name changes within your gang's registration will no longer be accepted for processing. If your name was not processed, please write your request here.
  • DO NOT discuss anything in this topic. Make your request and we will get to you promptly. ALL discussions here, whether useful under various circumstances or not, will be deleted.
  • DO NOT ask any questions here. If you have a question, please utilize our Questions topic found here. Questions found in this topic will not be answered here and will be moved to the appropriate board.
  • Failure to follow the request format means your request will be ignored. Further non-compliance on the subject, troubling our staff members by being difficult about our format may result in your ban from the event itself.

General Discussions / Which Month to host VW7?
« on: April 02, 2018, 02:50:01 pm »
I need to hear the voice of the community on this one. We have 3 candidate months more or less, June (the ending of June), July and August. Depending on how these votes go, we will aim to host VW7 within the most popular month of availability for everyone.

Also, expect VW to be on a Saturday 12 a.m. GMT +0 of any of these potential months. That is:

Saturday midnight for Europe
Saturday morning for Asians
Friday night for Westerners

As its always been. Either way, set your weekends free for the summer.


It is my greatest pleasure to announce that Vice War 7 is officially active in development once again!

Firstly, on behalf of the VW Team, we humbly apologize for the confusion and all delays wrought by this edition of Vice War. Due to unfortunate circumstances that plagued us at the end of last year during development (real life issues that is being catered to), Vice War 7 was constantly put on hold with many delays until all development went to a halt early this year. As this is the most ambitious Vice War to date, numerous attempts have been avidly made these few months to revive its development. I am now happy to announce that the VW Development Team is officially back in action and are actively working on the event once more.

We have no official date of arrival at this time, but we are hoping to continue development within this timeframe onwards to meet a release date in Summer, 2018. This also means that just as it was in 2011, this year we will be hosting 2 Vice Wars. Vice War 8 is still scheduled to be released on December 2018 as the norm event date of all Vice Wars.


From this day forward, we kill keep you updated on the happenings of the development of VW7 under its official forum board here. Due to major changes in the development process, we may require various actions from all currently registered players that can range from validating your previously sent registry keys to re-registering on the host server (once we have it up and running). We apologize for any inconveniences to you, however, we expect these actions to be dealt with on an individual basis rather than a widespread call to action of all our registered players, so if no representative of the VW Staff messages you about your account, have no worries, it most likely means your account is all good.

Also commencing, we will be temporarily locking ALL gang registration topics until further notice when we re-initialize the registration process. All recent trolling and unimportant posts within these topics shall be deleted and all trolling gang registrations that did not meet requirements shall be deleted altogether.

We hope to see you all for the event!

Off Topic / Fund Raiser for Old's Friend's Tragedy
« on: January 08, 2018, 02:53:24 pm »
The first time I ever did this here, it was for a friend of mine that wanted to win a competition donating to his charity. Idk if I updated that but he did win and I thank you all who supported me back then and even am grateful of the hearts that exist in our lil community  :D. Truly amazing how far things can go when good hearts unite to help one another.

This one is a more serious matter however than votes, and I kindly ask for everyone's help once more.

Back Story:

Now on December 22nd, tragedy struck a childhood friend of mine. Her name is Jessica Gountlette, facebook profile here:


Idk the exact specifics on how everything occurred but unfortunately by some means, her childhood home was to burnt to the ground while she was away. The damage of the ordeal is on her profile but in the event she blocked it from strangers, this is the reality:

Her grandmother that took care of her all her life (AFAIK father non-existent, mother was working in England) was unfortunately killed in this freak accident. She was trapped inside the burning house and you can imagine the rest...Wasn't a very Merry Christmas in 2017 at all..

I signed on to Facebook today to see that she started a fund raiser here:


However much you can, however little you can, any help is appreciated. If you're unable to donate anything, I'm asking please that you share this around. Plenty of thanks to everyone that helped me before and are willing to help me again.

And as I said the last time for the troublemakers among the community, at least take this life lesson from all of this -don't underestimate how you treat people, because the very people you put down today, might be the very person you need help from tomorrow. Whether for the better of me or not, take my initiative and the community's response as the example scenario. Live truly clean with one another.

God bless you all

VC:MP General / Revamping Racing in VC:MP
« on: January 04, 2018, 11:24:42 pm »
I think I made a comment about it months ago in someone's topic but I want this to be a topic of its own to check something with the community.

Now I'm an avid racer, particularly arcade style of Midnight Club or Burnout and old school Need for Speed more so than motorsport style of Forza and Gran Turismo, but I've come to appreciate the dynamic blend of arcade style motorsport racing brought forth by the GTA 5 massive racing community.

In all my 9 years of being on VC:MP, one of the most disappointing realities for me was the lack of a good racing server. The few racing servers that made a respectable effort have more or less been lacking for someone like me.
Part of it was the limitations of VC:MP back in 0.3 days stifling creativity (Vice City's map isn't really built well for racing, no custom objects/vehicles/text back then I think). Another part of it being getting scripters and modelers investing in this kind of project. Another part is having a director who knows his racing genre well to lead the scripting team to make a racing server that's fun, special, memorable with useful GUI elements, not just a boring "pass the checkpoint before the other guy to win" experience.

Well, nowadays I have the skill set to fulfill the modeling role, make a brand new city tailored for the open city racing life (hell of an effort though), make brand new vehicles with some actual variability in their handling to make things interesting and direct the scripting to make sure everything is good....but I need scripters willing.

The argument posed to me by scripters was that no one cares for racing games among the community. So this is me checking to see if that's really true. How many of you think it would be awesome to have a nice racing server came along that changes up the dynamic of VC:MP a bit? Have some vehicle and motorcycle skills for a change. No shade on Miami Dade devs but I think it left a bad taste in everyone's mouth for racing in VC:MP, granted AFAIK it brought the same 0.3 server with all of 0.3 limitations to 0.4.....wasn't going to come out very good.

Rate this post and give me your thoughts

Gangs and Registration / The Free Conglomerate [APPLICATIONS CLOSED]
« on: December 10, 2017, 10:58:40 pm »

The Free Conglomerate

The Free Conglomerate is a free for all group, not moderated by any group leader, courtesy of the VW staff.

This is a default group for those that want to participate in Vice War 7 but got rejected by managed groups. We may also consider anyone that wish not to join a managed group. Apply here by writing your in-game nick and the VW team will accommodate.

Blip color

  (RGB: 255, 255, 255)

REMINDER: All groups are still under thorough inspection for known hackers. Therefore, this group is not a scapegoat for players that got rejected from managed groups due to claimed hacking propensities.


General Discussions / Flag Design Service
« on: December 04, 2017, 11:19:37 pm »
As we welcome the new change for multiple groups competing against each other in this year's edition of Vice War, we wish to not have anyone feel discouraged to start their own group, wondering how they will meet the requirement for a flag design.

As such, I'm offering a flag design service for anyone interested in starting their own group but are incapable of creating a flag design for the event.


Flag Body                         -    $1.99
Emblem/Logo for Flag    -    $3.99
Full Flag Design               -    $4.99

How To Apply?

Simply message me, GangstaRas, personally by clicking here with the subject title "VW7 Flag Design" so I know its about this service. In your message, detail to me which of the services you require and what you would want as your ideal design.

Please note however that your designs are still regulated under the design guidelines outlined here.

Submissions end 3 days before the event.

What happens next?

When your design is complete, you will receive a message from me showcasing your finished design. You will then be required to make your payment based on the service you applied for. This payment will be done to my PayPal account also linked in the body of my showcasing message to you.

For persons that already have PayPal accounts, you will simply send your payment to my account.

For persons that don't have a PayPal account, you are required to send me your email address so that I can send a payment request to you. Once delivered, simply follow the instructions in the email to make your payment via a debit or credit card.


Since I'm the one in charge of approving of all flag designs, designs done through this method are automatically approved once payment have been received. If payment is not received, I will not approve the design, nor can you modify and tailor it to promote it as original work. These will be declined as well.

Designed Flags:

Completed Matches / Group N: [VU]GangstaRas vs [OSK]D.I.S.
« on: July 13, 2017, 12:27:33 am »
Nickname: [VU]GangstaRas
Opponent's nickname: [OSK]D.I.S.
Proposed fighting date: anytime
Proposed fighting time: anytime between 14 GMT to 21 GMT
Comments (if any): message me here, call WiLsOn on IRC for me or find me ingame (most likely CTF server) to reach me

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