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Farewell Board / Leaving
« on: May 14, 2018, 04:27:08 am »
After a chit-chat with an OSK member, he cordially encouraged me to post it as a public topic, so it was my message to Siezer and Cutton:

Dear Siezer:

My esteemed member and manager of the recruitment team, of the wonderful and awesome, respectful and greatest VU clan, i have arrived to the conclusion after thinking some days ago that i do not want to be part of VU anymore and i consider that a 2-months trainee isn't the big problem so i guess and i hope you nor any of your members to be angry at me.

The reason is stated as the following: Upon popular demand, and after much introspection, I have decided—with some hesitation—to throw in my application to OSK, as i have been invited to my first VCMP clan to return to those old, good, and magnificent epochs to have stunning and perfect days by playing on the latin american server.

I always wanted to be a Vice Underdog Member that's for sure, but either VU or MK, or SS, or TRC, i couldn't ever deny a request of my family, the clan that teached me at everything. It was mentioned to Tobi0 but i told him to keep himself on silence meanwhile i think about my decision and, i said to him that i had finally decided to stay in the clan, although i won't.

If you are ashamed, angry, or displeased i'm pretty sure that the time will be able to fix all our problems. You don't disgust me, Siezer, I do not have problems with any VU neither.

I have been thinking several days and taking a relax from the game, what can i aspire in VU for? Being a rookie, then full member, then moderate some boards and accept/reject some boys, but i'll never feel what i feel ingame when i play with OSKs. After all, this is just a game for fun and relax and my greatest achievement ever made is to have found OSKs on that 15 December, 2012 and have established a friend-family point with them.

I cordially ask you to remove my rank and if is possible communicate my decision to all the VU members who possibly will see me as a brain donor since:

Those weren't the real reasons of myself wanting to leave. I'm cordially confesing you that i chosen VU because its history and respected members, but i didn't think on the "family" part, honestly in a part of the topic i said "what the hell am i doing, it's fucking VU, the greatest clan in VCMP! How can i think on changing it for OSK!?" probably it is, and i'm leaving the best clan in VC:MP to join my real family. Thank you for the support.

Another thing, i've decided to pm you because you're actually one of my most esteemed guys into the clan and i feel like the other guys will insult and rage at me when they see my leave topic (especially after having said them that i was going to stay in some days ago).

Therefore, i'm out of the clan.

Birthday Board / Happy twins birthday!
« on: May 11, 2018, 12:23:43 am »
Happy birthday to MK.Koray and MK.Kelvin  :)

Reports / [VU_T]Calhoun - unban
« on: April 28, 2018, 08:01:14 pm »

Not sure what happened

Edit: yes i remember now rofl, i tried to join from my mom's PC as my ping was lower there - she is living at my home too (so we have same net) but we have different OS, so effectively it was the reason. Didn't know that i would get banned for. I apologize, it was my mistake.

Accepted Applications / Application - Lit.Killah
« on: March 29, 2018, 09:16:19 pm »
Nick: Lit.Killah

Age: 16

Timezone/Country: GMT -3 / Argentina

Previous Nicks: BiozCalhoun, Stallin, YamahaXTZ, Killah into the most known ones.

Additional Comments: Hello. Well i like to write and be full of details when i make an application so i'm going to start with my VC:MP history. I have started playing this multiplayer-game since 2011 with tomijaja's nickname. I was known during 2012-2013 for being an annoying kid and so many histories of hacking and sharing shit. During 2014-2015 i was inactive maybe 80 percent of those years, as i had so many work and school occupations. In these years of my life i have been working on my reputation and i.e. reporting cheaters, helping newbies and doing things that can change my personal history and people's opinion about me. I guess i have to mention the old clans that i remember i was in, these are: OSK, TzK, NK, CDA and NAR.
I was kicked from OSK by Hipnos around 2013 due to my bad attitude towards members and being annoying. - Some months later i joined NK by using other alias (i think it was Bully or some), was a while then got kicked again. In this period of my VC:MP career a very close friend called Fercho told me that i should stop doing shit and using other nicknames, etc; that was important for me so i took that in a serious way. After that i was clanless around one year when started playing on Extreme Addicts server.- I don't remember if i joined TzK or was invited, anyway, i left playing vc-mp at the end of the year then i left.
Back in 2015-2016 i founded CDA which was a latin-american community of players in littlewhiteys server. I left to play in 2016 again so that clan closed. Back to the present, in 2018, since january i have been as a very active player, with desires to keep playing.

There are some points that i will have to specify about:

1)- As many of you know i have applied in the last two months to MK and UF, moreover i joined NAR. I don't want to look like a clan hopper or a no-trustable guy so i will explain why. I applied to MK because, i have a good relations with maybe, 70 per cent of the roster, but there were some specific guys which for some reason hate me, didn't wanted to talk nor play with me. So i decided to close the app myself, i thought i couldn't be in a clan where some important members hate me and that would be too umcomfortable. I applied to UF then, due to two guys (one of my city) called Plaga and Suriattacker. They seemed cool to me so i decided to try for. I got denied because i hadn't meet the most of members very well.

I decided to be clanless then apply to VU in the future, till Klaus invited me to Ninth Avenue Razors. I was confuse on what should i do, as i wasn't active in Argonath. Finally i decided to try that chance with NAR but failed - my communication with the members was very lower as i only used to chat with them on discord, because i don't like roleplaying, just joined a few times and my mates weren't active in LW. So i decided to leave.

2)- The point about VU, why i decided to apply for it, which members do i know.

Honestly VU was always on my mind since 2013 but it seemed impossible for me to have a chance back in those epochs. The members of this clan have had a respect which hasn't been given to me from other clans nor players. Poodles, Rajput for example have been so humble with me since i came back to VC:MP and Littlewhiteys. I know that VU is a very big clan, with an important history, but i think i have a chance to be in. I made myself that chance, by being helpful and humble since some years ago already (1,2). I have seen on a very old application that VU believes on second chances and i have been thinking on that. Most of trainees and even some full members have a cool relationship with me, thats another reason, would be cool to be in this clan because i would feel good and in community.

The members that i know and who i have seen in game are:

Hotdogcat, Fercho, Nelson, TzUnam, SMD, Sk, Diaz, Hiki, Rajput, PunkNoodle, Trex, Sammael

And i also know Charley, Stormeus, aXXo, Thijn, Luckshya, MD619, Wilson but i haven't had a very big communication with them. Many of them shouldn't even remember me, but anyway.

3)- I forgot an important detail: Why i decided to apply now and not waiting atleast, 1 month for example.

I think i have been acting like i truly am, since i came back to play. Being humble as i said, not becoming crazy or anything when somebody kills me. Learning from guys and making friends as i consider, i.e. Morphine, which helped me a lot giving me advices and those kind of things. What i'm trying to say is that, i see myself as ready to be in this clan. (Combined too, maybe a defect i have, in some cases i'm impatient but i can handle that i guess).

That's my application, please ask me any doubt you can have.

Player Discussion / [VU_T]Calhoun/Killah
« on: March 01, 2018, 01:32:53 pm »
Your associations with that name.


Off Topic / A little help
« on: February 25, 2018, 04:17:22 pm »
Hello there, i have a problem with my gta:vc, it's modified and in some times i cant skip some "ramps" it has and its annoying. So can you upload for me a 'maps' folder from the game's directory? I would appreciate it too much.

Off Topic / Anyone with GTX 1060
« on: February 19, 2017, 10:56:27 pm »
Hello, a friend needs to buy new PC components and asked me to help with it.

These are his options:

i5 6600 + GTX 1060 - around 450$
i5 6600 + RX 480 - around 420$

or waiting for AM4 motherboard + processor Ryzen + X Videocard (depending on ryzen price, rx 460/470).

Does anybody have tested rx 480 or 1060 gtx? I have seen a lot of videos but i'm not still sure. They are fine for 6600?

Off Topic / Turkey Global Offensive Champion
« on: October 09, 2016, 03:36:34 pm »

You can watch it live.

1st Map: Argentina won.
2nd Map: Denmark won 16-7.
3rd Map: ARGENTINA!!! WON 16-14.

IT'S. Argentina - Turkey, at the final.

Again, Argentina lost a tournament at the final: Turkey won 1st and 3rd Map BO3.

Player Discussion / CarterR7
« on: July 07, 2016, 10:56:57 pm »
what about me?

Off Topic / What to choose: APU, Haswell, Skylake or FX. (1st Part)
« on: April 09, 2016, 05:03:54 pm »
Hello . If you are looking to upgrade/build a PC from Core 2 Duo / Phenom / etc. i would like to help you depending of many factors a good choice for a fresh start with a good socket processor and looking for 1080p gaming resolution and 720p HD.

To start i want to tell you that i don't have idea about U$S prices in EEUU; or the money that you use, i will try to be the most accurate possible.

First, i want you to watch the follow video, it may help you, not even with graphics card, also with processors choice:


1. It's crucial to know which motherboard you will choose, if one for Crossfire / SLI, Four Channel, Overclocking, etc... the most important thing, is the socket and the memory tipe.

If you are going to choose i3/i5/i7/ 4xxx / Pentium GXXX, the socket is LGA1150 and DDR3.

If you are going to choose AMD FX, the socket is AM3+ and DDR3.

If you are going to buy i3/i5/i7/Pentium Skylake, the socket is 1151 and DDR4.

There are a lot of sockets and chipsets to buy, i usually recommend the chipset B85 for Haswell (Intel), H170 for Skylake (Intel) and Asus Evo 2.0 for AMD FX Processors. ALLWAYS A88x chipset for APUs.

Now, lets suppose that i have 450 U$S, and i'm looking for 1080p, without importance about details settings.

In this case, it's very difficult to say something if you are looking for an upgrade. APU is not a bad choice if you don't care about details / resolution, but if you buy an APU, take for sure that you will need a faster RAM, a good chipset from your motherboard, and it's very possible that, even A10 Godavari, to bottleneck your PC if you buy a i.e. R9 380 - GTX 970.

This is the first option:

- APU A10 7850K
 - 2x4 Corsair Vengeance 2133 Mhz
 - EVGA 500w 80 Plus
 - 1 TB Western Digital
 - Thermaltake Versa
 - A88X Chipset Motherboard

 All for about 420$ (Amazon)

Now, if you are looking or you are fanboy of Intel, there are better / many options, i.e. G4400 (Skylake DDR4) or i3 + GPU in that range of price. I personally recommend this option, because you have too much posibilities to upgrade (i5 - i7) the processor and the GPU by separated way, and you aren't stuck like with the APU. I don't recommend absolutely nothing FX Processors, they're old and need an extra-cooler to work properly without high temperatures.

i3 6100 Skylake
H110 Gigabyte Motherboard
2x4 DDR4 Kingston HyperX Fury
EVGA 500w 80 Plus
Thermaltake Versa/Commander
1TB Western Digital
R7 250x (Regular for 1080p, very good for 720p)
All about 470$ (Amazon), clearly a very better option and performance, just for a little bit more of cash.

You can look at: R7 250x, R7 260x, R7 370 or R9 380. It depends of how much performance you want and how much MONEY you have.

That is the minimum needed for 1080p gaming, you can also take a look at the A8 7650k or decrease the case price, if you have - money than 400$

If you have no more than 250$, you can't expect so much from this. You just can play TF2, SA:MP, GTA IV... etc,

For these situations, i recommend you an A6-6600K, with a standard motherboard, case and power supply, 4GB of RAM, and 1TB Disk.

Or, you can get a G3250 intel processors, that is a lot better than the A6 but it's integrated graphics is poor. If you choose it, get an HD 6670 atleast (to discard the needing of a power supply).

600 U$S PCs:

- i5 4460
 - 2x4 Corsair Vengeance
 - GTX 950
 - B85
 - Seasonic 620W
 - Corsair Carbide 100R
 - 1 TB Disk.

With a PC like this, you can run every game to 1080p Medium-High settings, so that's the concept of price to performance, i personally recommend this option for a medium-high gaming experience. You will get more than 40-50fps in any game, at exception of AC Unity / Syndicate, badly optimized games.
800 U$S PCs:

Processor: i5 4460/4590/4690k
Motherboard: Asus / Gigabyte / MSI B85/H97
RAM: Corsair / GSkill / Kingston 2x4GB 1600MHz CL9
HDD: 1TB Western Digital Caviar Blue / Caviar Black
SDD (Optional): Samsung Evo 250 GB
Video-graphics Card: GTX 950 / GTX 960 4GB / R9 380 4GB / R9 380x
PSU: 600w 80 Plus (Antec, Cooler Master, Corsair, EVGA, Seasonic, TT, XFX)
Case: TT V3 / V4 / Commander - Cooler Master N300 - Corsair Carbide 100R

Gloriouses PCs Gaming Master Race (more than 1000/1500$):

Processor: i7 4790k (1150) / i5 6600k / i7 6700k (Skylake)
Motherboard: Asus Z97 / Gigabyte H170 (for Skylakes)
RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR3 / DDR4
HDD: 2TB x 2 Western Digital Caviar Blue
SDD (Optional): Samsung Pro 1 TB
Video-graphics Card: GTX 970 / 980 Ti
PSU: 750w 80 Plus (Antec, Cooler Master, Corsair, EVGA, Seasonic, TT, XFX)
Case: CoolerMaster Trooper

The post will be in constantly update, if you have a doubt you can ask any community or me on IRC. I hope to have helped you.

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