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Information and FAQs / Re: Biker Brawl - Game Mode Manual
« on: Yesterday at 08:31:54 pm »
The cash earned from bases have been reduced further to a 4x reduction. It has come to our attention during private beta testing that the current rate make things too easy and will inhibit competition. Therefore:

Cash earned from bases have been reduced from $600 per minute per base ($200 every 20 sec) to $150 per minute per base ($50 every 20 sec). Similarly, under the Casualties Penalty, the rate has been reduced from $200 per minute per base to $50 per minute per base.

Information and FAQs / NOTICE - PUBLIC BETA [JUNE 1, 1 WEEK]
« on: Yesterday at 05:13:53 pm »
All registered members for VW7 are invited to join our open public beta starting June 1st, 2018, 00:00 GMT. We will be hosting the event for 1 week to ensure the utmost maximum stability July 7th.

Please reference to the Game Manual on any recent changes that have taken place. All server rules are still in effect for public beta. Registrations will be handled in a prompt fashion to ensure everyone has a chance to play within the time if not at the start of the event

News and Announcements / Re: Danny has been kicked from VU
« on: May 22, 2018, 05:24:18 pm »

News and Announcements / Re: Danny has been kicked from VU
« on: May 21, 2018, 09:12:15 pm »
Tbh I'm not interested in the story behind this nor so much the decision made whether it was right or wrong, I just want the community to understand this. If you want to keep out of problems, it's best to watch what you say because people are gonna be people. The person you mistakenly trust today may be the same person that's gonna betray your ass tomorrow.

So in everything you say or do, make sure it's in the right, that way nobody has anything to use against you. Watch some politics news and compare it to an actual live coverage of a board meeting/conference, the news headlines are almost always disingenuous to what really happened. Similarly, some jokes can cost you this, some jokes can cost you your life, cuz unfortunately with life, it doesn't matter how you mean what you say, what matters is how I and others perceive what you say, and this is nonsense drama orchestrated around that precedent.


Docwood I won't register you until you identify yourself.
He's my brother. Plays in argonath & ead only, we use the same PC. He's gonna play like for 2-3 hours max in the VW, as the PC is mine. His old name is "Doct0r" , he plays VCMP like 1-2 months an year. He's been playing from 2011 or 2011(?). I pretty much remember telling VUs(few of them still remember) when I was VU about him.

Oh, I remember his old nick, didn't think he changed, just thought you were running around in alias lol. Aight, all good with me


Docwood I won't register you until you identify yourself.

General Discussions / Re: Trash Topic 2017/2018
« on: May 17, 2018, 02:18:14 am »

lol aw man this is definitely my year xD

VC:MP General / Re: Banathon 2k18
« on: May 16, 2018, 09:11:37 pm »
Answer this: Doesn't this basically give you the power to ban anyone for cheating and say that evidence cannot be released due to anti-cheat integrity concerns?

Yes it does and for all we know, without proof I can be doing anything against my word I get that as the bad precedence, too much power with no hope to refute if illegitimate. But to you krys and all advocating for this aspect, if youre inactive then let me tell you, we are in the most pitiful state in all our years with this rampant cheating all because we cant do anything about it.

You and Charley can subjectively say that even what Im doing seems against my norm character and it is just to show you that desperate times call for desperate measures. No matter the cost, I cannot sit and allow hackers to have the victory over us. The damage is already unfolding that some people are abandoning VCMP solely because of hacks, not busy lives or new interests.....hacks, making Kewun's dream get that much closer. We found a temp way around his selfish efforts that has been aiding the process but not difficult to think around, riddle of sorts. Shooting myself in the foot to provide proof of justice that gives away the riddle is not acceptable at this point, not until devs can do something lasting. In my shoes, would you allow the community to go to the dogs for the sake of proof of justice? I rather lose 100 hackers for good and give them none of my usual mercy than have our legit players leave what looks like a lawless land. I rather err big time on the side of caution than allow hacks to prosper.

Finally, note that I have not banned for any F1 or desync related hacks because those are very grey areas, not even so much wall hacks either, theyre hard to interpret even with evidence sometimes. My bans are solely on the obvious. Speed hacks, aimlock, HP hacks, trainers and any obvious cases of the previously mentioned.

VC:MP General / Re: Banathon 2k18
« on: May 16, 2018, 03:51:39 pm »

It's sad you have stooped down so low as to personally describe me as anxious regarding the bans along with a handful of other personal insults. Why?

Explain this part cuz I want to know what I said as a handful of other personal insults  :o. And using the term "anxious" was said in an objective manner, not an insulting manner but I apologize if you take it as an insult. I was not trying to insult you or anyone, I was giving my opinion on the situation.


It's very easy to see the current "banathon" is parallel to the events that happen in the real world, the one in which we all live.
What do I mean by this?

You have governments all over the world arresting / detaining people - this is not a conspiracy theory; it's fact - see places like Guantanamo Bay or CIA black sites all over the globe (some of which were in Poland, see: secret CIA prisons in Poland).

What's wrong with that?

That these people are often (if not always) detained with NO EVIDENCE pertaining to their "crime": the crime, which most often is terrorism or stuff similiar like that.

They withhold the evidence (if any exists) in the name of national security. Just like what you are doing in VCMP right now.

How can you see no dangers in this? As long as no evidence is provided, a detention (ban in this case) is / should be considered unlawful. Nobody should possess the power to ban someone with no evidence.

I want you to reply to what I've said regarding this, it is not a case of action without evidence, it is a case of delayed action against evidence. The only problem is that I cannot give the evidence (or all of it) as it will demolish the ongoing method to catch people. That is the only reason no evidence is given, not some injustice martial law type of thing going on.

I'll tell you what, if you want the evidence so bad to see for yourself, then I would suggest that you help me. An action like that much simpler to put this to rest.

As for this "anxiety" bollocks:

Do you remember when Siezer was banned for speed-hacking on EC? I do.

Do you remember how cold our inter-clan (perhaps inter-person) relations were at that time? I do.

Do you remember when the evidence was refused to be held over to the public? I do.

Do you remember who fought in forum topics against the staff, many of whom were people that I could consider as friends in the game, imploring them to release the evidence based on which they banned your clanmate? I remember. I did.

Do you remember who made the evidence be released at least temporarily? I remember. I did.

Do you remember who supported me the most during this "fight" for the evidence? I remember. VU members did.

And it was all for ONE person and they all wanted to see the evidence for which their clanmate has been banned for something as serious as cheating.

Here? It's 100 people and somehow all of you think you're permitted to ban this many people without providing the public with any evidence whatsoever - going as far as calling me "anxious" in the process.

So here's your "anxiety" GangstaRas. And here's your "only crying when it's ss involved" Shawn. Always wanted things to be proven and never went back on this: no matter what my personal relations with a banned player were.

Krys I'm not going to go there with you because again I did not insult or play with anyone's feelings here if that's how you feel. I've spoken to you personally about you and your assumptions, don't bring it back to me. You are my friend, stop looking at VU SS problems when you looking at me. Last time I'm gonna say it.

And again, my answer is, if you personally really want to see the evidence that badly, I open my door to you to help me, because that must be the only way you will understand. No matter how much I try, you continue to take things as a certain way, like someone is painting themselves superiour to someone else. I don't even know how you get there sometimes but that is my offer. I cannot do anything else krys.

EDIT: And if you want to go down memory lane:

You remember in the hell of our relations who heard out SS when the rest of VU clan members didn't want to hear shit at one point in a clanwar we had? I do because that was me listening.

Do you remember who spoke to WiLsOn in order to fix relations with SS and VU so that you can freely play on EAD and even administrate today and we look past the boycotting and all? I do, because I did, and sorted it out with you and Eddy.

That very same clanwar my other members were bitching about, it wasn't going to happen and it especially wasn't going to happen when in that moment I caught RiiLeX for cheating because my members had it that everyone in SS hacks. I had to beg my members not to view any you that way and take it as the individual that's wrong, not the clan. You wouldn't know that part, but if some mishap happens again where the private boards are exposed, you search for that.

VC:MP General / Re: Banathon 2k18
« on: May 16, 2018, 03:28:23 pm »
No but I want to understand, is it the number of people that's scaring everyone? If I said 10 people, would the situation change to be less serious? If yes, why so? Same protocol, just less people getting banned. And if no, what is really the problem?

You speak of proof of justice, alright. As you would know, a common situation for admins is to make a decision in the moment of offence. You dont have proof other your present eye witness cuz its in the moment, eveyone around you ingame making server reports on this person and when you tested him yourself, you found him guilty, so you gave the appropriate sanction. Anything wrong there?

If I administrate EAD and ban say 10 individuals per month like that for hacking within 10 month period, thats a 100 people for the 10 months right? (assuming that it is not the same person each time). Now if I made a log of everyone coming up to this day that I banned for 10 months for say aimlock, my list still legit and just right? Because it happened, it is the truth. The injustice would be me giving you a second ban that you already served, isnt that right? But suppose I didnt ban them, isnt it just that I do? Delayed punishment for a noted offence. Anything wrong there?

Not to say that this the form of my evidence, an ingame experience that I cant quantify to others later on, shutting that down before any assumptions, but I say it like that to understand if this just a load of situational ethics. If the proof of justice wasnt absent when I served the people in the moment why is it absent now because I kept a list and delayed punishment? Cant be evidence, must be because I havent banned them yet. If the proof justice wasnt absent for 10 persons, why is it absent for 100?


Give me a moment, will reply to krys but personal insults, wah?

VC:MP General / Re: Banathon 2k18
« on: May 16, 2018, 08:40:10 am »
Gangsta, can you encourage those who you mentioned to confirm these details please? Then we can put this topic to bed.

Well in my opinion, us proving this to settle anxiety should not be encouraged. Krys prolonging this discussion is taking a mile from an inch. The more info I or everyone involved in this case tells him to satisfy his anxiety is the more we shoot the process in the foot cuz then more cats are revealed among the mice, surprize factor diminishes. It's honestly not that serious to warrant such stress. I might've advertized myself to put to rest some of that anxiety in the community, especially those that made a ruckus about Vice War within the staff and outside of it, but I don't necessarily want others to come out because it's not like the procedure has stopped since this discussion started, it's still going on.

But to put things in even simpler terms, I'm admin of EC and EAD, What do admins do? Well one aspect is that as an admin you're handling pools of information at your disposal, from reports and ban appeals that you have to process. What are in reports and ban appeals to prove innocent or guilty?... and like I said, I'm banning everyone that hacked since 2018 started. That's one aspect of the list. People hacking right in front of me in-game and I note them and perform my admin duty is another simple aspect. Thirdly, I did say two evidences of differing types are against who I'll ban. If we're all so trusting on the admins basic duty explained above, and that brings one aspect of the evidence, why in heaven's name you poking so much for the other aspect? It doesn't matter because you already trusting in the first process isn't that right?

The energy krys coming with is not necessary, it is just not. As such, I don't want anyone else entertaining this proof of authenticity. Morphine not so bad because he left administration mid way in the process but even then I still don't want people entertaining it.

At least one person is in all of whom I've mentioned inclusive VU, so that makes 7 people other than me. Krys need not know a thing more on who specifically, that should be enough.

VC:MP General / Re: Banathon 2k18
« on: May 15, 2018, 07:33:59 pm »
It'd be great if those who quote this message are from a diverse set of clans / "subcommunities" - not just VU members; members / admins of all clans AND some clanless (if such people exist) players as well.

I would not want you to tie it down to whether clan and clanless people know what's going on. I really only went to people who could assist me, doesn't matter who in that sense. So if for example you alone could help me in all areas, then you alone would know. That's the mode of operation.

But to answer the diversity: NAR, EAF, MK, TRC, UF and clanless. SS, DU, OSK and other clans are in the dark, not out of anything against them, just that no one atm is in a position where they could help me with the list itself. For example, Eddy could have if he was available but since he's not I had to find someone else.

Information and FAQs / Re: Questions
« on: May 14, 2018, 06:21:11 pm »
is flaming people in rage allowed??!??!

Sure, but if they report you on racism (we allow some level of racist banter between parties) we'll prompt you to stop. Non-compliance = kick to temp-ban, depending on the scenario and if I'm in a good mood myself

Information and FAQs / Re: Questions
« on: May 14, 2018, 12:44:14 am »
Can we choose any skin for our gang?

No, you can't choose female skins nor midget skins and it goes without saying that you can't choose the same skin as another gang (unless you custom skin it, we allow that). It's up to the gang leader to message me on that though, we can test the skin and implement it if all works well.
Haitan skin is allowed?

Sure, Triumvirate using Cuban skin if memory serves me well. Just pick the skin ID Hell Guardians would want to go with and that skin will be theirs for VW

Information and FAQs / Re: Questions
« on: May 13, 2018, 07:44:14 pm »
Can we choose any skin for our gang?

No, you can't choose female skins nor midget skins and it goes without saying that you can't choose the same skin as another gang (unless you custom skin it, we allow that). It's up to the gang leader to message me on that though, we can test the skin and implement it if all works well.

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