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VC:MP General / Re: Disable headshots
« on: February 08, 2018, 03:46:46 pm »
KARAN:Bastard of the year
really WTF: anyone makes mistakes and you just here blaming him with no stop.Really stfu dude and dont say bullshit like colours...
Lol  :D
I've no idea who are you and what makes you calling me a bastard,  yeah I've did sins, I've ended many assholes,  I attempted to destroy this community with numerous of DDoS attacks in 2013-14 under someone's order , I've leaked passwords from a stolen server script in 2012,  I was banned from many servers, banned from LW permanently, banned from LUNet for an year,

The matter of fact that, I admitted it all, suffered my punishments, after all that, I come clean,  I never did retardism like this guy, never really threatened anyone in name of deal, like make me admin or I'll ddos your server, unban me from your servers or I'll kill your servers.

This is all pathetic, and not really a kind of thing I'll ever agree to.

Same here. I was one of the guys that shared F1 Hack, i ddosed XE, i used many cheats and hacks. And i learned it. After that, i was never unbanned from XE, until the server was closed and reopened with 0.4

And NO_MERCY, i dont know who are you, i haven't even played in the last two years, but you lack of dignity and respect. I don't think that you are even able to make that fix.

By the way, why not to think in disable headshots as a temporaly solution?

truth be told, no matter what is done, anti-aimlock would only be effective for a short period, a week or two, until mimo and no mercy figure out how to break the thing again.

This is true, in programation there is no system that can be unbreakable. But it always has been like that, always have been cheats, so all the proposals solutions have a mistake, except @Charleyutton by removing the headshots or a very well elaborated fix, which could take a very long time.

Gangs and Registration / Re: The Wolf Pack
« on: February 08, 2018, 05:45:16 am »
I  would like to join this team

My nickname is BiozCalhoun

Information and FAQs / Re: Questions
« on: February 08, 2018, 12:41:23 am »
Can i still register in a gang? Do i need aproval to register in The Wolf Pack?

Off Topic / Anyone with GTX 1060
« on: February 19, 2017, 10:56:27 pm »
Hello, a friend needs to buy new PC components and asked me to help with it.

These are his options:

i5 6600 + GTX 1060 - around 450$
i5 6600 + RX 480 - around 420$

or waiting for AM4 motherboard + processor Ryzen + X Videocard (depending on ryzen price, rx 460/470).

Does anybody have tested rx 480 or 1060 gtx? I have seen a lot of videos but i'm not still sure. They are fine for 6600?

Cubans / Re: Clan-less Player Applications - Cubans
« on: December 13, 2016, 01:38:41 am »
Full In-game Nickname: B.Calhoun
Ping(on ViceWar server): 250
Lock Team (Yes/No): Yes
Sorry, accepted or denied?

Cubans / Re: Clan-less Player Applications - Cubans
« on: December 12, 2016, 02:28:36 am »
Full In-game Nickname: B.Calhoun
Ping(on ViceWar server): 250
Lock Team (Yes/No):


Off Topic / Turkey Global Offensive Champion
« on: October 09, 2016, 03:36:34 pm »

You can watch it live.

1st Map: Argentina won.
2nd Map: Denmark won 16-7.
3rd Map: ARGENTINA!!! WON 16-14.

IT'S. Argentina - Turkey, at the final.

Again, Argentina lost a tournament at the final: Turkey won 1st and 3rd Map BO3.

Player Discussion / Re: CarterR7
« on: July 20, 2016, 12:15:10 am »
are you live? bcz never show you everithwre :) why you don't apply for MK 3 times? and got accepted in both? huh, you not live right? okay good to not know you :) hope you lear this message


Player Discussion / CarterR7
« on: July 07, 2016, 10:56:57 pm »
what about me?

Off Topic / Re: Funny Memes, Pictures and GIFs
« on: April 20, 2016, 01:07:30 am »

Going for a gtx 960 will be good that means.
The thing which daze me is that should I go for DDR 4 Ram and a new motherboard ?
I have heard that the main difference b/w DDR3 and DDR4 is the power consumption and it will not effect my gaming experience at all, is that correct ?
also a 450W psu will be enough to run a gtx 960 ?
I would suggest you more than 500w to run it without problems.

By the way, @Brian, do you have a constant stuttering in GTA V? Or just in some moments?

I'm currently using i3 3220
12 gb DDR 3 ran (4+8)
ECS H61H2-MV Intel Motherboard
and a geforce 610GT 2gb

I was about to leave this PC for my Dad's office, but since its going out of budget, I will upgrade it instead.
Any recommendations ?
buy the motherboard + i5 skylake, and the GTX 960. Save your HDD and your Ram (100$).
Skylake isn't meant to run on DDR3 smartass. And then there's the additional cost of actually buying Windows 10 as that is the only OS supported by Skylake.
Oh, sorry, didn't read the memory very well.

Well @Shawn, you got 12 gb of memory, it's your choice to change them for DDR4 or get a DDR3 processor.

And Brian is right about the SO; idk if VC:MP is actually compatible with W10, i would really choose the i5 4th; or an i7 for 100$ more.

I'm currently using i3 3220
12 gb DDR 3 ran (4+8)
ECS H61H2-MV Intel Motherboard
and a geforce 610GT 2gb

I was about to leave this PC for my Dad's office, but since its going out of budget, I will upgrade it instead.
Any recommendations ?
It's your choice as i said after this; or saving your RAM but buy a DDR3 4th processor, or lost 12gb of RAM but buy a DDR4 6th processor.

Why nobody recommends the 6000+ series of i5 ?
Does it work it to go for i7 if I can ? If yes then which one I should go for ?

i5 Skylakes don't make a great difference with the i5 4690k, but they are the new socket of Intel, so my bad, you should go for one of them, or if you think that i7 4790k (top limit of 1150 Socket) is enough for you, well, it's your decision.

Do you want overclock or just clocked at default Ghz?

i5 6500: 210$, i5 6600k (OC): 240$
Motherboard B150: 100$ to 85$
2x4 DDR4 Ram: 45$

Total Skylake: 395$ (6600k)
Total Haswell: 295$

There is a big difference, if you are still going for the new Intel's processors, i recommend you to start with an i3. When you get more money, update to i5/i7.

I will assemble a new PC soon
My budget will be around 750$
It will be good if someone can help me out of it.
get a R9 380 and an i5 obviously. The motherboard (B85/H97) is your decision, and the power supply, Seasonic 620w will be cool.


2x4 Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz RAM: 40$
Seasonic Bronze II 620w 80 Plus: 75$
GTX 960 4GB GDDR5: 210$
Intel Core i5 4460: 180$
Asus Motherboard B85: 70$
Seagate 1TB Disk: 50$
SSD Kingston 120GB: 45$
Thermaltake Versa H21: 35$
CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO: 40$

Total: 745$

Everything High to Ultra, 1080p. Very satisfactory gaming experience.

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