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Author Topic: What is VCDC?  (Read 530 times)

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What is VCDC?
« on: May 29, 2017, 12:55:39 pm »

(Credits to [VU]Gangstaras for the logo)
Vice Underdogs clan again presents this commemorating, surpassing and prodigious event which is VCDC after one year. VCDC is actually a dueling event with its idea presented by [VU]aXXo in 2009. So far we have successfully and successionally have organized its 4 seasons and they were a humongous success. With all fame surrounding this event we are willing to rock again because we are going for the 5th season. (BOOM BABY****). And the jovial and jocund fact is that everyone can join. There is no hard and fast restriction of any sort in the way. You can just come down and avail yourself of the thrilling, tingly and exhilarating event buds. We people every time give a chance to everyone so as to expose their skills and it gives us a pithy, edifying and descriptive idea about the skills and also enables us to make the judgement who is the best fighter who is gonna nail it all. Let me disclose another fact that this elating and invigorating event is full of pleasantry and drollery but it is also quite tough, rugged and pugnacious at the same time. Every year we come up with a new champion🏆. Fellas, it's time to slay every obstacle in your way and to show your die-hard and sharpened skills. Let's see who turns out to be the triumphant and victorious champion this time.
As far as this awaited event is concerned it consists of two distinct stages. First stage will be the "group stage" we won't have to face any friggin', frustrating and annoying elimination. Second is the most daring one behold it is gonna be the "Elimination" stage. It will be comprising of quarterfinals/semi finals /finals and they will pick out the grand, idealistic and sumptuous winner of this event. Once the applications are close and we've attained number of targeted participants then the fighter will be divided into groups in accordance with their skills and timezones. This info will continuously be updated so it is advised that you check out the this section of forum continuously. Match can be fought at any time but it doesn't means that you gratuitously delay it, it will have a specific time in which it is to be completed.
How do i sign up ?
If you want to participate in this event and long to appear as a fighter in this event with a desire to win this Tag then apply immediately here.

* Known hackers will be rejected.

Information regarding referees
If you want to handle any responsibility or can help the staff concerning this event or if you think you can judge / refer the matches and can lend a hand making these events glorious and magnificent then apply at once. Your help will be appreciated a lot.To apply click here..

For the rules click here.For the list of admins click  here.

Please join us on IRC, our channel is #VCDC5 on LUNet and our Discord

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