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Author Topic: NOTICE - UID Mismatch  (Read 197 times)

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NOTICE - UID Mismatch
« on: April 07, 2018, 02:13:41 pm »
Some of our participants in the past were hit with UID mismatch errors on their account, which resulted in their ban.

ALL ban databases have been cleared so this will and should not apply nor affect anyone anymore prior to April 5, 2018. Everyone is required to re-register by joining the server and register using your provided key (recheck your forum Inbox, specifically December to January, if you can't find it, contact me).

But note, checks for account UID mismatches are still in effect. That means, you can still fall into the same issue if:

  • You re-install/upgrade your operating system after you initially register
  • You join using a different computer after you initially register

Life happens in between the countdown to the event, we understand. Therefore, the VW Staff will grant only ONE unban request per user for UID mismatching. If you have made one unban request that was approved and you get banned again for UID mismatch, your account will remain banned*. We therefore advise players not to hastily register on the server if they know they are going to reinstall and upgrade their operating system beforehand. We also advise that you register from the computer you would wish to play VW7 on, none other.

No unban requests will be approved on the day of the event as well*.

* - Exceptional cases will be handled.

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